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RC B-29 Model Launchs A RC X-1 Rocket Plane Model In This Video

Here's a video of an remote control B-29 model carrying a remoted control X-1 rocket plane model. The B-29 takes off and drops the rocket plane. The rocket plane ignites and shoots upwards before coming back and landing. The B-29 model does a few fly bys of the camera including one where it flies by upside down and does a backwards loop. Both planes land safely verses other videos where they fly a big model and then crash it by mistake.



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First Public Blue Origin Reusable Rocket Test Flight Video

Apparently it went up to about 295 feet and then they brought it back down. They have high resolution photos over on their website plus additional videos.



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Guy Does A Free Dive Off The Side Of A Boat And Has A Little Issue

Free Diving Mistake VideoThis video clip of free diving is pretty short and to the point. There are a couple guys sitting on the side of the boat getting read to do a free dive. It doesn't say where they are at but in a small harbour or bay somewhere by the breakwater you can see in the background. Anyway the first guy dives off the boat and everything is good. The second guy dives off the boat (and by dive I mean they wall over backwards) and has a little issue. A strap gets caught on the boat and the guy ends up face down in the water with the strap on his bum still tied to the boat. It doesn't show how he gets out of it.

Watch this guy do some dangerous free diving.


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Slow Motion Video Of Lightning Hitting The World Trade Center

Lightning Hits The WTC VideoHere is a slow motion video of lightning hitting the antenna on the top of the World Trade Center. It is hard to tell at what speed the film is running at but the lightning is pretty amazing. There are also a bunch of strikes that zigzag around the sky and don't hit anything. I wonder if they had some kind of dampener connected to the antenna to absorb lightning strikes. Obviously the video was filmed before 2001.

Check the lightning video out for yourself.


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Guy Catchs The Crotch Of His Pants On Fire While Cooking Outdoors

Guy Catchs His Pants On Fire VideoThere we have our superhero cooking on a portable grill in his sweatshirt and sweatpants. But a funny thing happens -- he turns around and the crotch of his sweatpants are on fire! He madly tries to put out the fire by beating on it and finally runs to the table and grabs a pitcher of water. Dousing himself with the water he finally gets the fire out hopefully before he lost anything important. The thing I wanted to know about this video was, is this the same guy from a week or so ago that grabbed onto the electric fence? The video quality and the guy in both videos look pretty similar. And of coarse both guys (or is it the same guy?) do similarly stupid things. Look ma, No hands!

Watch this guy catch himself on fire while cooking on a grill.


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Video Trick Where It Looks Like A Guy Gets Run Over By A Bus

Fake Bus Trick VideoThe video here is the same trick used in the video where the guy jumps over the car coming one way and then gets hit by the car coming the other way. In this clip the guy runs out into the street, lays down flat, and lets the bus drive right over him. Then he gets up and runs back out of the street. The problem with this video is you can easily see that it is a composite of two different videos. When the guy is under the bus the shadow is wrong. You would not be able to see the light on the top of the guy while he was under the bus. And secondly the light UNDER the guy would not be there as it would also be shaded by the bus. Good but not good enough.

Watch the guy getting run over by the bus video and see if you think it is real or fake.


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Guy Is To Lazy To Wash The Dishs So He Ends Up Drinking Straight From The Coffee Maker

All The Dishs Are Dirty Commercial VideoI can't tell if this commercial is for coffee, a coffee maker, or substitute sugar. Anyway a guy watchs into the kitchen and looks for a cup to use. Suffice to say every dish in the house is dirty and piled up on the counter. There is one cup in the cupboard which he gets down but it is dirty too. He leaves it on the counter and walks out of the view of the camera. We hear a noise to side and the camera pans down the counter which is full of dirty dishs until it finds the guy again. He has his head under the coffee maker and is drinking the coffe right as it comes out of the coffee maker because there are no clean cups to use (and he is to lazy to wash one).

Watch this guy drink right out of the coffee maker.


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Purple Porsche Gets Owned By White Hatchback In A Drag Race

Porsche Gets Owned In Drag RaceThe Porsche in this drag race video is racing a little hatchback car (I have no idea what kind of car that is) with large tires. They take quite a while to get up to the starting line. Once the flag goes out the white hatchback destroys the Porsche on the track by going almost twice as fast as the Porsche. The hatchback is already done with the race by the time the Porsche gets half way. Tell me again why people buy Porsches? What does the Porsche get? Zero to sixty in 30 seconds?

Watch the Porsche get owned by this weird little hatchback.


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Body Guard Follows This Couple Around And Annoys Them In This Commercial

Being Rich Isnt All It Cracked Up To Be VideoI can't quite figure out what this commercial is for. At the end of it there are Lotto balls but the text and voice are in German (I think). Anyway throughout this video there is a couple having fun in various spots and then there is a body guard following them around. When they are running on the beach he is running after them. When they are sitting in the park he is there cleaning his gun. When they are horseback riding he is patrolling on an ATV. And when they are in the hotel room he is using their bathroom. If you speak German it might make sense.

Being rich isn't all it cracked up to be in this video.


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Brawny Gets Crazy And Does A Commercial With Cake, Puppy, And Man

Brawny Commercial VideoUsually commercials use women to appeal to men with sex appeal. In this commercial they use a guy to appeal to women with his sex appeal. Except they are selling Brawny paper towels. They demonstrate how it can clear up whip cream (wow!). At the end of the commercial they have cake, guy, and cute puppy. I guess the real question is did this commercial work? Nice happy birthday cake bud except this commercial isn't for birthday cake.

Check out the male sex appeal commercial.


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