Arcade Classic Games
Belter AsteroidsPlays: 263006
Belter Asteroids is a vastly improved version of the classic Asteroids. If you've never played Asteroids you fly around in a space ship and destroy asteroids. Notable the graphics are awesome. Yeah retro 80s graphics are fun but the graphics in Belter Asteroids take it to a whole new level. With radient backgrounds and flashy graphics this is definately a professionally done flash game. Give this one a go and don't forget to try it in full screen too.Belter Asteroids
TetrisPlays: 45965
A free flash version of the classic Tetris. Blocks drop in from the top and you must match them up at the bottom like a puzzle. When you full up a line with blocks the line of blocks disappears. Repeat. Once all blocks have been used you move on to the next level. Graphics are nice and professional but the screen area is pretty small.Tetris
JavanoidPlays: 42877
Psychodelic version of the classic Break Out. Javanoid is a java applet based game (obviously). It has rainbow colors and is a pretty standard "hit the ball with the paddle until you break out of all the blocks". If you like the classic give this one a try.Javanoid
Super Money BallPlays: 40622
Super Money Ball is a free flash game where you must keep the ball with the monkey inside it from falling off the platform. You move the platform around and try to get to ball to the finish line without having it fall off. The graphics are pretty good but the game is super TOUGH. Not for the easily frustrated.Super Money Ball
Balls N WallsPlays: 39513
A breakout style arcade classic. It has some interesting twists like powerups hidden in the blocks or mystery blocks at the top. And by far the graphics are much more colorful than Breakout ever was. Give it a shot.Balls N Walls
3D SnakePlays: 38305
An interesting 3D addaption of the simple snake game. You move your snake around trying to avoid the sides and your tail at the same time that you search for food. This 3d version has you moving the snake over a curved surface in 3d. The graphics look alright but are fairly simple.3D Snake
CurveBallPlays: 37432
A 3D version of the classic pong. The AI in this version isn't as hard as other versions I've run across. There are two transparent paddles and you hit the ball back and forth down a tunnel until one of you misses the ball. Graphics are retro.CurveBall
SpaceCabPlays: 36810
SpaceCab is a side view action adventure game. You must register in order to play it which is somewhat of a barrier of entry but once you do it does seem pretty fun. You fly around in narrow tunnels rescuing lost miners from certain death (oh and watch out for the walls!).No screen shot.
Nibbles/SnakePlays: 35572
A simple monochrome game where you play a snake. You move around and pick up food pellets. You can not hit the sides or your own tail. Your tail grows longer the more food pellets you pick up. Feels like a game you would play on a PDA.Nibbles/Snake
3D PongPlays: 34947
A 3d version of pong. Your view is from behind the paddle down a tunnel with the computer player paddle at the othe end. The paddles are glass and you have to try and get the ball passed the computer player. This game is pretty tough but feels a lot like playing pingpong or tennis. It has monochrome style graphics to get you in the 80s pong mood.3D Pong
SmashingPlays: 32571
A colorful version of the classic Breakout. This free flash game has powerups hidden in the blocks like slow and fastball. You use a paddle at the bottom which can also get powerups up a ball which bounces around and breaks up the blocks until all the blocks are gone. Once gone you move on to the next level. The graphics are flashy and professional. Give it a shot.Smashing
ArcadiaPlays: 32199
Collection of four old school games that you can play all at the same time. A racing game, a strategy game, a pong style game, and a run and jump game. Graphics are pretty basic but try playing all 4 at the same time and see how you do!Arcadia
Ultimate Flash SonicPlays: 30532
Ultimate Flash Sonic is an unoffical free flash game version of Sonic the Hedgehog. You can play up to four different Sonic type characters in a bunch of Sonic levels. The only beef with the game is that the screen is so small. Other than that if you like Sonic be sure to give it a shot as it is free and what else do you have to do right now anyway? Good luck and go Sonic!No screen shot.
Q-BertPlays: 29120
Q-Bert is a free flash game which I believe at one point was an arcade game. It has retro 80s graphics and you have to move a alien with a big snout over a set of blocks to change them to a new color. You can only a block once and there are other obstacles that appear in the map as well. There were two problems with this game, one being the screen is pretty small and other being the controls are horrible. I don't know what they were thinking when they set the buttons for the controls but they were entirely unusable. In any event if you liked Q-Bert in the past give it a shot just watch out for the bad controls.No screen shot.
