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Guy Powers A Lightbulb Using Two Candles For A Good Time

The demonstration in this video shows a guy powering a lightbulb and then electric motor using candles. He has two candles and drives a nail into each. He magnetizes the nails and hooks a wire to each one and then to the lightbulb. Next he lights the two candles and the lightbulb powers up.



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Classic Video Games Depictred In Stop Motion Video Of Household Objects

Stop Motion Video Game VideoIn this video someone out there on the interweb took the time to create stop motion homages to old video games like Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders. The items in the stop motion video are all from around the house like sponges, toys, cupcakes, salt shakers, leaves, bugs, rocks, etc. First up it features Centipede using cupcakes, muffins, birthday candles, and salt shakers. They did a pretty good job capturing the gameplay in all of them. Next up is Frogger which uses sponges, sequence, watchs, pretzels, and other such items to create a pretty accurate depiction of Frogger even down to the high score. Next up is Asteroids, Space Invaders, and finally Pac-Man where Pac-Man is played by a pizza.

Click over and check out the full stop motion video homage to classic video games.


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Guy Shoots His Buddy With 25 Roman Candle Shots For A Good Time

Roman Candle Fun VideoSo the guy in this video puts on long sleeves and a motorcycle helmet and then stands in front of a roman candle firing squad. Apparently they have a roman candle pack which is 25 roman candles strapped togather. One guy lights this and aims it at the other guy (who also has a target on his shirt). They are backed by a harbor (probably New York, Hong Kong, or somewhere in Canada). Anyway so the roman candle's start blasting this guy and he is jumping around trying to keep from catching on fire. Eventually one of the shots gets inside his helmet and he has to rip it off and pour water on his head.

Watch this guy take a roman candle shot to the chin for a good time.


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Check Out This Video Of A Roman Candle War With Quake 3 Arena Sound Effects

Roman Candle War VideoHere is a pretty crazy video with Quake 3 Arena sound effects over the top of it. The video consists of a bunch of people running around at night shooting roman candles at each other. The overall effect of the video is pretty cool looking. The sound effects added from Quake 3 Arena make the video what it is though. I never knew quite how many shots a Roman Candle has but in this video they just keep on shooting over and over. The best footage is at the end when the camera is up above watching the Roman Candle War. On the other hand remember the other video of the guy getting hit in the head by a Roman Candle shot? Yeah.

Check out this cool looking Roman Candle War video for yourself.


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