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Kite Surfer Catchs 38 Seconds Of Air Before Crashing On The Beach

In this video a guy gets carried up on a updraft while kite surfing. He's in the air for about thirty eight seconds or some before coming back down. He moves in over land up to about two hundred feet or so before coming back down and crashing into the dirt.



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Video Featuring Hydrophobic Sand Poured Into Water For a Good Time

Magic Sand VideoThis video features a material that is called 'magic sand' by the narrator of the video. Apparently it acts like normal beach sand until it comes into contact with water. The narrator states the 'magic sand' is hyrdrophobic which he states means that it minimizes it's surface area or some such when it comes into contact with water. Instead of dispursing and absorbing the water like normal sand when it's poured into the water it sticks togather and keeps the water out. When the narrator pours the water out of the glass again the sand is instantly dry.

Watch the video featuring the magic sand below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Crazy Ninja Guy Runs Around Scaring Joggers And Attacking Waves For A Good Time

Crazy Ninja VideoI'd have to say the guy in this video is a few cards short of a full deck. He dresses up as a Ninja (w00T!) and runs around scaring people on bike paths. He also goes down to the beach and attacks the waves before stripping off his Ninja uniform. In one of the clips in the video he sneaks up one someone who is down by the water and sits down very near them. When the person figures out here's there the jump up surprised. Most of the people that see him just keep walking (or walk quicker) while some of them scream and jump back. After all they have no idea if he is a mugger or something.

Watch this guy run around and scare joggers in his Ninja suit.


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Group Of Soldiers Make A Beach Landing And End Up In Quicksand

Troops Land In Quicksand VideoThis video claims to be the first French troops to land in Iraq but I have my doubts as it is a little to convenient. Anyway this guys arrive on a landing craft and do their little "lets secure the beach" manuever. However it all goes wrong when they discover they just landed in a bunch of quicksand (or at least really really fine silt). They just keep jumping off the board and flinging themselves into the quicksand. The video ends with a whole crew of people trying to drag them out of the mud.

Watch these poor bastards become mired in quickstand for a good time!


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Body Guard Follows This Couple Around And Annoys Them In This Commercial

Being Rich Isnt All It Cracked Up To Be VideoI can't quite figure out what this commercial is for. At the end of it there are Lotto balls but the text and voice are in German (I think). Anyway throughout this video there is a couple having fun in various spots and then there is a body guard following them around. When they are running on the beach he is running after them. When they are sitting in the park he is there cleaning his gun. When they are horseback riding he is patrolling on an ATV. And when they are in the hotel room he is using their bathroom. If you speak German it might make sense.

Being rich isn't all it cracked up to be in this video.


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Couple Of Guys Set Off A Big Mushroom Explosion Out In A Dry River Or Lake Bed

Mushroom Explosion VideoCouple of guys (by the sound of it) look to be out in a dry river bed or on the beach or something. The sound in this clip is not safe for work. They have a fuse on some explosive material set off in the distance and they are waiting for it to go off. When it blows up it make a pretty good mushroom cloud and big boom. The funniest thing about the video is the guy with the camera though. He's yelling and carrying on after it blows up and then they run towards it and see little fires burning all over the place in the sand.

Watch these guys blow up a bunch of sand and hear them yell in this video.


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Having Your Ass Hang Out Of Your Pants Is The Hot New Thing

Cavalera Fashion Show PhotoApparently the latest fashion at the Cavalera's Fashion show is to have your ass hang out the back of your pants. Forget pants that close in the back. These new pants give you a nice breeze wherever you go. Be it the beach or just shopping the pants have you covered (or not in this case). Anyway I am always baffled by fashion shows. What is the point exactly of designing some suits of clothes that will never be sold? Maybe these new pants are some kind of camouflage.

Click on over to get a higher resolution photo of the ass hanging out pants.


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If The Water Goes Out, There Is A Tsunami Coming

Another Tsunami VideoI hadn't seen this tsunami video anywhere else so I thought I'd post it. The video itself is shot from up high on a cliff at what apparently is a restaurant. It shows the water pulled all the way out from the beach and then the water comes roaring in. The video camera guy tried to yell down to the people on the beach about the wave coming but he was to far way for them to hear him. The video captures a guy standing out on the beach and getting swept away by the huge waves. Apparently there was a news story about some native villagers who had always been told by their ancestors that if the water goes out (like is shown in the video) that they need to run the other way towards high ground. Near the end of the video the camera is pointed out to sea and it is just amazing how frothy and churned up the water is so near shore.

When the water goes out, run the other way.


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Ring gravity in Halo isn't what it use to be.

Halo Gravity VideoOver at iFilm I found a Halo Physics Experiment video. It is taken in one of the early levels in Halo on the island beach. The person filming the video throws grenades under warthogs and blows them up in the air and over the cliff above. Pretty amazing stuff. When I remember playing that level in Halo I drove the warthog all the way out into the ocean until I hit the end of the level (not quite the same I know). In the same vein Bungie actually went and made a Warthog Flash Game where you set grenades under the Warthog and blow it up attempting to destroy a bunch of aliens in one shot.

Watch the Warthog fly.

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Tsunami Disaster Videos and Images

Tsunami AnimationWe have a couple of links to videos and animations from the tsunami disaster in asia. First up we have a link to a tsunami animaton from Japanese Nat'l Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Second we have a link to a video of the tsunami coming ashore at Patong Beach, Thailand. Lastly we have a link to a video of the tsunami coming ashore at Phuket, Thailand. Google has a tsunami relief page up which links to the latest news about the tsunami and links to sites where you can donate to help the victims of the disaster.

There is also a 156MB archive of tsunami videos here (requires BitTorrent to download).

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