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Robotic House Builder Prototype Video For The Win

This video shows off a prototype of a house building robot. The robot has a pattern that it follows and it just builds one layer on top of another by laying out material (like concrete) and contouring it. The initial robot in the video is a small prototype which seems to be using clear and near the end of the video it moves to larger prototypes using concrete.



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Hypocritical BMW Commercial Which Professes Their Innovative Ideas

Hypocrite BMW Commercial VideoIn this commercial there is a guy who builds machines similar to Leonardo Da Vinci. He calls himself a kinetic sculpture and his sculptures are made of light materials and powered by the wind. The sculptures look like robotic crop sprinklers with wings. The main idea of the commercial is that the only thing standing in the way of innovation is ourselves. This is somewhat hypocritical because the commercial is for the car company BMW. BMW has been making the same cars for the last 50 years. An innovative car company. What a joke.

Check out the hypocritical BMW commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Builds A Lego Flamethrower And Tests It In His House For The Win

Lego Flamethrower VideoThe latest Lego build is a video of a guy who built a flame thrower out of Legos. I'm not sure how much of a part the Legos actually play in the flame thrower. I assume he has some kind of trigger or rubber bands or some such that lets whatever he is using out of it's container. I don't see that there is any lighting mechanism so he probably just used a hand lighter. The Legos are mainly just the body and handle of the flame thrower. The best part (or worst part) about it is that he is testing the flame thrower inside the house. Is this guy a runner up for a Darwin award?

Check out the video of the flame thrower built out of Legos below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Builds His Own Stonehenge Using Sticks And Rocks For A Good Time

Stonehenge Reloaded VideoGuy in this video is working on his own Stonehenge using only sticks and rocks. In the video his rolls a one ton rock along a specially designed wooden platform using only his hand. He shows how he uses a stone under a huge block of concrete to spin it around and how if he puts another stone under it he can move it with a lever system. In another video clip he moves an entire bard using this method. He takes a huge Stonehenge style block and drops it upright in a hole using some weights, rope, and sticks. In order to get the huge piece of rock high enough to drop it in he rocks it back and forth and sticks a stick in each side of the fulcrum after he rocks it. Reminds me of the Coral Castle guy in Florida. He puts the National Geographic (?) Easter Island guys who were doing something similar to shame though.

View the video of this guy building his own Stonehenge using sticks and rocks below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Builds A Vintage Car That Is Waterproof And Puts A Boat Prow On It To Escape Cuba

Blue Taxi PhotoIf you haven't heard about this you probably live in a cave. The coast guard picked up this floating vintage taxi cab off the coast of Florida trying to get from Cuba to Miami. Apparently the owner or driver of the cab has made multiple attempts using various vehicles and boats to get to the US according to the caption. The running US policy is that if you make it from Cuba to the US you can stay but if you are stopped by the Coast Guard while still at sea they send you back and sink you boat. That's a pretty cool looking boat to bad they probably sank it.

View the full size image of the float vintage car for yourself.


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JPL Builds 50 Foot Robot For A Good Time

JPL Nasa Robot FloatSo this year JPL/Caltech built a giant 50 foot tall robot float with a webcam on the top of it for the Rose Parade. Pre-Rose Parade they appear to be looping a video of a trial run of the float. It doesn't look like they have completed painting it yet as the mockup image on their website is much more colorful than the float is in the trial run video. Check out the main website of the JPL/Caltech floatcam.

View the robot floatcam live (or preview video) on Jan 1st 2005. I'm sure they will have archive videos as well if you view it after the fact.


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