Puzzle Games
HexicPlays: 84489
A fun little puzzle flash game with bright colors. It is somewhat similar to Gems as you have to match up colors of gems that are next to each other. The twist in this game is that you spin three gems around at a time to match them up. When you match them up they disappear and more gems drop down from the top like Tetris. In later levels are there combos and stars that come into play which make it more interesting. The graphics are cool and the game is pretty fun mainly because it goes quickly. Give it a shot.Hexic
Frog ManiaPlays: 81080
Frog Mania is an interesting free flash game that is puzzle based but the graphics remind you of Frogger. There are a group of frogs sitting on lily pads and you must figure out how to have the frogs eat all the lily pads in the pool. The trick is that you can only turn frogs towards lily pads by zapping them with another frogs tongue. I think there might only be one or two ways to solve each puzzle as the first puzzle was easy but the second was not so easy. After I lost the second puzzle it stopped right away rather than letting me keep play until I had known I lost. In any event if you like puzzle games or you thought Frogger was fun give this one a shot. The graphics are also professional looking.No screen shot.
ZumaPlays: 76919
Zumo is a free flash game with an interesting take on the Tetris or Gems gameplay. You are in the center of a maze of magic balls that slowly move towards you. You shoot out colored balls which you have to match up with the stream of colored magic balls that are moving towards you through the maze. If you get three colored magic balls in a row they pop and you get points. Once you have matched all the magic balls in the level you move on to the next level. The grpahics are good and the game was pretty fun so if you liked Tetris, Gems, or Bejeweled give this a shot.Zuma
Traffic JamPlays: 75152
Traffic Jam is a free puzzle game done in flash. There is a snarl of traffic and you must move the other cars out of the way in order to get your own car to the exit. The graphics are professional and the game is a small mental challenge which gradually gets harder as you go along.No screen shot.
Word DescramblerPlays: 74414
Word Descrambler is a free flash game where you descrable words on a blackboard. There is a twist in that it has somewhat of a story line with a classroom and South Park like characters. You can either play by yourself or play another annoying little kid to see who can guess the most words and get the most points. The graphics and sound are professional (in a South Park sort of way). Good at word games? Give it a shot. Watch out for the bully at the beginning of the game.Word Descrambler
CatapultPlays: 58510
Catapult is a pretty cool free flash game. You have a catapult and you get to adjust the height and the strength of each catapult throw. The goal of the game is to strike the keep in the center of the castle with the rock from the catapult. After you pound the keep you move on to a different castle. The graphics are professional and fit the theme of the game. Try this one out.No screen shot.
Candy TrainPlays: 49045
A tough little puzzle game. It consists of a bunch of train tracks which you must re-arrange continually to direct the train engine to pick up train cars at specific locations. The train continually speeds up which makes it tougher the more you progress. On top of all of that there are also powerups which popup throughout the puzzle which you can try to pick up for more points. The graphics are pretty cartoony but work overall for Candy Train.Candy Train
Text TwistPlays: 45895
Test Twist is a word puzzle free flash game similar to Boggle. You are given 6 letters with which to make words with in a set amount of time. If you get enough words or a six letter word you move on to the next round. The graphics are professional and it is pretty fun for a word game so give it a shot if you like Boggle, Scrabble, etc.Text Twist
Playing With FirePlays: 39698
Playing With Fire is an interesting little free flash game. It reminds me a bit of Minesweeper but it is much more arcady. You can play one or two players against up to three computer players. You start in a maze with one firecracker and you have to blast your way through the maze of wooden boxes to get to the other player. You collect powerups along the way and have to stay away from your own exploding fireworks. Once you get near the other player or players you have to try to blow them up with one of your fireworks. The graphics are professional and you must be quick as well as thoughtful in how you play the game.Playing With Fire
Mummy MazePlays: 35675
This is an interesting puzzle game where you are running from a mummy on a chessboard. You move one square per tern and the mummy moves two squares per tern. You must trap the mummy to give you enough time to run out of the maze. Comes with an undu button so when you mess up and lose you can go back and correct your mistake. It may seem easy and first but it becomes more and more thought provoking the more you advance in the levels.Mummy Maze
Diamond MinePlays: 33538
