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Guy Solo Plays A Piece By Mozart On A Violin In An Unconventional Way

Violin Guy VideoHere's a pretty unconventional performance by a guy who's name I think is Gilles Apap. He's performing a piece by Mozart on a violin by himself. The unconventional part is that along with playing the violin he also whistles, sings, strums the violin like a ukulele, and plays a beat on the violin with his fingers. The best part is the look on the faces of the orchestra around him. They have varying looks between amazement, embarrassment, and astonishment as if they can't believe this guy is on the same stage as themselves at the same time that they are amazed at the sound he is producing.

Check out the full video of this guy doing the one man Mozart piece of a violin below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Compose Beats Using Lasers And A Bowl Of Water In This Video

Toriton Plus VideoThis video features what is basically a bowl of water which when the water surface is disturbed produces sound on a computer. Somehow this guy has five lasers setup to monitor the surface of the water and generate sound from movement of the surface. The purpose isn't to record the sound of the water but to make the water into a musical instrument control panel or some such. In the example the guy splashs and drips the water which causes different sounds to be played on a computer. For the win?

Watch the water music composer video or whatever it is below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Researchers Use Sound Waves To Make A Water Drop Dance In This Video

Sound Water Drop VideoIn this video researchers have a drop of water on a flat surface and they blast the drop with sound waves. There isn't any information on how they have the speakers setup or whatever sound wave generator they are using. In any event they play various different music around the drop of water and the water moves to the beat forming peaks and valleys. It starts out with four corners of water and a center and then farther into the video the shapes that the drop of water form into become more and more complex with multiple points forming and dissolving again. The video ends with the water moving out into a line with the points of swaying back and forth.

Check out the full length video of this water drop moving in time to music below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Beat the Balrog At His Own Game With Your Own Flaming Whip

Flaming Whip VideoRan across a site with instructions on how to build your own flaming whip with some chain, rope, and metal pipe. You're probably better off NOT building it though as you'd probably accidently wrap it around your leg for an in prompt to BBQ. In lieu of that you can watch the video instead of a guy with a flaming jump rope getting crazy on stage. The flaming torch spinners? Yeah, they have nothing on this guy with his flaming jump rope. I'd even go as far as to say Mad Max might be jealous of the flaming jump rope. There is an additional photo of dual flaming jump ropes after the jump.

Watch the video of the flaming jump rope guy below or click over and view the video + image + instuctions on the original site.


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Monkey Plays The Video Game Ms Pacman For The Win

Monkey Plays Ms Pacman VideoIn this video there is a monkey (chimp?) setup with it's own Ms Pacman terminal. It seems that they have the screen and the joystick ruggedized so if the monkey gets crazy mad and starts beating on it nothing gets broken. The monkey does pretty good moving Ms Pacman around capturing the corner pebbles, capturing bananas, eating the ghosts, and getting eaten by the ghosts. The human 'trainer' person does a little bit of directing by pointing at the screen with suggestions on where the monkey should move to but for the most part the monkey is playing the game. At one point the monkey gets very excited and jumps away from the console before the trainer gets him back to the game.

Watch the full video of the monkey playing Ms Pacman below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Lego Stop Motion Rave Bass Attack Video For The Win

Lego Rave Attack VideoHere is a video done using legos and stop motion to mimic a rave club scene. Some lego cars pull up to the blue cube club and the lego guys go inside. Next a crowd of lego people show up an go inside as well. The video fades to the inside of the club and has all the lego guys brake dancing and tripping out to techno music. The stop motion is timed to the beat of the music so it works pretty well overall. Additionally, every stop motion beat the lighting is also changed which gives a strobe effect like you'd see in a rave club. Now they need legos with LEDs built into them.

Watch the full video of the stop motion lego rave below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Stunt Guy Lives In A Sphere Of Water For A Week For A Good Time

Living In A Water Sphere PhotoSo David Blaine is at it again and this time he's living in an 8x8 sphere of water for a week before attempting this stunt. He has an oxygen hose, goggles, pants, and gloves on. Apparently after the week's time he is going to try beating the 'holding your breath underwater' record of 8 minutes and and 58 seconds. At the same time he is suppost to try and escape from 150 pounds of chains and handcuffs according to the caption attached with the photo. I assume the gloves are so his hands don't turn into prunes. Is he sleeping underwater? Is he slowly lowering or raising the oxygen content of the air tube to prepare himself for the holding his breath? Strange stuff.

Head over and check out the full sized photo of Blaine living in a sphere filled with water.


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250 Year Old Tortoise Finally Bites The Big Dog

250 Year Old Tortoise PhotoSo apparently there was a tortoise named Addwaita who has lived in a zoo in India for the last ~131 years or so. The zoo was founded in 1875 and the tortoise started living there then. The info for the photo states that the tortoise was around 250 years old and just recently died from liver failure. He was believed be to the oldest living tortoise according to the information with the photo. Aren't tortoises suppost to be one of the oldest living creatures (reptiles?). This guy outlived all the zookeepers over a 131 year period though so I guess the tortoise really does beat the rabbit in the end.

Head over and check out the full sized photo of this ~250 year old tortoise.


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Ninja Cow Battles It Out Matrix Style With A Human Ninja To The Pain

Ninja Cow VideoHere is a pretty funny video which is sort of a spoof on all of the California cow cheese commercials. There is a ninja guy out walking in a field and he meets up with a cow. The cow turns all even on him and attacks him ninja style. For the most part the cow beats the crap out of the ninja guy with various ninja cow moves combined with Matrix special effects such as slow motion. About four 6ths of the way through the ninja guy figures out the cows secret which is it's udders. He starts attacking the cows udders and finally drains the cow via it's udders. One inconsistancy was I thought only bulls had horns but this cow has horns AND udders. Spending a little to much time near your local nuclear power plant eh?

Watch the full video of the cow ninja vs the human ninja in the video below or click over and view it on their site.


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Cool Looking Four Wheeled Motorcycle Named The Atom Showed In This UK Video

Atom Car VideoHere is a four wheeled motorcycle demonstrated in this video on some British TV show.  Some of the choice quotes from the video are of the host of the show saying how in the air intake at the back of the car behind the driver's head feels like it is sucking his brains out through his ear. There is no windshield and no external body to speak of on the car. In addition it has a small (what looks like) and 8 inch square "boot" (trunk) in the front hood area of the car. Near the end of the video they rate how fast the car is in relation to other road worthy cars and it beats everything on their list except the Porsche GT.

Check out the video of this Atom car for yourself below or click over and view it on their website.


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