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Commercial Where A Guy Moves His Girlfriends Hand Around Like A Computer Mouse

Funny Workaholic VideoHere is a funny asian commercial (see subtitles) where a guy and his girlfriend are sitting in a restaurant. The girl is saying that she knows he works a lot and doesn't have much time for 'us'. The guy is sitting there zombified and cuts her off by grasping her hand like he would hold a computer mouse. He starts moving her hand around and trying to click it like it was a computer mouse. He even turns her hand over to 'fix' the non-existant mouse ball. The girl's expression is classic.

Check out the full video of this funny workaholic commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Cult Of Pepsi Monastery Worships The Top Of A Pepsi Can

Cult Of Pepsi Commercial VideoSo here is a Pespi commercial centered around a mythical Asian Cult of Pepsi. According to the commercial there is a group of monks that worship the top of a pepsi can. For some unknown reason a white kid joins the Cult of Pepsi school. When he grows up and is able to break bricks like a ninja they initiate him into the Cult of Pepsi by all of them drinking a Pepsi. The white guy finally figures out what it is that they worship (the top of the Pepsi can) and which is also the same symbol which is on their foreheads. He slams his own forehead down on the Pepsi can and gives himself the symbol. A more realistic Cult of Pepsi portrayal might have been a group of teethless whale people.

Check out the full video of the stupid Pepsi commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Photo Of A Giant Chinese Woman Who Is Over Seven Feet Tall

Giant Asian Woman PhotoThe most emailed photo up on Yahoo right now is this photo from China of a woman who is 2.36 meters tall. Yao Defen is 36 years old according to the caption of the photo and you can see her sitting on the right in the photo. For a comparison there is another women sitting on the left side of the photo and I would assume the other woman is maybe five and a half feet tall. Not only is Yao Defen tall but she is pretty much a giant (just look at the size of her shows). One of her shoes are as big as the other woman's head. There is also another photo of them comparing her hand to a regular sized man's hand and her hand looks like the size of a dinner plate.

Take a look at the full sized photo of this giant Chinese woman named Yao.


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Guy Walks Around And His Head Drops Off To Scare People In This Video

Headless Man Trick VideoI think we may have posted another video like this one previously where there was a girl on a stage that does a similar trick. The difference in this video is that this old Asian guy takes to the streets and does the trick in front of unsuspecting people. Basically he walks up to people, coughs, and his head drops into his hands. The people freak out (watch their faces in the video for a good time). The trick is the guy is wearing a wire shoulder unit where he can bend down and his shoulders and shirt stay where they are making it look like his head just dropped off.

Check out the full video of this old guy doing the headless trick below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Crazy Asian Guy Does All Kinds Of Flips And Kicks In This Stunt Demo Reel

Martial Arts Demo Reel VideoLately the video host site has been getting a lot of demo reel submissions from martial arts stunt men. This video from one of the stuntmen calling himself the Crazy Asian. He seems to speciallize in jumps, kicks, and flips. Unlike some of the other videos however he doesn't include any "urban" building jumping (where they jump from building to building thirty feet up). Still what he does do is pretty cool with all kinds of back flips, scissor kicks, front flips, etc. He also has a sense of humor with his air guitar (in this leg guitar) flips. So is Crazy Asian a NINJA?!? You decide.

Watch the full demo reel video of the Crazy Asian below or click over and watch it on the host site.


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Strange Asian TV Show Where They Sing The Hokey Pokey In English And Dance Around

Asian Hokey Pokey VideoUp for today in this video we have what appears to be a Japanese or Korean TV show where they have a group of dancers come out onto the show floor. The dancers proceed to act out the children's hokey pokey dance. Each of the dancers has their own large bag on the floor in front of them and I haven't quite figured out what is it for in the context of their dance though? Is this crap just plane weird or what? After the song is over (and it's sung in English) they switch backļæ½to Japanese/Korean. I don't think it's possible to describe some Japenese TV shows as they are just plane weird.

View the full length video of the dancing hokey pokey girls for yourself below or click on over and view it with comments.


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Monkey See Monkey Do Monkey Waterski For A Good Time

Monkey Ski PhotoThe most emailed photo over on Yahoo right now is this photo of a monkey waterskiing. The "water ski" consists of a boogie board style ski with a metal cross board on it. The monkey holds onto the cross bar and then there is another bar which is higher up which he can lean against. Apparently the monkey waterskiing has something to do with a 100 days Asian economic sumit in Korea? Oh excuse me it's an ORANGUTAN not a monkey. Same difference. That monkey probably waterskies better than I do.

Head on over and view the full size photo of the waterskiing monkey.


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Guy Screams At People To See How They Will Freak Out For A Good Time

Scream Guy VideoThe asian guy in this video gets paid to walk around and scream at people. This video was probably done for some funny video show or some such. The video itself consist of the guy going up to various unsuspecting people and screaming really loud right near their ear. He even tries it on a few different animals. Usually the people (and animals) freak out and some of them even fall down. Some of the best ones are when he screams at a lady playing tennis, he screams at a group of people from behind and they all run for cover, and he screams at a guy playing catch. I want to see the video of one of these people attacking the screaming guy.

Watch the full video of a bunch of people getting freak out.


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Guy Has The Entire Back Of His Head Tattooed With An Asian Dragon

Crazy Tattoo PhotoThis photo is the back of someones head at a tattoo convention. It looks like a asian themed dragon head and this photo is currently one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo. The only problem I see with tattoos is that personally I would grow board with one after a few seconds. Now if tattoo's were made up of some kind of fiber optic matric where you could change the image on the fly that might be something that is worth while. This isn't one of those though and this guy has a asian themed dragon perminently tattooed on the back of his head. Whatever floats your boat right?

View the full image of the insect like tattoo fakeout on the back of this guy's skull.


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Dog Runs Around On It's Two Front Legs For A Good Time In This Video

Dog Walks On Two Legs VideoHere we have a video clip of a beagle dog walking around on two legs. Except instead of walking on it's hind legs it walks on it's two front legs only. I don't see how it can hold up it's back legs like that. It must be using the AbbFlex or something to have abbs of steel like that. The video appears to be from some Asian TV show but the voice over sounds like Ripley's Believe It Or Not. I wonder if or how they trained it to do that? Tied it's two back legs togather?

Check out the video of the dog walking on two legs for yourself.


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