Diamond Mine is a free flash puzzle game. The screen is full of gems and you must move the checks around to create three of the same kind of gem in a row. Once you do that the three gems disappear and you earn points. More gems drop in from the top to replace them. The game is colorful and the graphics are professional. Give it a shot if you like puzzles.Diamond Mine
GemDropPlays: 33446
GemDrop is a free java applet game which seems to be a cross between Tetris, Diamond Mine, and Bubble Bobble. You drop gems in from the top like Tetris but there is only one gem at a time that you drop and you must line up three of the same type of gem next to each other for them to disappear and you earn points. The screen in inverted on Bubble Bobble but feels a lot like the same type of puzzle game. The graphics are professional and colorful so give it a shot if you like any of the other three games I mentioned.GemDrop
Acno's EnergizerPlays: 32621
In this flash game you move blocks around to complete each level. It is a puzzle game and you have to move the blocks in just the right order or you lose. Each level has a little trick to it that you have to figure out in order to beat the level. The graphics are cartoony and work in the game.Acno
MonkeyMazePlays: 31882
MonkeyMaze is a cool cross between a puzzle game and an arcade game. There is a group of objects that you have to collect while avoiding monsters and falling rocks within the maze.The graphics are retro but cool and professional. The only complaint I have is that the viewable area of the flash game is pretty small.MonkeyMaze
GlinxPlays: 31469
Glinx is another Bejewled style free flash game. You must create chains of colorful jewels. The longer the chain the better it is. There is a timed version and an unlimited time version. One interesting thing about it is it seems to allow you to create a chain OUTSIDE of the playable area which is something I haven't seem before. Again, the graphics and sound are professional so if you like Bejeweled style games go for this one as well.No screen shot.
Noah's ArkPlays: 31023
The Noah's Ark free java game is another Gems or Bejeweled clone with a few twists of it's own. You can pick from two different modes at the startup, Flood, or Freefall. In flood you have a set limit of time to match up two of the same animal and clear the level before the land floods. In freefall you have a set limit of time to match two animals but the twist is when you match two animals the animals above the matched animals fall down creating a new configuration. In freefall you can also get more points if you match the same animal over and over and over as long as possible. The more of the same matchs in a row the more points you get. The graphics and sound are professional. Give it a shot.No screen shot.
Law & OrderPlays: 29791
Interesting interactive crime solving game based on the TV show. You collect clues, talk to suspects, and investigate the crime to solve it. The graphics and sound are pretty professional using a combination of 3D and board game style graphics. If you like the TV show check it out.No screen shot.
Bounce OutPlays: 27748
Bounce Out is another free java game in the same vein as Bejeweled and the like. You have a bunch of colored balls that you must get three of the same kind in a straight line. You also only have a certain amount of time to do it in and if you fail it explodes. Requiring that you get three in a line instead of just grouping three of the same color togather is a bit more challenging than other versions of this same game. The graphics are passable but nothing to jump up and down over. Overall though if you like Bejeweled style games or you don't have flash installed on your machine give this one a shot.No screen shot.
Aqua EnergizerPlays: 27246
You play an underwater driver who has to move various objects around in order to escape. If the air runs out before you can escape you're doomed. The graphics are cartoony and if you like puzzle games you should give it a try.Aqua Energizer
Mah JongPlays: 27176
Mah Jong is a pretty basic version of the classic Mah Jong game. The graphics are professional and if you want a straight version of Mah Jong give this a shot. There are no rules included so if you do not know how to play Mah Jong it could be a bit rough on you.Mah Jong
Speed ChamberPlays: 26519
Speed Chamber is an interesting free flash game from Lego. It plays somewhat similar to a side scroller arcade game except that you don't control the character. The character runs along until you get to a trap or you have to choose which way to go. At that point you have a few seconds to choose your coarse of action (which makes it like a puzzle game). It also reminds me of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. This is probably a good game for kids because it's based on puzzles but then also on speed. The graphics are professional so give it a shot.No screen shot.
Mancala BugsPlays: 26419
Mancala Bugs is a free flash game that reminds me of backgammon. It is a puzzle game and the goal of it is to move as many bugs into your jar as fast a possible in alternating turns. When there are no more bugs on a side the game is over. Each bug in a bug moves forward one space and your bugs can be moved to the other players side. There is a computer player or you can play in multiplayer mode. The graphics are cartoony but professional. Frankly though this game was pretty confusing but if you like puzzle games maybe you can give it a shot.No screen shot.
