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Video Of A Mesh Sphere Virtual Reality Environment Called A VirtuSphere

VirtuSphere VideoInterestbing video of an attempt at a 360 degree virtual reality system. The person puts on a head set display and holds some kind of joystick (or game gun) and then climbs inside a metal mesh sphere. The sphere is sitting on what are probably some kind of roller balls which allow the sphere to roll in any direction. The person walks 'in place' around inside the sphere and their walking is translated into the 3D virtual game environment. Apparently it detects if you duck down or run and translates that into the game as well. I think it would probably be pretty strange to walk inside this thing because the floor would always be around the edges of your walking area.

Check out the full video of two different people testing out the VirtuSpheres below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mouse Gets Chopped In Half And Regrows In This Mouse Illusion

Mouse Illusion VideoSo the guy in this video has a projector setup in a large room and a couple boxes down in the right corner of the screen where he is standing. He turns a camera onto a glass cage area and then takes a mouse out of one of the boxes and drops it into the cage area so it appears on the screen. Next he takes a wide chopping blade and chops the mouse in half. Both sides of the mouse are still running around and finally the second half of the mouse grows a new head. The guy takes the second mouse out of the box. Next up he puts a straw into the glass cage and blows the mouse up into a giant mouse. Finally the mouse blows out the air like a balloon and flies around the glass cage. Lastly the guy lights a cherry bomb and drops it in the glass cage. The mouse turns to a crisp and blows away.

Watch the full video of this 3D mouse illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Big Red Truck Makes Metal Confetti Out Of Two Small Cars In This Video

Truck Crush Test VideoHere is a pretty amazing car accident test video done on what happens when a large truck rear ends a number of stopped cars. In the video they have maybe six to eight cars at a fake Stop sign and they have a large dump truck sized truck which they slam into the rear car. The last two cars in line pretty much completely disintegrate under the force of the truck. The very last car is completely gone, the second to last car is a pancake between the third car and the dump truck and the third car crashs into the fourth car but the passenger area stays intact. If you look closely the very last car seems to get ripped off it's chassy completely like it was made of paper. They are using European cars and a European truck in the video.

Check out the full video of the dump truck turning two cars into metal shreds for a good time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Soccer Ball Contact Lenses Just Wait For The Corporate Logo Lenses

Soccer Ball Contact Lense PhotoSo one of the mosted emailed photos for today on Yahoo was this image of a "designer contact lense". This contact lense has a soccer ball on it with the center area open so you can still see out of your eye. A second set of contact lenses has the German flag on it. They're charging something like $54 a pop for these things. Just wait, you know they have deals in the works for all the mega brands like Coca Cola, 7-Up, etc. Wait for the tradeshows, other sporting events (American football?), or even TV shows where everyone there is wearing their brand logo on their eyeball.

Head on over and view the full sized photo of the custom contact lenses.


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Video Of A Snowmobile Jumping Over 30 Feet In The Air Multiple Times

Snowmobile Jumping VideoThis video starts out kind of slow with some dirt bike riding before moving into the main part of the video which is snowmobile jumping. It isn't on snow but a dirt and grass area with what looks like a metal ramp. The first go he takes the snowmobile along the side to guage the distance I guess and then on the second shot he hits the jump. In each jump he does a trick similar to what you would see from dirtbike jumpers. One jump he kicks off to the side, or stands on the handle bars of the snowmobile, or even letting go completely. It looks like he may have almost lost it when he lets go completely as he is already pretty far back when he grabs onto the guard rails and gets back on the snowmobile in mid-air.

Check out the snowmobile jumping video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ninja Commercial Featuring Two Ninjas Who Stab Each Other In The Back Literally

Funny Ninja Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial for an asset management company (wtf?). They filmed it like it was a Chinese movie like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It starts out with a couple ninjas sneaking along the outside of some palace wall. The first ninja jumps over the wall and lands on his feet scanning the area. The next ninja jumps over the wall and lands on the first ninja causing a bunch of noise. This leads the ninjas to being discovered. They run out into the courtyard and stand back to back facing an encircling group of house guards. One of the ninja's woops out a shuriken but forgets he is standing back to back with another ninja. He jacks his hand back to throw the shuriken and stabs his buddy in the back of the head with the shuriken (ouch!). The commercial ends with the guy trying to tug the shuriken out while saying "Sorry" over and over.

Check out the funny commercial with the backstabbing ninjas for yourself below or click over to view it on their site.


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Video Shot In Thailand While Fishing For Crocodiles In The Local River

Croc Fishing VideoApparently a favorite tourist pastime in Thailand is croc baiting (or at least it is for the guys in this video). They appear to be on some kind of raised hotel bridge area above water. One of the guy has a bamboo fishing pole with a piece of chicken tied to the end of it. There are various crocodiles swimming around below them snapping at the piece of chicken or whatever it is. The crocs make some wild grabs for the meat but keep missing. Finally they put the meat really close to the nose of one of the huge crocs and he grabs it in less than a second before the fisherman guy can react.

Watch the croc fishing video below or view it over on their website.


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Cool Looking Four Wheeled Motorcycle Named The Atom Showed In This UK Video

Atom Car VideoHere is a four wheeled motorcycle demonstrated in this video on some British TV show.  Some of the choice quotes from the video are of the host of the show saying how in the air intake at the back of the car behind the driver's head feels like it is sucking his brains out through his ear. There is no windshield and no external body to speak of on the car. In addition it has a small (what looks like) and 8 inch square "boot" (trunk) in the front hood area of the car. Near the end of the video they rate how fast the car is in relation to other road worthy cars and it beats everything on their list except the Porsche GT.

Check out the video of this Atom car for yourself below or click over and view it on their website.


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Guy Jumps A Dune With This Pickup And Lands On Top Of Another Pickup

Truck Crash VideoSo in this video there are a bunch of winners out in a sand dune area racing around with their motor bikes and pickup trucks. There is one big dune where the guy with the camera is standing which bikes are getting petty good air off of jumping. There is a red pickup truck parked on the right side of the dune ridge. Along comes a white pickup truck from the left side of the dune (and he can't see the red pickup truck on the other side). The white pickup guns the engine and jumps over the dune catching some air. The only problem is he lands right on top of the red pickup truck and rolls his own. Nice going. It doesn't appear that there was anyone in the red truck.

Watch this guy pull a stupid stunt while jumping sand dunes for a good time.


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Dash Boarders Or Mud Boarders As I Call Them Get Crazy In This Competition Video

Dashboarding VideoApparently the sport depicted in this video is called dashboarding (by the people that do it anyway). If you ask me it looks more like mud boarding. As far as I can tell you go down to a river mouth or some other area where there is very shallow water and sand. Then you set up some rails to grind on and you "dash". Dashing consists of a surf boars style board that is flat but short (shorter than even a boogie board). The user runs and dumps on the board which is sliding on the top of the 1-2  inchs of water. Once on the board the dasher hits the rail and does a grind. Sometimes the dashboard eats it. One guy in the video (and only one guy) has a helmet on. He eats it. Everyone has no helmet and half of them eat it. Two or three of them break their boards in half.

Check out the dashboarding (I'm going to call it mud boarding) for yourself.


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