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Guy Dresses Up Like Darth Vader And Plays The Violin In Victoria BC

Darth Violin VideoHere is a bizarre video featuring a guy who dresses up like Darth Vader and plays a violin in a city downtown. Some of the comments of the video claim it was filmed in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada. The guy sings along with his violin busking though it's pretty difficult to make out what he's saying. At least he is somewhat original moreso than some of the buskers in other entries (like the guy from San Francisco). The video might be better if the guy actually knew how to play the violin.

Check out the video of Darth playing the violin below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Drivers Crash Into Bollards In Bus Lanes For A Good Time

Bollard VideoThis video would do better if it had commentary while the video was rolling. In any event England has installed this posts called bollards on various streets to only allow buses to use certain lanes. When the bus drives up the bollards go down and let the bus by. The bollards then close and if someone tries to drive by they hit the bollards. This video features various different drives who try to sneak by after the bus has gone through and run into the bollards. Some of the pretty hit them pretty hard and smack into their windshields. So let that be a lesson to you, 'Don't drive in bus lanes.'

Watch the video of the British bollards for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Dummy Looks Like His Head Is Stuck In A Wall As People Walk By And Gawk

Head In Wall VideoThis series of videos is an artist filming people looking at the artist's street art which consists of tape people (people shapes created out of tape). In this specific video one of the tape people is dressed up in clothes and positioned against a wall on a busy street. The trick with this one is that the tape person has no head and is leaned up against the wall as if the guys head was stuck inside the wall. The people walking by either stop and look, get freaked out by it, take a picture of it with their cell phone, or try and talk to the tape dummy guy. The best one is the guy that goes up and shakes the dummy to see if it's real or not. There are three additional videos of other tape dummies at the host site.

Check out this tape dummy head in the wall video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ask A Ninja Gets Crazy And Tackles Net Neutrality In This Video

Ask A Ninja Net Neutrality VideoIn this video 'Ask A Ninja' tackles a serious topic (what, ninjas aren't serious business?). Anyway, he compares and contrasts how big ISPs want to double charge web sites for bandwidth to watching a 'Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick' girl make lemonade. He goes on to say that what big ISPs want to do is throw up a wall so you can't see the girl make lemonade anymore and instead force you to watch Robin Williams someone or other make bacon grease (wtf?). Check out to find out more. The way I see it you can just vote with your dollars. If an ISP gives you crappy service you switch to one that doesn't throw up a wall between you and the content you want.

Watch the full video of the 'Ask A Ninja' guy getting crazy on net neutrality below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Jerk In Mercedes Benz Gets Jacked By Old Lady With Ninja Bag

Airbag Attack VideoA couple of kids were filming some skateboard tricks when they noticed an altercation at a nearby crosswatch. An old lady is standing near the side of the road and a Mercedes Benz is half way into the cross walk. It looks like the lady was already partly out in the crosswalk causing the Mercedes Benz to stop. The lady slowly crosses the street in the crosswalk and the jerk in the car is honking his horn at her. She bust out her ninja bag of tricks (literally) and wacks the front of the Mercedes Benz with it. The airbag on the car blows out and hits the guy right in the face. Pwned. He takes off his seat belt as if he is going to get out of the car and the video ends there.

Watch this clown get pwned by an old lady and her ninja bag below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Soda Explodes Out Of A Bottle After A Chemical Reaction With Some Mentos

Soda Explosion VideoToday's video is pretty blurry but it does show a pretty cool trick. The guy has two one liter bottles of soda and a box of mentos. It appears to be on some TV show with a reporter. Anyway he puts 13 mentos in a test tube and then holds them above the open liter bottle of soda using a business card. When he pulls out the business card and lets the mentos fall into the bottle of soda it explodes. As in there is a giant eruption of soda out of the bottle around 20 feet up into the air. So what causes that? The citric acid on the mentos reacts with the carbonation? The guy alludes that this is what happens but doesn't go into the specifics.

Watch the soda explode out of these bottles below or view it on the host site.


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Watch The Microsoft Xbox 360 Banned (Viral Marketing) Bang Commercial

Xbox 360 Banned Bang CommercialApparently this commercial which was made to promote the Xbox 360 was "banned" and will not be shown on TV. If you ask me it's probably a viral marketing tactic to say it's banned so a bunch of people blog about it. Also apparently the idea for the commercial came from another video which was filmed by some college kids in a gym. It looks like it's filmed in some subway station. One guy is walking along and he sees a couple other guys that look at him wrong. They all turn around and face each other. Then they draw fake guns made out of their fingers. Next up a bunch of other people around them all do the same thing so now there are finger guns pointed everyone. Finally, one guy shoots his finger gun which sets off a chain reaction of finger gun firing. So now all these "business" people are running around playing cops and robbers (or at least pretending to get shot). You've have to view the whole video for more. Check it out.

View the whole banned Xbox 360 bang video below or click over and view it on the original site.


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People Throw Buckets Of Gasoline On A Tree For A Good Time

Fire Tree VideoApparently the highlight of this summer red neck party is throwing buckets of gasoline on a burning tree and watching it flame up. The commentary in the background is equally rediculous including "Be careful Dan". The flames from the fire actually shoot up pretty high and the tree itself must be a pretty big tree (though it's possible that it's a dead tree). They also mention the guy throwing the gas as having almost fallen into the lake so it would seem the tree is a dead tree near a take. On fire. For a good time. Riiigghhhttt. Wait maybe this is the burning bush?

Watch these morons burn a tree for a good time.

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LucasArts Commercial For Revenge Of The Sith At The Dinner Table

Sith Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial from LucasArts for their Revenge of the Sith franchise milking machine video game. It is a fake home movie at the dinner table with the family. There is the blonde mom, the annoying brother, the bespeckled dad, the loopy uncle, and the little sister. The loopy uncle is talking trash to the little sister about his claw hand. He bust out the cup and pretends he is Darth Vader. The little sister gets fed up and whoops out a lightsaber, promptly cutting his hand off before sitting down again like nothing happened.

Waste time at work watching this stupid but amusing LucasArts commercial.

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Malaysian Michael Jackson Performs On Malaysian Idol In Front Of Impersonator Judges

Malaysian Michael JacksonIn this video we have a guy doing his imitation of Malaysian Michael Jackson for Malaysian Idol (wtf?). The best part of the video though is the judges. They are laughing at the retarded guy doing the Michael Jackson impression when the real impersonators are the judges themselves. All three judges are copies of the American Idol judges. For the most part they look the same. There is the British guy with the spiky attitude, the black haired former singer, and the shaved headed ethnic guy. The music business is so pathetic.

Watch all four of these people make fools of themselves.


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