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Photo Of A Giant Cake Shaped Like A StrawBerry For The Win

Giant Cake PhotoOne of the most emailed photos on Yahoo today is this photo of a giant strawberry shaped cake. Apparently they made it in the Philippines and it won the Guiness World Record for being the largest fruit shortcake. The woman is cutting the cake with a sword. It doesn't list what the cake is made out of on the caption for the photo howerver.



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Bizarrely Real Looking Cake Sculpted To Look Like A Baby

The woman in this video sculpts a cake to look like a baby for a cake sculpting competition. The video is a time lapse video where it is sped up to show the cake being created in about three minutes. It looks bizarre.



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Giant Panda Eats Cake Wears Crown For A Good Time On Birthday

Panda Birthday Crown PhotoIt's not every day that you see a giant panda sitting in a chair, wearing a crown, and eating a piece of cake with a fork now is it? The panda's name is Bass according to this news article and the giant panda who lives in China is celebrating her 25th birthday. I suppose this isn't any different than European dancing bears from the Middle Ages. The average weight for a female panda looks like it's between 155 and 220 so Bass is a chubber weighing in at 304 pounds. Fact is stranger than fiction for the win.

Click over to view the full sized photo of the giant panda wearing a crown.


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Guy Uses Reverse Movie To Simulate Magic Rock Control Video

Magic Rocks VideoThe guy in this very has wwwaaaayyyyy too much time on his hands. Apparently he is in Alaska and he filmed this video collage there. The video is filmed entirely in reverse according to the caption of the video. It was filmed is such a way as to make it look like this guy is magically controlling rocks. He stacks the rocks up and then pushs them over. Except that when viewed in reverse it looks like he is sucking the rocks up into stacks using his magical powers. So is this guy a fruit cake or do you think this video is cool?

Check out the video of the magic flying rock guy for yourself or view it below.


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Brawny Gets Crazy And Does A Commercial With Cake, Puppy, And Man

Brawny Commercial VideoUsually commercials use women to appeal to men with sex appeal. In this commercial they use a guy to appeal to women with his sex appeal. Except they are selling Brawny paper towels. They demonstrate how it can clear up whip cream (wow!). At the end of the commercial they have cake, guy, and cute puppy. I guess the real question is did this commercial work? Nice happy birthday cake bud except this commercial isn't for birthday cake.

Check out the male sex appeal commercial.


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The Feed The 9 Mouthed Baby Flash Game Might Be The Strangest Thing I Have Ever Seen

Feed The 9 Mouthed Baby Flash GameFeed The 9 Mouthed Baby is a very strange free flash game. There is a baby with 9 mouths all over it's body and it asks you to feed it items like blocks and cake. You have to drag and drop the desired item on the correct mouth in a certain amount of time. If you do well enough you advance or at least you get to see the baby grow up. I'm not sure I want to see it grow up. The graphics are a mishmash of hand drawn and real pictures pasted togather. If you want weird give this one a go. If you dare.

Get your baby feeding on in this very strange game.


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