Action Games
Wiz3Plays: 49389
In this flash game you are a Wizard who must run around, collect potions, and dodge bad guys. It is a side scroller similar to Mario. The graphics remind me of Merlin and King Arthur thought it would be nice if it was a little bigger.Wiz3
SwronPlays: 45306
Swron is a flash game where you race motorcycles and try to corner your opponents with walls. It is the same concept as the Tron light cycles. It's done in 3D with professional graphics and music. If you like Tron lightcycles give this one a go as it looks and plays pretty good.Swron
HeliAttackPlays: 43587
Interesting side scroller style arcade game. You parachute in and must defend yourself from attack my helicopters. The graphics are pretty polished and have a anime style to them. Has powerups like superjump, jetpack, and others.HeliAttack
Wicky WooPlays: 43064
Wicky Woo is a simple java applet game similar to Donkey Kong. You move a character around the screen collecting green good and avoiding traps. Once you have all the green good the level is complete. The view is from the side and movement is run and jump. Check it out if you liked Donkey Kong.Wicky Woo
Alien XPlays: 42903
A full featured FPS with 3D hardware support. The graphics are pretty dated as they look like Doom 2 but it has somewhat of a storyline and overall it is pretty good for a browser game. It uses a Shockwave plugin to handle the 3D. You play a flyboy who lands on a space station taken over by aliens. You have to find out what happened and kill as many aliens as you can find in the process. Good luck.Alien X
Gold MinerPlays: 41294
Gold Miner is a pretty fun free flash game. It has cartoony graphics and the view is from the side like an old arcade shooter. In the game you are a gold miner who has a winch that you must send down and grab gold nuggets with. In each level you have a goal on how much money you need to make. Each nugget is randomly placed in the mine below you and you must get enough nuggets to exceed the goal of the level and move on. There are big nuggets and small nuggets to try and grab. The bigger the nugget the slower it takes to haul up. There is also a time limit on reaching your goal so if you get stuck hauling up big nuggets you may not reach your goal. In later levels there are diamonds and other stones to haul up as well. Give this game a shot as it is pretty fun.Gold Miner
CamperstrikePlays: 38511
A point and shoot game based on levels from the popular Counterstrike FPS. Targets move in and out and you can either shoot them with your pistol or sniper rifle. After each stage is complete you move to a different background map.Camperstrike
Tank HunterPlays: 36537
Based on the old Atari(?) style wire 3d tank game this flash game plays pretty good. You drive a tank around hunting other tanks and destroying them. Be careful though because they team up on your and shoot back. The graphics are retro but look alright if you liked the original game. Tank Hunter
Animal HunterPlays: 34621
You play a Robin Hood type character walking around in the woods. You have a bow which you draw and shoot arrows at animals with. You have a limited time to hunt in and when you bring down animals your time limit increases.Animal Hunter
Cookie FactoryPlays: 34078
In this flash game you play as a fat kid raiding a cookie factory. It is a side scroller similar to Mario Brothers. You run and jump, collect cookies and fizz, and try to stay away from the janitors running around.Cookie Factory
Bubble TroublePlays: 33286
With this game it is sort of a reverse of Tetris. You might have played a similar console game called Bubble Bobble. The graphics are rather plain but they work. You shoot bubbles up to the top where the stick. You try to stick the same color of bubbles togather and when three or more bubbles stick togather they pop and you get points.Bubble Trouble
A-BlastPlays: 32998
A cross between the 1942 top down plane shooter and Space Invaders. You fly your ship, shoot lasers at aliens, and collect powerups. Once fault with this game is that the background is completely black which is rather boring.A-Blast
Bullettime FightingPlays: 31944
An interesting little stick figure fighting game based on bullettime. You run and jump around ninja style and try to take out the opponent. The graphics are pretty primitive but as it is a stick figure fighting game they still look alright. You can also pull out a gun and shoot at the other player who can dodge the bullets via bullettime. Give it a shot if you like fighting games.Bullettime Fighting
Kim PossiblePlays: 31756
Fun flash game with profressional graphics. This is a side scroller action game where you must run through the level, defeat enemies, and collect goodies. Give this one a shot if you ever liked the side scroller action games like Double Dragon or Golden Axe.No screen shot.
