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Neon LED Light Effect Illusion On Super Fast Spinning Ball Bearings

Spinning Illusion VideoThe guy in this video has a glass miror with two ball bearings on top of it. The ball bearings have been electric welded togather and the guy starts them spinning. He then uses a pen tube to blow down on top of them causing the ball bearings to spin even faster (up to 10,000 RPMs). Next up he takes various key chain LEDs and holds them around the ball bearings. The bearings reflect the light from the LEDs causing them to look like neon spiral tubes. Next up he does a similar illusion with 4 clear plastic marbles which have been fixed togather in a pyramid. He spins them like a top and blows on them to speed it up. Again he takes the LEDs and holds them around it to produce a neon light tube effect.

Watch the full video of the spinning neon light effect on the mirror below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rube Goldberg Machines Mixes Some Noodles Up In This Japanese Video

Rube Goldberg Noodle Machine VideoSo apparently in Japane they have contests on who can build the best Rube Goldberg machine to make noodles with. A Rube Goldberg machine is a complex 'machine' which usually has at least 10 different steps to accomplish a simple task. In Japan they call it a Pythagorean Machine. The machine in this video goes on and on and on (and on) including using bowling balls, metal ball bearings, a cross bow, burning string, marbles, paper boats, bamboo fountains, a tea pot, a temperature gauge, an egg roll, and finally it ends with a bowl of noodles (what I assume to be hot water) and a raw egg dropped on top. It takes about six and a half minuates for the 'machine' to complete.

Check out the complex Rube Goldberg machine making a bowl of noodles below or click over and view it on the host site.


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