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Bunch Of Skaters Make Some Crazy Basketball Shots From Skate Ramps

Crazy Basket VideoHere is a compilation of video clips from an indoors skate park that has a portable basketball hoop. What looks like a bunch of skaters are throwing basketballs at the hoop in all kinds of crazy ways and making the basket every time. They bounce the ball off parts of the skate ramps and it goes right in. They throw it over backwards from the far side of the skate ramp while riding a half pipe and the ball goes right in. In one shot the guy bounces it and then hits it with his skate board like a baseball and the basketball sails right in. I bet you can't do that.

Watch these guys make some crazy baskets.


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Kid Shoots And Scores 18 Baskets In A Row For A Good Time

Kid Makes Basketball Shots VideoIn this video clip there is a little kid who is maybe six or seven years old shooting baskets with a basketball. The kid shoots and scores 18 baskets in a row on camera. A good portions of the shots are nothing but net. Is this kid the new Tiger Woods for basketball? Finally on the 19th shot the kid misses. Pretty amazing I guess but if all you do is sit around and shoot basketballs all day I assume you're going to get good at it. You can see a toy basketball basket in some of the video off to the right of the main basket.

Watch this kid get crazy with the basketball.


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