Mario World: OverrunPlays: 31458
Defender style shooter game where you play Mario and you must defend the castle from attacks. The view is from the site and you shoot at monsters that move towards your castle. There are multiple weapons and ammo which you can buy with the money you receive from destroying the monsters. The graphics are pretty good and it has an arcade feel to it. Don't run out of ammo!Mario World: Overrun
Cargo BouncePlays: 30875
In Cargo Bounce you are a pickle in a boat and you must move cargo from the dock to the boat. The catch is to move the cargo you must bounce it off the top of your boat and not let it touch the water. The music is pretty cool in this game and the graphics are passable (for being a pickle).No screen shot.
Bar HoppingPlays: 30620
Side scroller where you play a girl that travels from bar to bar picking up loot. The graphics are somewhat strange but have that 80s feel to them. The game has a pretty big screen area as well though you spend most of your time at the bottom of the screen.Bar Hopping
Matrix GamesPlays: 30455
Group of 5 Matrix themed games. Some of them are pretty fun and they include a Pac-Man type clone, point and shoot game, and a side-scroller game. The graphics look pretty good too.Matrix Games
Cannon FodderPlays: 29952
In the free flash game Cannon Fodder there are two towers with a cannon on top of each. You must angle your cannon and give it a firing strength in order to hit the other cannon and destroy it. Hitting the other tower doesn't do anything for you and you must hit the cannon. There is a practise round, play against the computer, or multiplayer versions. Over all it is pretty fun and once you get the hang of it you can do pretty well. The graphics are professional looking but the sound is flat. Give this one a shot (pun intended).No screen shot.
Bomb BanditsPlays: 29368
Bomb Bandits is a free flash game that is a little like Tron. You are on a ship and bombs drop onto the deck of the ship. You have about 30 seconds to run to the bomb and defuse it before it explodes. You also have a tail behind you that grows longer for every bomb that you defuse. You can't hit the sides or your own tail otherwise you lose. If you don't defuse the bomb it blows a big hole in your ship. The graphics are professional looking but there isn't any sound to speak of.No screen shot.
Full Time KillerPlays: 29368
Strange game where you play a sniper. You have to find and take out your target in a urban area. At some point they start shooting back at you so watch out.No screen shot.
SnowCraftPlays: 29181
SnowCraft is a free flash game for the holidays! You are in a snowball fight with another team and you have to hit all of their team members 3 times each to move on to the next level. Each side also has a small snow bunker. You move your players around and control the strength of each snow ball throw. In later levels the opposing team gets more and more players which increases your difficulty. The view is isometric and the graphics are pretty good for such a small game. Give it a shot for a few minutes of mindless fun.No screen shot.
Shark BaitPlays: 28986
Fun little fishing game where you have to guide your fishing line to the right fish to keep you fed. The bigger the fish the more it can feed you but watch out for catfish and spiny fish as they don't feed you at all. The graphics are alright but the gameplay is pretty repetative.No screen shot.
Super Mario RampagePlays: 28894
Super Mario Rampage is a free flash parody game of the old Nintendo Super Mario game. You play as Mario but you have a shotgun and you shoot a bunch of enemies that come at you endlessly. All the whole you collect coins. There only appears to be one level that just repeats itself over and over while you slaughter masses of enemies with your shotgun. The graphics are retro and remind me of the stick figure death games. It gets pretty mindless after maybe twenty seconds of doing the same thing repeatedly.No screen shot.
