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Cats Bob Up And Down To A Waltz In This Synchronized Video

Here's a video of a bunch of oriental cats synchronized to music using a cat toy off camera. The cats follow the cat toy up and down with the music playing in the background.



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Bob Sapp (The Beast) Battles It Out With The Morning Musume

Bob Sapp vs. Morning MusumeI saw this video of Bob Sapp vs. Morning Musume over on BoingBoing today. Morning Musume is, I assume, a Japanese TV show. The same show that had the meat eating lizard and the women with the steaks tied to their heads. Anyway, in this episode of the show they have a big brawny American guy battle it out with the Morning Musume in a battle of brawn and a battle of witts. The battle of brawn consists of the twelve women from Morning Musume each having an inflatable ball attached to their arms. Bob Sapp has 12 inflatable balls tied to him. He has to grab all 12 of the balls from them before they steal all 12 of the inflatable balls from him. Suffice to say he wins. Next up is the battle of witts where they play a Solitaire type matching video game. Bob Sapp gets to around level three before lossing. It seems like a pretty tough game from watching it. Next up one of the women from Morning Musume plays the game. She gets to level five and wins. Now the weird thing is, and I can't tell if it's just chopped video or not, in level two and level three of the video game she has only half as many pictures to match as Bob Sapp did. Did they rig is so she would win, was there some time requirement she hit to give here a bonus like that, or did they simply cut it out of the video? In any event, I'll never understand Japanese TV.

Watch the video of Bob Sapp vs. Morning Musume for yourself below or click over and watch it on the host site.


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Star Wars Fan Fiction Rap Video About Boba Fett For All The Star Wars Nerds Out There

SWG Fan VideoThis Star Wars fan film is a year or more old but if you haven't seen it, it is pretty funny. They used Star Wars Galaxies (a game) to film the video and it is basically a rap music video by Boba Fett (the bounty hunter in Star Wars). It's probably one of the better fan films I'm seen because it doesn't have Star Wars geeks as actors. Boba Fett raps about all sorts of things such is Jabba the Hutt, Vader, his Corvette, and apparently syncronized dancing. Go figure. Don't quite your day job Boba.

Get your Star Wars nerd going on with this video.


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New Dark Side M&Ms From Masterfoods Featuring Darth Vader That Melts In Your Mouth

Star Wars M&Ms PhotoSo Masterfoods USA decided they didn't want Darth Tater to get all the action and came out with Star Wars M&Ms. The slogan is that these are dark chocolate M&Ms and the pitch being "Go to the Dark Side". The package features M&Ms dressed up as storm (or clone?) troopers and Boba (or Jango?) Fett. They didn't dress Darth Vader up as an M&M though according to the photo of the M&M wrapper. I guess a squat round Darth Vader just wouldn't be the same.

Check out the full size photo of the new Dark Side M&Ms package.


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Play For Big Money In This Reverse Tetris Browser Puzzle Game

Big Money Flash GameBig Money is a free flash puzzle game much like Tetris only in reverse. You start out with a bunch of lines of different colored coins and you have to click the sets of coins where there are three or more of the same color touching each other. More lines of coins move up from the bottom so you don't run out. Money bads also drop from the top and if you clear coins from under the money bags you get more points. The graphics are alright if a bit bland. If you like Tetris or Bubble Bobble give this a shot.

Play for big money in this reverse tetris flash game!


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Catch Files With Your Mushroom Tongue In This Butch Mushroom Game

Butch Mushroom Flash GameButch Mushroom is a strange little free flash game. You play as a mushroom with big bulgy eyes and teeth. Butch would be a frog if he wasn't a mushroom. Anyway you move around and eat bugs and other insects by snapping them up with your teeth. The graphics are a cross between hand drawn and photorealistic. Worth the experience but still somewhat strange. Maybe the people that put it togather were taking mushrooms at the time they built it!

Get your mushroom on in this bobblehead catch the flies game.


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Match The Brightly Colored Boxes For A Good Time In This Puzzle Game

Collapse Flash GameCollapse is a free flash game offer by Yahoo and it is another reverse tetris close. Different colored blocks come in from the bottom every few seconds in a line and you must match three or more blocks togather of the same color. If you click on a three or more matching colors they pop and you get points. Once you do enough of them you move on to the next level. The only problem with this type of puzzle game is that you can play it with your eyes closed. All you have to do is click randomly all over the colored boxes and they pop by default. I assume at later levels it speeds up because the first level is way easy. The graphics are professional looking and the sound is the same pop it seems like from Bubble Bobble.

Get your brightly colored game on with this reverse tetris puzzle game.


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Do Not Drink And Drive Folks And Here Is One Reason Why

Funny DUI Test VideoIn this comedy skit brought to you by BBC Scotland it shows a drunk staggering out of a bar and trying to get into his car. While he is fiddling around with his keys trying to unlock the door of his car two bobbies (that's cops in the UK) come up to him. The first bobbie says "Excuse me sir, you've been drinking.". The drunk says "Coouplled of drrinkkss, thattss alll." And the bobbie says "Well then you don't mind taking a wee sobriety test." The drunk nods and the bobbie says "Right then, would you sleep with my college here?". At this point the other bobbie comes forward and suffice to say she isn't the shinest looking apple in the bunch. The drunk goggles at her and says "Aye!". The bobbies look at each other and the first bobbie says "Cuff'em!". Funny stuff.

Watch the drunk get arrested!


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I Am Canadian Commercial Video

I Am Canadian Bad Teeth VideoThis appears to be a commercial for a beer but I'm not sure that it sells their product very well. In any event the commercial is pretty funny by itself. This backpacker looking guy goes into a general store and sees a fine looking woman reading a magazine at the counter. He goes over and looks at some stuff and sees the woman eyeing him. On the shelf in front of him is a bobblehead moose and the moose head is nodding up and down (Yes!). He decides he is going to buy the bobblehead moose so he grabs it and takes it over to the counter to buy it from the woman. He puts the moose on the counter and says "Hi!", the woman says "Hi!" back while smiling and we see that she has terrible rotten teeth! At this point the bobblehead moose starts nodding back and forth (No!) and we see the guy run for his life out of the store.

I went back and watched the video again before posting it and it looks like there are American flags hanging out front and inside the store. They could be implying that it is a store in America and so Americans have bad teeth? But if that were true why is it podunk and it sells moose bobbleheads? And why would a Canadian be backpacking in the US?

Watch out for the bad teeth!


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When The Sims Gets Boring Take It Into Real Life With The Cubes Playset

Buy The CubesI thought it would be impossible to beat the blog about the Star Wars Guy camping out. I was wrong. Enter, "The Cubes", a board game(?) or play set for adults where you can simulate corporate drudgery in cubicles. The characters look a lot like Lego characters except they have square heads instead of round. There are four main characters, Bob, Joe, Ted, and Ann. Plus if those aren't enough for you there is an expansion set of figures you can mix and match. There doesn't seem to be any rules which makes me think this is some kind of mimic of "The Sims" video game in the same theme as the movie "Office Space".

If you deeply and truely desire to have The Cubes for your very own you can buy them online at or you can find out more information about them from the horses mouth at

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