QBeezPlays: 26065
QBeez is a free flash game that is much like Bubble Bobble, Bejeweled, or Gems. There are colored cubes in the level and you must have two of the same color cube next to each other to match them. It does have a few twists though. For example, you can shake up the position of the cubes or turn them all over. You also lose points if you click on cubes that don't match up to anything. The graphics are cartoony but professional so if you like these types of games (ala Bejeweled) give it a shot.No screen shot.
Lights OutPlays: 25908
Lights Out is a tough free flash puzzle game. It looks like there are 52 different puzzles you can solve in Lights Out. The goal of each puzzle is to figure out the pattern you need to use in order to turn out all the lights on the panel. Each level has a different pattern which you have to discover to beat the level. There is also a solve button which will show you how to beat the level in case you get stuck (I did!). Give this one a shot if you want a tough challenging puzzle game.No screen shot.
Word UpPlays: 25698
Word up is a pretty fun free flash game. It is a lot like Boggle except that instead of finding as many words as you can in a set of words in a certain amount of time you only have to find one word. Once you find the one word in the square of letters all of the letters juggle around again and you start over with all new letters. Also the first letter of the previous word is changed into a powerup like a wildcard or a randomizing letter which adds interesting elements to the game. The graphics and sound are professional and the game itself is fun. Try this one out if you like playing Scrabble or Boggle.No screen shot.
GridlockPlays: 25455
Gridlock is an interesting free flash puzzle game. There are a set of blocks which you must slide out of the way of a blue block in order to move the blue block out of the puzzle and into the next puzzle. The puzzles are interesting but the graphics are pretty plain.No screen shot.
CollapsePlays: 25300
Collapse is a free flash game offer by Yahoo and it is another reverse tetris close. Different colored blocks come in from the bottom every few seconds in a line and you must match three or more blocks togather of the same color. If you click on a three or more matching colors they pop and you get points. Once you do enough of them you move on to the next level. The only problem with this type of puzzle game is that you can play it with your eyes closed. All you have to do is click randomly all over the colored boxes and they pop by default. I assume at later levels it speeds up because the first level is way easy. The graphics are professional looking and the sound is the same pop it seems like from Bubble Bobble.No screen shot.
GearsPlays: 25269
Gears is an interesting free flash puzzle game. You start out with a central turning gear and two or three other gears that are not turning but have a direction arrow on them. You must add gears to the puzzle to get the gears that are not turning to start turning in the correct direction. Once all the gears are turning you move on to the next level. It gets harder the farther you move on in levels. The first few puzzles seem easy but you can get stumped not to long into the game. The graphics are colorful but pretty basic. Overall if you like puzzles or engineering give this one a shot as it is pretty original for a flash game.No screen shot.
Sunny DayPlays: 25156
Interesting little flash puzzle game. The goal of the game is to turn all of the cloud squares to sun squares. You do this by jumping the squares until all of the squares are sun squares. You can jump a square with a cloud or with a sun. The graphics are basic but fun.No screen shot.
Warthog LaunchPlays: 25110
Warthog Launch is a free flash puzzle game. You have to place explosives under the Halo Warthog and bounce it up into the air to destroy flying aliens. You control the placement of the warthog and the explosives plus the power of the explosives. You must hit all the aliens with one go to move on to the next level. Pretty fun little game though the graphics are nothing to write home about.Warthog Launch
AtomicaPlays: 25005
Tough little science based flash puzzle game. You have to complete molecules by moving atoms around until you have it complete. The graphics are basic and if you don't know much about science you might get confused with this game.Atomica
Push PullPlays: 24943
Tough puzzle game similar to a rubics cube. The goal of the game is to get all of the blocks in the down position. When you click a block it moves up if it is down and down if it is up. Once all the blocks are in the down position you win. Graphics are pretty basic but work for the puzzle game.No screen shot.
Spaced PenguinPlays: 24775
Spaced Penguin is an interesting free flash game. You have a penguin in a slingshot and you have to get the penguin back to the space ship via the slingshot. There are different obsticals in each level but usually you just have to figure out the speed and direction in which to shoot in. Some obsticals can bounce you off and others can pull or repel you with gravity. It feels like an arcady puzzle game. One interesting feature it has is that it shows a shadow of your previous attempts so you know what NOT to try again. The graphics are alright so give this one a shot.No screen shot.
Logic ProblemsPlays: 24451
Login Problems is a collection of free flash game brain teasers. The first logic problem you have to solve is how to move a wolf, a sheep, and a cabbage across a river. The wolf eats the sheep and the sheep eats the cabbage. It is a bit of a brain teaser to figure out out. Once you figure it out there are at least five to ten other brain teasers you can try and solve. The graphics are pretty basic but passable. If you like puzzles and want to do more brain work than finger work then give this one a shot.No screen shot.