Bubble StrugglePlays: 28640
Bubble Trouble is a little slow. The graphics are alright but it is more of a puzzle game than anything else. There is a bubble that bounces around and you have to avoid the bubble while shooting a line straight up that hits the bubble. When the line hits the bubble it splits into two bubbles. Repeat.Bubble Struggle
Golden Gate DropPlays: 28519
Fun flash game with cartoony graphics. In Golden Gate Drop you are on top of the Golden Gate Bridge and you have to throw water balloons at people passing under you. You get points for hitting them with the water balloons (but don't hit the cop cars they come and beat you down). When you do hit someone with a balloon they get mad and get crazy.No screen shot.
CrashDownPlays: 28369
CrashDown is a free flash game that is a lot like Tetris. However, in Crashdown a line of randomly colored blocks moves up from the bottom every few seconds. You have to click on a set of colored blocks where three are more are touching each other. They disappear once you click them and you get points. The blocks above the disappeared blocks fall down to create new patterns. The graphics are alright but the gameplay is rather flat. No screen shot.
Way of the StickPlays: 28364
Stick figure kung fu fighting side scroller game. You have plenty of kung fu moves to wipe out your stick figure enemies with. Careful though if you fail the wise man tells you off! The graphics are a little basic even for a stick figure game.No screen shot.
AmoebasPlays: 27346
An Asteroids clone except that instead of shooting asteroids you shoot at amoebas. The graphics are pretty basic and if you like asteroids you should probably find a better implimenation than this one provides.Amoebas
6ixelPlays: 26796
A strange little retro style flash game which pixel type graphics. You take your pixel character and move around the different platforms and collect disks. Once you have collected them all it plays some music and you move on to the next level. Watch out for traps.6ixel
Bush Shoot OutPlays: 26588
In this flash game you play as President Bush defending the Whitehouse from armed thugs bent on your destruction. Each level is in a different room of the White House.Bush Shoot Out
Armored CarPlays: 26024
Simple little 3D driving game. You deliver candy bars to various shops around the city. But watch out, if you're late you get scolded by the boss or even fired.The graphics are passable for a web game if a little gritty.Armored Car
Balloon HunterPlays: 25964
A hunting game where you play a Robin Hood character with a bow. You have to practice your archery so you are shooting at balloons rising out of barrels. If you don't arch the arrows just right you miss. Graphics are cartoony mixed with a real background.Balloon Hunter
Spank the MonkeyPlays: 25659
Not really a game this interactive flash lets you whack a blow up monkey with a glove. It tells you how fast you whacked it afterward. About the only game in it is finding out how to cheat!No screen shot.
Bottom Of The SeaPlays: 25571
Bottom Of The Sea is a jump puzzle game. You jump from rock to rock but if you miss you have to start over. Each jump has to be percisely set in order to make it to the next rock. The graphics look pretty good as well (nice under the sea effect).Bottom Of The Sea
CrashPlays: 25502
In this traffic game you must guide cars to keep them from crashing in to each other as they cross the intersection. It is a lession in traffic jams that's for sure! The graphics are pretty good.No screen shot.
PeanutPlays: 25408
Tough little table soccor style flash game. A peanut rolls back and forth in front of you and you have to flick it into a goal at the other end of the picnic table. The goal is defending by 3 chipmonks. The graphics are pretty good but the game is tough as you have to build up your shots and you don't control where the peanuts rolls.Peanut
Fishin'Plays: 25398
Asian Fishing game where you navigate your fishing boat around and try to catch fish. You must avoid catching trash on your fishing line and you also have to avoid the thundercloud overhead. The graphics are pretty good and it seems fun but tough.No screen shot.
Cutie QuakePlays: 25343
A flash shooter game based on Quake levels. Cutie monsters spawn in the quake level and you have to shoot them all before they shoot back. The graphics are pretty good and the action is swift.Cutie Quake
Viral PursuitPlays: 25141
In this free flash game, Viral Pursuit, you are a green microbe who must avoid evil blue virii in order to get to the yellow pill (like a rat to cheese). The game plays like an arcade game and you must navigate a maze to get to the yellow pill. It's pretty fun and fast paced plus the graphics are professional. Give it a shot.Viral Pursuit
Fill ItPlays: 25112
Cool java applet based game where you must "capture" areas of the map and trap alien ships in smaller and smaller areas until you complete the level. It it someone like at etch-n-sketch in that you draw straight lines to capture areas but it is also like the Tron light cycle because if your line is hit before you complete it you have to start over.No screen shot.
