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Print Images On Bread Using A Blowtorch Inkjet Toaster

This guy has a printer setup that writes images on toast using a small blowtorch. It's basically an ink jet printer except that it uses a blowtorch instead. One of a kind toaster.



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Bunch Of Kids Fail To Blow Up A Pumpkin With Fireworks

Invincible Pumpkin VideoIn this video some kids try to blow up a pumpkin multiple times with various different fireworks and fail. They use a bunch of different fireworks which are pretty colorful but just don't pack enough punch to blow up the pumpkin. They keep putting the top back on and it blows off each time but that is abou it. They even try actual firecrackers at one point and still nothing. And something else they keep doing which you probably shouldn't try at home is lighting the fireworks with a blowtorch. Yeah. That might win you a Darwin award someday.

Watch these kids fail to blow up a pumpkin with fireworks below or click over and view it on the host site.


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