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Stick Figure Battles Animator For Control Of Windows

This is the second version of a animation where the creator draws a stick figure in Flash and then battles the stick figure as he attempts to take over the drawing area. The original animation took something on the order of six months to create.



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Woman Battles Giant Robot Copy Machine For A Good Time In This Video

Double A Paper Commercial VideoHere is a commercial for Double A paper which makes paper for copy machines. In this commercial there is a woman who apparently uses sub quality paper which causes a jam in her copy machine. She starts going crazy and attacking the copy machine but then something unexpected happens. The copy machine transforms into a giant robot who grabs the papers she is holding and starts hitting her with them before ripping them up. And this makes me want to buy Double A paper how again? Wait it doesn't.

Watch the Double A paper commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Stick Figure Battles A Flash Animation Artist For His Life In The Flash Interface

Stick Man Flash Attack VideoHere is a Flash animation which took the artist around three months to complete where a stick figure battles the artist in the Flash interface. The artist draws the stick figure who then gets a life of his own and attempts to escape. The stick figure grabs interface elements and uses drawings to battle the artist while the artist tries to destroy the stick figure by drawing guns and turrets that fire on the stick figure. The artist is even able to tie up the stick figure a few times but he escapes each time. Finally the stick figure liberates clones of himself and really starts taking over. At this point the artist closes the Flash document that the stick figure is living in.

Check out the full flash animation of this stick figure battling the artist for his life.


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Bob Sapp (The Beast) Battles It Out With The Morning Musume

Bob Sapp vs. Morning MusumeI saw this video of Bob Sapp vs. Morning Musume over on BoingBoing today. Morning Musume is, I assume, a Japanese TV show. The same show that had the meat eating lizard and the women with the steaks tied to their heads. Anyway, in this episode of the show they have a big brawny American guy battle it out with the Morning Musume in a battle of brawn and a battle of witts. The battle of brawn consists of the twelve women from Morning Musume each having an inflatable ball attached to their arms. Bob Sapp has 12 inflatable balls tied to him. He has to grab all 12 of the balls from them before they steal all 12 of the inflatable balls from him. Suffice to say he wins. Next up is the battle of witts where they play a Solitaire type matching video game. Bob Sapp gets to around level three before lossing. It seems like a pretty tough game from watching it. Next up one of the women from Morning Musume plays the game. She gets to level five and wins. Now the weird thing is, and I can't tell if it's just chopped video or not, in level two and level three of the video game she has only half as many pictures to match as Bob Sapp did. Did they rig is so she would win, was there some time requirement she hit to give here a bonus like that, or did they simply cut it out of the video? In any event, I'll never understand Japanese TV.

Watch the video of Bob Sapp vs. Morning Musume for yourself below or click over and watch it on the host site.


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Ninja Cow Battles It Out Matrix Style With A Human Ninja To The Pain

Ninja Cow VideoHere is a pretty funny video which is sort of a spoof on all of the California cow cheese commercials. There is a ninja guy out walking in a field and he meets up with a cow. The cow turns all even on him and attacks him ninja style. For the most part the cow beats the crap out of the ninja guy with various ninja cow moves combined with Matrix special effects such as slow motion. About four 6ths of the way through the ninja guy figures out the cows secret which is it's udders. He starts attacking the cows udders and finally drains the cow via it's udders. One inconsistancy was I thought only bulls had horns but this cow has horns AND udders. Spending a little to much time near your local nuclear power plant eh?

Watch the full video of the cow ninja vs the human ninja in the video below or click over and view it on their site.


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RC Car Battles Kid And Wins Hands Down In This Back Yard Destruction Derby

RC Car Attack VideoWe have a guy playing around with a pretty big RC car (afterall they sell a 2 foot long Humvee RC car) in his back year. He looks like he is sitting on the roof or at least on a deck above the yard. The yard itself is pretty small. He runs the car down to the far end and then comes back hitting a jump in the middle. The RC car comes over the jump and runs into a kid standing in the yard. The RC car just destroys the kid by knocking him over (kid didn't even have a chance). The controller guy starts laughing and then the clip ends to be re-run in slow motion.

Watch this kid get taken out by an RC car by accident.


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Fire The Guns And Sink The Enemy Ships In This Battleship Game

Battleship Flash GameBattleship is a free flash game version of the classic Battleship boardgame. The graphics are pretty good and the rules are much the same. If you haven't played battleship you each get to set ships in your sea area and then alternately shoot one shot to try and find the enemy ships and sink them. In this version once you get a hit you can keep shooting until you miss. Once all the enemy ships are sunk you win. The graphics are pretty good and done in a professional way. The only issue I had with the game was it takes so dang long to fire a shot. It seems like it takes ten seconds per shot which is way to long. It should only take one or two seconds. Give it a shot if you liked Battleship though. You know what I always hated about Battleship? It is soooo slow. I want Speed Battleship.

Get your SLOW Battleship on and sink the enemy.


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Destroy Submarines With Depth Charges In The Silent Water Game

Silent Water Flash GameInteresting little battleship type flash game. You are a destroyer on the surface and you must drop depth charges onto submarines under you. The submarines shoot torpedos at you which you also must dodge. The view is from the side and the graphics work out well. It is amazing how simple the graphics are but they still give you the feel of arcady ship to submarine combat. I think I played this one for quite a awhile and it just gets more difficult as you go along.

Get your depth charges on in Silent Water.

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