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Spoof Video Of A Woman Eating A Bunch Of Mentos And Drinking Diet Pepsi

Exploding Mentos Woman VideoSo if you live in a cave and you haven't seen the vidoes of mentos being dropped into bottles of Diet Pepsi this is a spoof of those videos. The woman takes a bottle of Diet Pepsi and 'drinks' it. At this point she eats a whole pack of mentos and then jumps up and down to mix the two togather. You'll have to watch the end of the video to see what happens to her afterward. Obviously this video is a spoof and most if not all of the Diet Pepsi spills down onto the ground and she doesn't really eat the mentos either.

Watch the video of the human mentos and Diet Pepsi experiment below or click over and view it on the host site.


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People Make A Home Made Rocket Powered Skate Board And Ride Off Into The Sunset

Rocket Board VideoSo the people in this video make their own rocket engine out of household items like sugar and PVC pipe. Then they strap this rocket engine to a weird looking skate board (I've never seen a skateboard with wheels hanging out in the front and back like that). The kid gets on the skate board, pulls the ignition string and off he goes. The rocket make a whole bunch of smoke and he is soon obscured by the smoke. I can't say that the speed is all that great on it either. The aftermath picture shows where near the end of the rocket it burned through the PVC pipe.

Check out this home made rocket powered skate board for yourself.

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Break Dancing Lego Guys Go For A Spin On The Dance Floor To Ace And Base

Lego Break Dance VideoAnd you thought you have a lot of spare time on your hands (you're reading this website afterall)? The people put this video togather of three LEGO guys break dancing on their little green grass LEGO board. During the stop animation "dance" the lego guy takes himself apart and walks around his own head on the ground. I bet the best breakdancer can't even pull that trick off. So see for yourself are real breakdancers better than these stop animation toys? Oh and look how much time you wasted already?

Watch the break dancing toys for a good time.


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RC Car Battles Kid And Wins Hands Down In This Back Yard Destruction Derby

RC Car Attack VideoWe have a guy playing around with a pretty big RC car (afterall they sell a 2 foot long Humvee RC car) in his back year. He looks like he is sitting on the roof or at least on a deck above the yard. The yard itself is pretty small. He runs the car down to the far end and then comes back hitting a jump in the middle. The RC car comes over the jump and runs into a kid standing in the yard. The RC car just destroys the kid by knocking him over (kid didn't even have a chance). The controller guy starts laughing and then the clip ends to be re-run in slow motion.

Watch this kid get taken out by an RC car by accident.


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Delta 2 Rocket Launchs And Then Explodes In Giant Fireball and Glowing Rain

Rocket Explosion VideoHere is a video clip of a Delta II rocket launch carrying a GPS satelite.  I can't tell if the voice feed is from NASA or the news station broadcasting the video. The rocket launchs fine but about five seconds or so into launch there is a giant star explosion which I assume was the rocket blowing up. The announcer claims it was an anomaly (which means VERY BAD in NASA language) on the pad. Why would they say on the pad if it was the rocket blowing up? In any event the aftermath video shows all the glowing bits and pieces of what I assume to be the rocket raining down around the launch pad.

Watch the video of the Delta II rocket exploding.


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Guy Magically Disappears Inside Cardboard Box Video

Guy Disappears Inside Box VideoIn this video a guy walks up to a box and steps into it. Then it picks up the box with himself inside and lifts it up. The box is whole and he is holding it but you can't see his legs. He keeps lifting the box up higher and higher until he completely disappears inside the box. He lifts the box above the camera via and then the box drops down to the floor and he is completely gone. There are a couple different ways they could have done this. They could have used a blue screen but that isn't how I think they did it. I think they record video of the scene without the box or the guy in it. Then they take the video of the guy with the box. Afterwards they drop the box from above the camera view to complete the last shot. They go back and remove everything under the box via computer using the clean shot with nothing in it as the background that they took in the beginning. The only hard part I saw was when the box is up high enough that you can see the bottom of the box.

Check the magic disappearing box guy out for yourself.


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