Bungee BearPlays: 25096
In this flash game you are a bear out on a bridge. You have to avoid rabbits that are hopping across the bridge by jumping. The background is of a blurred waterfall and hence the graphics look pretty nice.Bungee Bear
BlackoutPlays: 25070
The graphics in this game are pretty good. You are standing inside a chainlink cage with a shotgun. There are zombies that run up and try to get over the fence and get you. You have to shoot the zombies off the fence to save yourself.Blackout
HelicopterPlays: 25023
Helicopter reminds me of the old arcade game, Thexder. It is much simpler than Thexder and is just above Lander on the interactivity scale. You fly a Helicopter down a tunnel and avoid hitting anything (including floor and ceiling). The trick is in the controls. You hold down the mouse button to move up and let it go to move down. If you move up to fast you crash. If you don't temper going down you crash. If you don't make it over the blocks in the middle, you crash. Tough little game (like Thexder in that regard). Also, if you crash you start over from the beginning. The graphics are retro and also remind of of Thexder. If you've an old arcade master give this one a shot.No screen shot.
Bug BomberPlays: 24979
A arcade style game similar to Space Invaders. You throw bombs at a formation of bugs while they try to splat or bite you. Multiple levels with different formations of bugs on each level. The graphics are kind of campy but they work for the game. Bug Bomber
Disaster BlasterPlays: 24929
In this flash game you have to keep a whirlwind from destroying your room! You fight off the whirlwind by shooting at it with a soap bottle. Graphics are alright if a little basic.Disaster Blaster
Immigration GamePlays: 24748
You hop the border on your bycycle and must stay away from the police as long as possible. The view is from top down onto your bycycle while police cars come after you. Once they catch you three times game over. Graphics have a cool style and it can be tricky to stay away from the police. Hint: going in a tight circle seems to work pretty well as the police cars can't turn as tight as you can on your bike. Oh and when you go over rocks you jump up in the air. Immigration Game
Snowfight 3DPlays: 24642
Snowfight 3D is a free shockwave 3D game. You enter a hand drawn world where you fight an AI player with snowballs. You can run around the down and hit the enemy with snow balls or knock down the snow man that are built in various places. Kind of fun and the graphics are pretty good (and original). Give this one a shot if you want to have a snowball fight and there is no snow outside.No screen shot.
EmuLanderPlays: 24634
Variation on the classic Lander game. EmuLander has you controlling an Emu and you must fly around and collect coins before landing on the target spot with a low enough speed not to splat. The graphics are pretty good and the sound is noticable. Give it a shot.No screen shot.
City JumperPlays: 24584
You play a stick figure in this flash game. You must run and jump over buildings and avoid other things in your way. If you run into something you die. The graphics are basic stick figure but they work for the theme of the game. Kind of tough but gets easier as you get the hang of it.No screen shot.
ROFLAttackPlays: 24392
ROFLAttack is a a retro chopper defence game. You are in a chopper in the middle of the screen and you must shoot planes and men that come out and shoot at you. The graphics are done in ASCII ala an old BBS door game. If you want to get your retro on check this one out.ROFLAttack
Defend Your CastlePlays: 24279
Defend Your Castle is a pretty simple free flash game. You have a castle. You must defend the castle (duh). You do this by grabbing guys that run at your castle and toss them by the scruff of the neck as high up in the air as you can. They come down and go splat if you threw them high enough. At nightfall you get to upgrade your castle with more defences or repairs. The graphics are on the order of stick figure death and cartoony graphics. Amusing for the first sixty seconds or so and then it got old pretty quick. Still worth a shot at least.No screen shot.
