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Spoof Commercial For A Vegan Restaurant Featuring Tofu And Wheatgrass

Chubby Vegan VideoHere is a pretty funny video spoofing vegans. It starts out with a guy eating in a fast food restaurant with is buddy. The buddy is having fries, a burger, and a bucket of soda. The guy is having some limp salad and a glass of water (your normal fast food vegan fare). Here's where the fact advertisement comes in for "The Chubby Vegan" a fictional restaurant that serves vegan food like fastfood. The commecial toutes thick slabs of tofu, super special 5 million whole grain wheat bread, lactose free soy cheese, and a giant wheatgrass green gulp all for $27.99! It's funny because vegan food really is overpriced and badly marketed.

Check out the full length video about The Chubby Vegan for a good time.


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Ninja Commercial Featuring Two Ninjas Who Stab Each Other In The Back Literally

Funny Ninja Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial for an asset management company (wtf?). They filmed it like it was a Chinese movie like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It starts out with a couple ninjas sneaking along the outside of some palace wall. The first ninja jumps over the wall and lands on his feet scanning the area. The next ninja jumps over the wall and lands on the first ninja causing a bunch of noise. This leads the ninjas to being discovered. They run out into the courtyard and stand back to back facing an encircling group of house guards. One of the ninja's woops out a shuriken but forgets he is standing back to back with another ninja. He jacks his hand back to throw the shuriken and stabs his buddy in the back of the head with the shuriken (ouch!). The commercial ends with the guy trying to tug the shuriken out while saying "Sorry" over and over.

Check out the funny commercial with the backstabbing ninjas for yourself below or click over to view it on their site.


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Guy Shoots His Buddy With 25 Roman Candle Shots For A Good Time

Roman Candle Fun VideoSo the guy in this video puts on long sleeves and a motorcycle helmet and then stands in front of a roman candle firing squad. Apparently they have a roman candle pack which is 25 roman candles strapped togather. One guy lights this and aims it at the other guy (who also has a target on his shirt). They are backed by a harbor (probably New York, Hong Kong, or somewhere in Canada). Anyway so the roman candle's start blasting this guy and he is jumping around trying to keep from catching on fire. Eventually one of the shots gets inside his helmet and he has to rip it off and pour water on his head.

Watch this guy take a roman candle shot to the chin for a good time.


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Two Thieves Try To Break Into A Store And Almost Get Stoned To Death

Thief VideoThat crazy safety glass will get you every time. The poor bastards in this video are trying to break into a store. We have one guy standing on lookout while another guy goes to get some rocks. He comes back and throws a rock at the window. BAM! It bounces off and hits his buddy right in the back of the head. The buddy is out cold on the ground but the rock thrower doesn't notice. BAM! The second rock bounces back and hits the rock thrower guy right in the face. He goes down cold too. Crime pays...with rocks in the face.

Watch these two thiefs take it in the head litterally.


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Cheez It Catching Masters Spend Lots Of Time Finding New Ways To Eat Cheez Its

Cheese Masters VideoThree college students put this video togather of them eating Cheez-Its. It starts out with one guy throwing the Cheez-It up in the air and eating it. Then he throws one to a buddy who catchs it in his mouth and eats it. Next he throws two over his shoulder and two guys catch them in their teeth. It finishs off with one guy catching a Cheez-It in mid-air with chopsticks and finally throwing a chopstick through a Cheez-It box and having a Cheez-It stuck on the end. As you can probably tell they do cut away shots so everything is fake except the very first trick.

Watch the video and bathe in the weirdness of it.


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Guy Takes A Taser Shock Right In The Tongue For A Good Time

Tongue Taser VideoDING DING DING! Darwin Award Finalist alert! In this video a guy lets his buddy taser his tongue for a good time. Now I'm not sure what this guy thought would happen if you get your tongue taser but I bet he didn't think it would hurt quite that much. If you think about it there are thousands of nerve endings in your tongue so a taser burst right in the tongue isn't going to be the greatest thing ever. You can see the taser arc on the video and then the guy jumps back and rolls around on the couch holding his tongue while his friends opine "You are soooooo stupid!".

Watch this guy use his brain to devolve by being tasered for a good time.


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Slamming Your New Motorcycle To The Cement For A Good Time On Video

New Motorcycle Crash VideoThis poor schmuck. He buys a new motorcycle and therefor feeling all bad ass only to wreck it 5 seconds out of the blocks. The clip is pretty short but the guy gets on the cycle and then rides it about 30 feet when the back wheel slips and he loses control. It looks like it is one of those interlocking cement brick streets and he when he tries to correct the back wheel slip it just all goes wrong. The bike flips out one side and then falls to it's side throwing him way from it (lucky). That will put a crimp in your day with your buddy catching it all on film.

Watch this guy make a bad boo boo and fall off his new motorcycle.


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Red Player Takes A Foot To The Face From Another Guy Jumping Eight Feet In The Air

Kick To The Head VideoOuch. Here is a short clip where a soccer player takes a flying jump kick and smacks a player from the opposing team right in the face with the bottom of his cleats. The other player is just stunned and falls to the ground. The kicking player and his buddy run off after the ball. The clip ends here but they go back and replay it in slow motion. Watch how high off the ground the guy had to jump in order to get his foot up in the opposing team player's face. The opposing play is also jumping up maybe six inchs which puts the kicking player at six to eight feet off the ground.

Watch the red guy get kicked in the face but hey at least he gets paid for it.


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Guy Can't See During the Date And Ends Up Poking The Girl In The Nose With A Fondue Fork

Contacts Commercial VideoHere is a couple on a dinner date in this commercial for contact lenses. The woman makes the mistake of taking the guy's glasses off to kiss him. The guy then picks up a fondue fork and dips a piece of fruit in the fondue. When he goes to feed the woman with the piece of fruit on the fondue tine he can't see where her mouth is. Needless to say he pokes her in the nose with the fondue tine. D0H! Real smooth buddy.

Watch this funny commercial for contact lenses for yourself.


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Motorcycle Tries To Pass SUV And Wrecks In This Car Accident Video

Motorcycle Crash Into SUV VideoIn this video a guy is out riding his motorcycle with his buddy in the flaming jacket. He has a video camera in the front of his motorcycle looking forward and they are following a SUV. There is a double yellow line on the road and his buddy in front of him passes the SUV through the double yellow line. The problem happens when the guy with the video camera tries to follow his buddy and pass the SUV too. The road curves to the left and when the video camera guy tries to pass the SUV follows the yellow line and his motorcycle slams right into it doing about 60 miles an hour. It was a fake out because his buddy goes straight down a side road but the car they tried to pass just followed the main road. Oops.

Watch the accident video where the guy passes on a double yellow line and crashs.


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