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Print Images On Bread Using A Blowtorch Inkjet Toaster

This guy has a printer setup that writes images on toast using a small blowtorch. It's basically an ink jet printer except that it uses a blowtorch instead. One of a kind toaster.



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Spoof Commercial For A Vegan Restaurant Featuring Tofu And Wheatgrass

Chubby Vegan VideoHere is a pretty funny video spoofing vegans. It starts out with a guy eating in a fast food restaurant with is buddy. The buddy is having fries, a burger, and a bucket of soda. The guy is having some limp salad and a glass of water (your normal fast food vegan fare). Here's where the fact advertisement comes in for "The Chubby Vegan" a fictional restaurant that serves vegan food like fastfood. The commecial toutes thick slabs of tofu, super special 5 million whole grain wheat bread, lactose free soy cheese, and a giant wheatgrass green gulp all for $27.99! It's funny because vegan food really is overpriced and badly marketed.

Check out the full length video about The Chubby Vegan for a good time.


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Find Out How To Get Your Bungie Jumping On And Extreme Fish At The Same Time

Extreme Fishing VideoI'm not sure if this video clip is an advertisement or what but if it is the ad part of it has been trimmed out. In any event there are a couple of guys in the river fishing with all their gear etc. Suddently a piece of bread drops down next to one of the guys. And then another piece of bread drops down next to the other guy. They look around to see where it is coming from and they see a guy up on top of the bridge. The guy drops another piece of bread and it diseappears under the water (a fish grabbed it). The guy on the bridge bungie jumps off the bridge down into the water. He grabs the fish and then shoots back up to the bridge with the fish. Extreme fishing.

Flabbergast your friends with extreme bungie jumping and fishing.


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The Hamburger In This Video Is As Big As a BasketBall And The Guy Picks It Up And Eats It

One Of The Biggest Hamburgers Ever VideoThe hamburger in this video is almost twice as big as the guy's hand. Watch when he puts his hand on top of the burger spread out. The burger is almost an inch larger all the way around than the guys splayed out hand. The meat in that thing is probably from a whole cow leg not to mention the other stuff in it like the cheese which is probably a pound by itself. I bet the hamburger weighs in at 5 pounds at least and the bread itself looks like a whole loaf of bread or at least a custom made hamburger bun. The guy in the video is actually able to pick the hamburger up but the end of the video is screwed up so we don't get to see what happens to it. The only person who could possibly be able to eat this giant hamburger would be Shaq.

Ogle the super sized giant hamburger for yourself in this video.


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