FrendzPlays: 24154
Frendz seems to be a free flash game based on the asian game Go. In Frendz there is a red fluff ball and a blue fluff ball. You play against the computer and you each start out with 2 fluff balls. Your goal is to eleminate the other color of fluff balls. You do this by placing your fluff ball each turn so that it creates a line between the new fluff ball and one or more of your old fluff balls to wipe out the other color of fluff balls. The graphics are pretty generic but the basic game priciple (which I believe is Go) works rather well. There are unlimited different moves you can make in this game even though it is very very simple.No screen shot.
Crypt RaiderPlays: 24145
Crypt Raider is a free flash game that is a lot like another flash game called Mummy Maze. In Crypt Raider you are an Indiana Jones type character and you must push the jewel to the door and escape. You have to dig through areas and move blocks and bolders around while avoiding enemies. Each level is a puzzle that if you do it wrong you have to redo the whole level. The movement is top down on a grid and the graphics are professional looking. This game is probably a little easier than Mummy Maze. Check it out.No screen shot.
GutterballPlays: 24019
This is a bowling flash game called Gutterball. It uses 3D so you probably need a 3D card. You get to select which alley you want to play at and you can also customize the pattern on your bowling ball. If you like bowling give this one a shot (the graphics are pretty good for a free flash game).No screen shot.
Fish in a BarrelPlays: 23940
Shoot fish in a barrel. But only the blue fish. If you shoot a green fish you lose. Graphics could be better and the fish swimming pattern is fixed. The last level has three green fish obscuring the blue fish and is pretty tough.No screen shot.
Presidential KnockoutPlays: 23901
Bush vs. Kerry boxing ring game.No screen shot.
Crab VolleyballPlays: 23744
You play a crab in this volleyball game and you have to bounce the ball over the wall with your shell. Try to keep the ball of the sand. Graphics are standard flash and look alright. Good sound effects.No screen shot.
Squirrel SqaushPlays: 23731
Squirrel Sqaush is a pretty strange free flash game. It is designed like the old side scroller games such as Sonic or Mario Brothers but in this game you play as a normal squirrel on super speed crack. You must go through the level as fast as you can (and there is no going back) while collecting acorns and crowns. The crowns are accessable from the top of the level and if you don't jump up there early you can get stuck without any crowns. It also has a few loops thrown in ala Sonic. The music in the background or foreground I should say is also very noticeable. It seems to be a Korean pop ditty that lends to me thinging that the squirrel is on crack. The tempo of the music makes you want to move the squirrel as fast as possible. There is also a full screen scantily clad anime girl in one of the Sonic loops which seems to have no purpose other than being eye candy. The real kicker though was the point system. You have to run the same level four of five times in a set amount of time.No screen shot.
DragonforcePlays: 23681
A side scrolling starship shooter similar to arcade or Genesis games from the earily 90s. The graphics are passable if a little basic. You collect powerups and shoot alien spaceships. The background is pretty basic as well. Fun for a few minutes.No screen shot.
AwexomePlays: 23611
Simple side scroller where you are a tire rolling down the street and you have to jump over various objects to finish the level. When you jump you can also pick up powerups like cash etc. Cartoony graphics are music.Awexome
Polar RescuePlays: 23413
In the free flash game Polar Rescue you are a penguin with a snowball gun. The move is from the side and you must run and jump to collect the items in each area and avoid enemies. There are snowballs and stars to collect and traps like spikes to avoid. The graphics are professional and the game play is pretty good so give this one a shot.No screen shot.
Five Finger FilletPlays: 23389
Five Finger Fillet is a pretty gruesome free flash game. There is a hand on the table and you move your knife over the five fingers. When you hit the space bar the knife jabs down and the point of the game is to miss the hand as many times as possible. If you hit the hand you chop a finger off and there are only five. Once all five are gone you lose. The knife speeds up for every time you hit the table with the knife. This one isn't for the faint of heart. The graphics are rendered. I can't say that the game itself was very fun either.No screen shot.
