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Guy Smashs A Can Of WD40 For A Good Time And It Explodes In His Face

Ding ding ding! And we have another Darwin Award nominee in this video. The guy takes a stick (or sledge hammer) and hits a can of WD40. It explodes in his face. The question what did he think was going to happen when he hit it? You know those warning labels on the outside? Yeah.



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Giant Rockfish Found Near Alaska In This Photo

Giant Rockfish PhotoHere's a photo which showed up on Yahoo's most emailed photos list. Apparently it is a giant rockfish which was caught by a NOAA vessel in the Bering Sea according to the caption on the photo. The guy in the photo is holding up a 38 inch ruler to the fish to show how big it is.



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Kite Surfer Catchs 38 Seconds Of Air Before Crashing On The Beach

In this video a guy gets carried up on a updraft while kite surfing. He's in the air for about thirty eight seconds or some before coming back down. He moves in over land up to about two hundred feet or so before coming back down and crashing into the dirt.



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Photo Of A Baby Chicken With Four Legs In New Zealand

Four Legged Baby Chicken PhotoHere is an article from New Zealand about a baby chick which had four legs. Apparently it recently died because of digestive issues and they are now keeping it in a freezer before having it stuffed. So the question is have you ever seen a four legged chicken before? And how many of todays animals are the way they are because of a mutation which happened a long time ago. If you think about it they should get the DNA from this baby chick and see if they can clone it without the side effects. That would give you two extra legs per chicken for food consumption. Combine this with the featherless chickens and you'd have a winner.

Head over and read the full article about the four legged baby chick for yourself.


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New vs Old 9mm Bullet Strikes A Katana Blade And Splits In Half For The Lose

Guns vs Sword VideoIn this video they have a katana setup in a vice and a k9mm pistol setup in a gun vice device with the 9mm pointed at the blade of the katana. The blade is edge on to oncoming the bullet. The guy presses a lever on the gun vice which pulls the trigger on the 9mm (I assume this is so that they have it exactly correct to hit the edge of the katana). The bullet hits the edge of the katana and splits in half; hitting the target behind the katana in two pieces. They show a closeup of the katana blade after the bullet hits it and as far as I can tell there is metal from the bullet stuck to the blade. I don't think the blade was damaged by the bullet.

Watch the full video of this 9mm bullet hitting a katana below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Crazy Video Of A Guy Who Solves A Rubik Cube With One Hand In Under 30 Seconds

Rubik Cube VideoWe posted a six year old a few days ago who solved a rubik cube in under 38 seconds. Well in this video we're posting today we have an older guy who has the same kind of time system as the kid. This guy only uses one hand to solve the rubik cube and he does it in under 30 seconds. Crazy stuff. I'm pretty sure that they oil the rubik cube to make it move so fast because all the cube's I've messed with are tough to move around. Additionally there is a way where you and do all the turns and then reverse all the turns and solve the cube. I'm pretty sure these two videos have been legit however.

Check out the full length rubik cube solve video for yourself or view it below.


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Six Year Old Kid Solves A Rubik Cube In Under 38 Seconds Flat For A Good Time

Rubik Cube VideoSo here we have a six year old kid who solves a rubik's cube in 37.89 seconds flat. It looks like he has some kind of rubik's cube time monitor touch pad which counts exactly how long it takes them. It looks like it is probably some international (or World Record) standard pad because I saw a similar video with the same timing device. Anyway the video is just amazing how fast this kid can solve the rubik's cube. If you watch his fingers moving he is using all of his fingers to sold the cube. Simply amazing.

Check out the rubik's cube video for yourself over on their site or view it below.


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Guy Shapes Some Glass With a Plasma Torch In This Photo

Glass Fire PhotoFor some reason I ended up over at Flickr searching for the word "fire" and this image showed up. From what I can tell it seems to be a guy shaping glass with this plasma torch looking thing. Some of the other images in the series appear to be students shaping glass with similar burners but this image was the best one. It probably isn't called a "plasma torch" but it sure looks like one if you ask me. I think I need one of those things. I'd like to see a video of the plasma torch in action.

Check out the full size photo of the glass maker guy for yourself.


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