Cell OutPlays: 24427
A basic flash game which uses only two colors (white and green). It is a cross between Breakout and Pong. You bounce a ball with your mouse to collect items above it. Once you have collected all the items you go on to the next level which has a greater number of items to collect and things to avoid. The graphics are nice but plain.No screen shot.
Santa Balls 2Plays: 24361
Santa Balls 2 is a Christmas take on the classic Bejeweled or Bubble Bobble game. You must move same colored Christmas ornaments into rows of three at which point they pop and you get points. There is Christmas music in the background and funny commentary going on the background. Give it a shot for some holiday cheer.No screen shot.
CubisPlays: 24297
Cubis is a free java puzzle game from Real. The graphics are professional and the gameplay is fun. It is similar to gems in that you move brightly colored cubes onto the board to make groups of 3 cubes of the same color. Once you have a group it disappears from the board and you get points. You have to make a number of groups per level before the time runs out to move on to the next level. If you like Gems or Tetris give this a shot.No screen shot.
BookwormPlays: 24223
Word puzzle game where you match letters togather to make words and get points. If you like word games like Scrabble give this one a try.No screen shot.
BlixPlays: 24114
Strange little game. It is a mix between light cycles, pong, tetris, and breakout. There is a ball bouncing around and you have a limited time in which to build blocks in front of the ball and so direct the ball into a goal area. The graphics are simple.Blix
Escape!Plays: 24058
Escape is a pretty simple free flash game. There really are no graphics to speak of. You are a red box. You have to avoid roaming blue boxes for as long as possible. If you get hit or you go outside the white box you lose. You have to keep on your toes the whole time and the farther along you get the faster the blue boxes move. Give this one a shot! Good luck!No screen shot.
BunchPlays: 23917
Bunch is another free flash game much like Bejeweled or Gems. You have to take M&M looking beads and match the colors up in groups of three or more by swapping them with beads nearby. If you like Bejeweled or the like this game is good too. There isn't much different about it and the graphics are professional but it does have some different modes including classic and puzzle. In puzzle mode there is a color configuration that you have to move the colored beads into to complete the level. I must say puzzle mode was much better than classic mode.No screen shot.
SpooksPlays: 23830
Spooks feels like an free MI5 recruitment flash game. You take spy school tests like safecracking and a gun range. The graphics are professional. If you want to give being a spy a shot try this game out.No screen shot.
Trapped 4Plays: 23712
Trapped 4 is a pretty complete and long free flash puzzle game. It has multiple rooms with puzzles that cross from room to room. You have to avoid traps, find keys for doors, and solve puzzles. It is a lot like Zelda, Wasteland, or the old game Castles (from the MS-DOS days). It is a mind twister though and if you like this sort of thing you should check it out as there is much entertainment to be had. I moved through a whole bunch of different rooms to find keys and other hints to complete the puzzles. The graphics aren't much to speak of but the gameplay is solid as a rock. Again if you liked Zelda or Pac-Man play this.No screen shot.
ZooKeeperPlays: 23640
ZooKeeper is a free flash game in the same vein as Gems and Bejeweled. In this flash game though you match different colored animal heads togather in lines of three. When you get a match they poof, you get points, and more drop in the top. Match enough animal heads and you move on to the next level. The graphics are professional Japanese candy style graphics so give this one a shot if you like Bejeweled. This is a puzzle game so if you like puzzles what are you waiting for.No screen shot.
MoebiusSyndromPlays: 23577
MoeniusSyndrom is a pretty tough free flash puzzle game. You have to move pieces around to create an enclosed area. Once you enclose an area it disappears and you get points. The pieces that you have to work with slowly increase outwards from the central point. This game is very tough though as I was not able to enclose very many areas. The interface and graphics are clean and colorful but overall pretty basic. If you like ultra challenging puzzle games gives this one a shot as you will be in for a doozy.No screen shot.
BattleshipPlays: 23546
Battleship is a free flash game version of the classic Battleship boardgame. The graphics are pretty good and the rules are much the same. If you haven't played battleship you each get to set ships in your sea area and then alternately shoot one shot to try and find the enemy ships and sink them. In this version once you get a hit you can keep shooting until you miss. Once all the enemy ships are sunk you win. The graphics are pretty good and done in a professional way. The only issue I had with the game was it takes so dang long to fire a shot. It seems like it takes ten seconds per shot which is way to long. It should only take one or two seconds. Give it a shot if you liked Battleship though.No screen shot.