Tunnel RushPlays: 23359
This flash game is an arcade tunnel fighter/racer game. If you've ever played Starfox it is similar to that except you fly down a tunnel the whole time. It lets you choose different ships which are themed after 80s cartoons. You collect powerups and destroy oncoming objects. The graphics have a nice cartoon style to them so give it a try.Tunnel Rush
SpongeBobPlays: 23340
Collection of flash games related to SpongeBob. There are 20 some odd flash games available for you to play ranging from SpongeBob themed checkers to SpongeBob bowling and SpongeBob pinball. If you like SpongeBob check it out.No screen shot.
Donut BoyPlays: 23310
Donut Boy is a run and jump side view platformer free flash game. Except that in Donut Boy you move up instead of scrolling to the side. You are a boy and you must collect the glowing (nuclear?) donuts and avoid enemies and traps. You can jump off the right side of the screen to end up on the left side of the screen. The graphics are a little rudimentary but workable and the gameplay is fun. Give this one a shot if you are looking to relive an 80s platform run and jump game (or just to waste some time at work).No screen shot.
Silent WaterPlays: 23248
Interesting little battleship type flash game. You are a destroyer on the surface and you must drop depth charges onto submarines under you. The submarines shoot torpedos at you which you also must dodge. The view is from the side and the graphics work out well.Silent Water
Radical AcesPlays: 22784
Radical Aces is a pretty cool little free flash game. It has a full vector rendering engine which looks a lot like the original Star Fox or Gunship. You must defend Mars for an alien attack. You get to choose from a few different aircraft and then you fly around in vector 3D and destroy the alien tanks etc. Complete the mission to move on to the next. The nice thing about this one is the storyline and the graphics look pretty good for a flash game though they are a bit retro. This game is more on the simulation side of an arcade flight game as the controls are a little tricky. Overall give this one a chance if you light flight sims or flight games in general.No screen shot.
Penguin SwingPlays: 22603
Penguin Swing is a pretty simple free flash game. You are a yeti with a bat and you have to see how far you can bat a penguin. You ready the bat and then the penguin drops down from above and you hit it. The penguin flies out depending on how well you swing the bat and you get a distance reading. Repeat. The graphics and sound are pretty good too.No screen shot.
Mad SharkPlays: 22466
Divers fight off sharks in this game.No screen shot.
HydrophobiaPlays: 22245
Fun little flash game where you play as a frog and you must leep from lillypad to lillypad in order to catch flies that fly around. When you hit a new pad the pad moves around so you are always in a different location. The graphics are nice so give this innovative little game a try.No screen shot.
RatinatorPlays: 22223
Rainator is a pretty fun free flash game. It reminds me of the old game Gauntlet as enemies spawn from various spawn spots which you can destroy. Once you destroy all the spawn spots and enemies in a level you move on to the next level. You collect energy health and cheese while you are running around. Your character is a rat with a gun or a rocket launcher. The game is all in 3D and is pretty fun as it kept me entertained for a good while. Check this one out as it is a pretty fun game and it uses your 3D card which makes it fun. The graphics are professional looking but have a few unpolished places.No screen shot.
Scared 3D ShooterPlays: 21932
Scared 3D Shooter is done in java in the same vein as Wolfenstein 3D. The graphics are circa 1992 but it is a full featured shooter game much like Wolfenstein 3D was. Give it a shot if you've got nothing better to do and you want a retro shooter.No screen shot.

Other Action Flash Games
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Fly Eat
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Air Wolf
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Garfield Game
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Plays: 22580
Plays: 22439
Milk Run
Plays: 22381
Monkey Lander!
Plays: 22322
Plays: 22215
Population Tire
Plays: 22139
Kill The Popups
Plays: 21990
Plays: 21864
Stuffed Animals Attack
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Mouse Speed!
Plays: 21689
Race Slaves
Plays: 21229

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