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Video Of A Crossbow Built Out Of Legos Firing A Bolt Into A Metal Can

Lego Crossbow VideoHere is a video which features a fully working crossbow built out of legos and rubber bands. The rubber bands are across the front to create the tension on the bow. Additionally there seems to be some rubber bands on the back area holding the stock of the crossbow togather. Lastly it seems like he has some kind of pump system for launching the bolt but it could be gears instead. In any event he loads the bolt in and fires a couple times at a metal paint thinner can. The point of the bolt pokes a hole in the can but the bolt itself doesn't stick.

Check out the full video of the lego crossbow firing below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman Put So Many Metal Studs In Her Face You Can't See Her Anymore

Crazy 9000 Bolts In Your Face PhotoWhoa there Nelly! What exactly possesed you to entirely fill up your facing with piercings (see photo)? The story about finding this photo was simple. If you type "crazy" into the Yahoo! Image Search the second image is this photo of a lady with dyed red hair and so many piercings in her face she looks like a pincushion. Not to mention the tatoos, the black eyeliner, and gold makeup. Now I'm all for free expression and everything but when does it get taken too far? How do you eat with that many rings in your lips? You better hope someone doesn't grab onto those and pull.

Check out the full resolution photo of the lady with the 9000 metal bolts in her face. The link for this photo was found at this website.


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