Seven SeasPlays: 23536
Seven Seas is a free flash puzzle game with a pirate theme. You are a ship sailing the sea and you must move and direct your ship on a hex grid. The goal is to line your cannons up and fire upon the pirate ships that close in on you. Once you have destroyed all the pirate ships in the level you move on to the next level. The pirate theme is fun and the graphics are good though a bit grainy. The puzzle part of the game can get pretty complex as well. But overall give this game a shot if you like pirates (and who doesn't) or puzzle games.No screen shot.
Happy PillPlays: 23449
Happy Pill is a free flash puzzle game. You have a pill and some sick patients in the level. You get one chance to direct the pill and then bounce it towards your patients. Once it is off you have no control over it and it keeps bouncing around until all of the patients are better. However, if you overdose a patient (the pill hits him to many times) he gets toasted. The graphics are cartoony and it has some fitting sound effects. Give it a shot if you like puzzle games.No screen shot.
Animal BridgePlays: 23210
Animal Bridge is a pretty tough free flash game. It reminds me somewhat of tetris because you get different shaped blocks and you must form a bridge from one side across water to the other side. A monkey will cross the bridge once you complete it. But if you don't construct the bridge so that the monkey can cross you lose and have to try again. The game itself is pretty tough but the graphics and sound are professional. Again this is a toughy so prepare to be challeneged.No screen shot.
WordStalkPlays: 23046
Fun flash word puzzle game with professional graphics. Make words out of a set of letters to move your character up the bean stalk. Once you get to the top of the bean stock you go into a bonus round. Get enough words right and you get a free word via the golden egg. Fun theme to the game based on Jack and the Bean StockNo screen shot.
Big MoneyPlays: 22954
Big Money is a free flash puzzle game much like Tetris only in reverse. You start out with a bunch of lines of different colored coins and you have to click the sets of coins where there are three or more of the same color touching each other. More lines of coins move up from the bottom so you don't run out. Money bads also drop from the top and if you clear coins from under the money bags you get more points. The graphics are alright if a bit bland. If you like Tetris or Bubble Bobble give this a shot.No screen shot.
Flip FlapPlays: 22943
A rolling ball in the hole flash game. There are balls that drop in the top of the puzzle and you roll down in a zigzag patern. You must change the location of switchs to reveal and hide holes in the floor. If a ball falls in a hole you lose. The trick is there is more than one ball rolling at the same time and you have to keep ALL of them from falling in the holes. It's harder than it looks. Graphics are basic.No screen shot.
Pearls Before SwinePlays: 22902
Pearls Before Swine is an interesting flash puzzle game. The graphics and sound are professional and polished even though the game itself is fairly simple. The puzzle behind the game is tough. You play against a computer player and you each get to take turns removing pearls from the guys hand. Whoever is left with the last pearl loses. Like I said it seems pretty simple but the puzzle itself is complex. Give this one a shot if you like brain teasers.No screen shot.
Slingshot SantaPlays: 22781
Slingshot Santa is a pretty basic free flash game. You control the entire game with two clicks of your mouse. The basic premise of the game is two elves push a catapult towards a cliff. Santa is in the catapult and you have to decide when to fling Santa to get the farthest distance possible. If you don't flind Santa in time you fall down into a pit and lose. The graphics are professional and the gameplay itself is pretty much just a timing factor. If you screw up you lose. No screen shot.
VirusPlays: 22578
Virus is an interesting free flash puzzle game. It feels a lot like Minesweeper except that you are playing against a computer player who keeps stealing everthing you have gained. The computer fights you with your own gains. You are green and the computer is red. It spreads like a virus (this the name). In order to stop the infection you have to wall off sections behind the lines so that the computer virus can't retake what you just took yourself. A pretty tough puzzle game. The graphics are basic but the voices used add some flair. If you like tough this one is for you.No screen shot.
Word SharkPlays: 22524
Word Shark is a free flash game that helps you learn typing. You are a diver diving from a dive boat and sharks attempt to each you. You must type the word on each shark to make it go away and continue. You get points for accuracy and depth. The graphics and sound are professional and fun. Try this one if you want to speed up your typing skills.No screen shot.

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