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Mutant Albino Alligator Living At The Los Angeles Zoo

Alibino Alligator PhotoOne of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo right now is this photo of an albino alligator which is currently on display at the Los Angeles Zoo. Apparently there are only around 30 known albino alligators in the world in a population of around 5 million alligators. They are albino because of a genetic mutation where they don't produce melanin which is what gives them their normal color. Additionally albinos don't last long in the wild because they don't have their normal protection from predators and the sun according to a second article on the subject.

Check out the full sized photo of the albino mutant alligator for yourself.


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Candid Camera Free Photo Booth Trick Talks Trash To People

Free Photo Booth Candid CameraSo one of the late night syndicated TV shows had an episode where they setup a free photo booth at some amusement park in Los Angeles. The special thing about this photobooth is that it has a camera on the inside and the outside plus a remote operator with microphone controlling the free photo camera. When the people step into the booth the operator talks all kinds of trash to the people in the booth to get them to do funny things before taking their free picture. Some examples are, having one family cram something like eight or ten people in the both, tell a couple of kids no eating in the booth and then telling them their parents are eating their icecream, telling a guy to take off his shirt, etc.

Watch the full video of this free photo booth candid camera for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Yellow Lamborghini Lost Control And Slammed Into A Wall And Light Post

Lamborghini Accident PhotoAs you can see in this car accident photo there is a yellow Lamborghini crashed into a wall and light post. According to the caption for the photo the Lamborghini lost control, fishtailed, and slammed into the wall. The car accident happened in Los Angeles, California and you can see various bicycle police standing around the cracked up car. I can't tell how fast the Lamborghini was going but it looks like the frame of the car sustained damage in the accident. So what do you think, did the insurance company write this one off?

Check out the full size photo of this car accident for yourself.


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