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Bus Driver And Kids Get In A Crazy Brawl On A School Bus For A Good Time

Bus Fight VideoIn this video clip we have utter mayhem on a school bus. The video starts out with the bus driver telling the kids to turn around and of coarse they don't listen. Next a little kid in a white shirt on the left says "Suck Me!". The bus driver goes back to him and says something like "Damn you." Another kid in the far back (blue kid) says "Watch your mouth!" and the bus driver says "Don't tell me what to do!". Next the bus driver calls on the radio for a cop to come out to the bus. He tells the kid in the back to come up to the front but the kid ignores him. The bus driver walks towards the back of the bus but another kid steps out behind him and starts swearing at him. The bus driver turns around and grabs the kid by the neck (tall kid). The wrestle around for a bit while blue kid screams "GET OFF HIM" over and over. Tall kid gets to the back of the bus some how and takes some swings at the bus driver. Finally the bus driver comes back up to the front and tall kid follows him. Some pushing ensues and then blue kid and tall kid starts saying "Let me off the bus, you're gunna get fired, you're going to jail". Crazy. What would you do?

Watch the mayhem on the bus for a good time.


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Video Of A Bunch Of People Brawling At A Girls Basketball Game

Girls Basketball Brawl VideoCNN brought you the video of a giant brawl at a girls basketball game. In this video it shows a bunch of people throwing chairs, swinging punchs, and basically BRAWLING. The video goes on to say that there were four police officers at the event and they busted out the tasers to lay the smack down. The four police were hugely out numbered and they needed tasers to equal it up. The police chief they interview makes a point in saying they didn't hit anyone with nightsticks and only used tasers. CNN goes on to say that the reason for the brawl at the girl's basketball game had something to do with a dispute at a fastfood restaurant. Ahhh... highschool.

Watch the girl's basketball brawl video for yourself.


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Skiers Tustle And Brawl Down A Slope

Ski Fight VideoA fight breaks out between two skiers on the slopes in this video. One of the guys gets cold clocked pretty good right n the face at the start of the punching. The news announcer is probably the funniest thing in the video. To quote the announcer, "The battle continues until it is finally broken up. Ski patrol gets involved. We know what that means. This fun filled day in the snow is about to end and it's time to start pointing fingers." And then near the end of the video they ask one of the guys "What happened to your hand?" as if they hadn't filmed the whole fight.

Skiers brawling in the snow for a good time.


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