RampagePlays: 26757
Rampage is a Shockwave version of the classic arcade game Rampage. This game is awesome and the retro original graphics are still cool. The only problem I have with this arcade emulation of the old Rampage is that the controls completely suck. Each monster you can control has a different set of keys to use to control it and suffice to say the keys they picked for each monster are horrible. If you like Rampage or if you never played it give it a shot but be warned about the controls.No screen shot.
Lunar CommandPlays: 26593
Lunar Command is a variant on the old 80s arcade game Missle Command. In this flash game you have a select number of scud missles to destoy incoming missles with. You shoot the missle into the sky and it explodes in the path of the incoming missle destroying it. You are protecting cities on the ground and they can only be hit a limited number of times. Once all the cities are destroyed you lose. If you destroy all the incoming missles you move on to the new level and more missles come down faster. The graphics are rendered and an improvement over the retro game.No screen shot.
Space InvadersPlays: 26496
This is a flash version of the classic Space Invaders. The graphics are very much like the original which if you haven't played it before is retro 80s. You have a space ship at the bottom which shoots at aliens at the top. You must destroy all the aliens before they get to the bottom of the screen. Give it a go if you like Space Invaders or you have never played it before.No screen shot.
Spy HunterPlays: 26358
This is an emulated version of the classic Spy Hunter arcade game. You must download an extra plugin for shockwave in order to play this game. It is true to the classic and you must click to enter fake coins in the side bar to start the game. If you liked Spy Hunter you can play it again for as long as you want. Have at it! If you've never played Spy Hunter before you play as a car driving down the road and you must avoid oil slicks, blow up cars, and avoid other cars that try to destroy your car. Remember to use spacebar to fire you machine guns!No screen shot.
Classic BreakoutPlays: 25822
Basic flash game of the original Classic BreakOut. It has monochrome color and is fairly simple without any additional perks to the game. This is as vanilla BreakOut as it can get.No screen shot.
SnakePlays: 24875
Snake is a pretty fun little free flash game though it is a bit slow. You start out as a snake and you must collect orange spheres to feed yourself. Each time you each the snake gets longer and longer. You have to keep the snake from running into trees or the water (apparently it isn't a water snake). Once you eat everything in the level you move on to the next level I assume. The graphics are professional and it is arcady while also having puzzle elements to it. The camera view is from the top.No screen shot.
FlashteroidsPlays: 24780
Flashteroids is a free flash version of the classic game Lander. This game is pretty tough as the controls are very exact. Your job is to land the lander on the moon in the landing spot. You must also put the landing gear down and land flat. Plus you need to do all this without running out of feel first. Like I said it is pretty tough. The graphics are really nothing to speak about and are somewhat retro looking as well as having real photographs patched in. If you liked Lander this should work for you.No screen shot.
Strongbad GamesPlays: 24661
Strongbag Games is a somewhat strange free flash game. It is done in old school single color line graphics. The game itself is a mixture of pong and breakout. There is a square that bounces around which you have to deflect back at the wall in front of you to hit a mask that moves back and forth. Once you hit it enough times you move on to the next level (I assume). If you want a lession in the weird check this one out as it will blow you away.No screen shot.
Duck HuntPlays: 24478
Duck Hunt is the classic Duck Hunt game from way back when done as a free flash game. You can choose 1 duck, 2 duck, or dog mode. In the first two modes you have three bullets to try and bring down a duck before it gets away. In the last mode (dog mode) you have a chaingun with unlimited ammo you mow down as many flying dogs as possible. If you liked Duck Hunt give this one a shot as the graphics are the retro style and you can have some minutes of fun with it.No screen shot.
Blasterball 2 RevolutionPlays: 22583
Blasterball 2 is a pretty good free Wildtangent based game. It is based on the classic Breakout game but it has a lot of nice new additions which will remind you of playing pinball. It is done in 3D and there are all kinds of powerups and sparkles and special squares you can you collect and hit. Once you clear a round there are particle effect fireworks that blast off. The sound is high quality and again the graphics are an excellent rendition of the classic Breakout. The only issue with this game was it took forever to load even on broadband. Overall though if you can get it to load you should definately give this one some play time.No screen shot.

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