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Giant Pumpkin Grows In Time Lapse And Then Explodes With TNT

Giant Pumpkin Explodes VideoApparently a guy grew this giant pumpkin to set a record and he captured the pumpkin growing on time lapse in this video. The pumpkin goes from a flower to a giant mammoth in the video. Finally at the end of the video they blow up the pumpkin with half a pound of TNT. It looks like they move the pumpkin before blowing it up because there isn't anything else green around it at that point but the field could have died back as well. It looks like they put a board under the pumpkin so it wouldn't rot into the ground before they were read to blow it up.

Watch the video of the giant pumpking growing and exploding below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mutant Dolphin With Four Flippers Is Captured

Mutant Dolphin PhotoHere is an article about a mutant dolphin which was caught recently that had four flippers instead of the 'normal' two. I've circled the two extra flippers in the photo to the right. The flippers look normal but other dolphins don't have them and only�a few times previously have four fins been recorded on dolphins.�The article claims�dolphins use to be land animals millions of years ago and these fins are a left over trait from that. Additionally grow leg buds before they are born but they disappear before birth. So there you have it. Mutant dolphins for the win.

Head over and read the full article plus check out the full size photo of the mutant dolphin for yourself.


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Malaysian Python Eats Pragnant Sheep And Can Not Move In This Photo

Snake Eats Sheep PhotoThis photo of a python eating an entire pregnant sheep has been one of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo for at least two weeks and possibly more. After eating the sheep the python was to heavy to move which allowed local firemen to capture it in Malaysia. It is hard to tell but I think the head of the sheep is still sticking out of the snake's mouth.�It looks like the top of the head of the python is facing the camera. So the real question is what did they do with the python after they captured it?

Check out the full sized photo of the python eating a sheep for yourself.

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Mixed Reality Interface Could Bring New Meaning To Minatures In Warfare

Mixed Reality Interface VideoSo here is another video from CeBIT I found which shows a 'Mixed Reality Interface'. Basically there is a smooth table with various objects on it which are also represented in 3D space in the screen behind the table. So when�you move the block or ball that is on the table it also moves that object inside the virtual 3D space on the monitor. I don't know if they have some kind of position tracker in (or under) each object or it reads objects dynamically via a camera or some such. There is also a camera object which the guy can move around on the table and it moves the view in the virtual 3D space around as well. I was trying to come up with some real world applications for this kind of thing and some of the things I came up with were: a real time battleplan interface for the military (think minatures in WWII movies), creating virtual 3D movies ala stop motion but you're moving the realworld objects around�for the virtual world camera, and possibly air traffic control. It would also make a pretty cool video game interface. The host site has a link to the creaters of the interface in the video and a link to the guy who captured the video.

Check out the full video of the mixed reality interface below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Funny Pirate Gang Carjacking Mashup Video For A Good Time

Pirate Car Jacking VideoThis video is a mashup of a gang car jacking with an 18th centry pirate attack. The video starts out with some guy getting lost in a bad part of town and having a black car pull up next him. A bunch of pirates spill out of the car and "board" this car via ropes and grappling hooks to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music. More pirates spill out of the trunk with pirate flags and muskets. The guy is finally pulled out of his car and the pirates chase him around the two vehicles to some humorist tune (Benny Hill?). Finally, they knock the guy out and stuff him in the trunk. Then two pirates have a duel before all of the pirates sailing away in the two "ships". Oh and they have to give a jump start to the ship they just captured before they take off.

Watch the full video of the pirate car jacking below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ninjas Gone Wild Video Takes TV Silently By Storm With Shurikens

Ninjas Gone Wild VideoNinjas Gone Wild is a spoof video of the "Girls Gone Wild" TV advertisement. They borrow the same kind of themes and "censored" graphics to depict ninjas attacking people in the park, at home, and on the streets. The various spoof videos show ninjas�killing people with various ninja weapons like shuriken, sai's, katanas and more IN TOTAL SILENCE. However, they put a "censored" graphic over the attack to avoid showing blood just like "Girls Gone Wild" does for nixing out nudity. I'd say they really captured the essense of the "Girls Gone Wild" commercials except with ninjas jumping backwards up to rooftops! Oh and don't forget the hot ninja scenes in the shower.

View the full Ninjas Gone Wild spoof commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Katrina Storm Search Captured On Video By Storm Chasers in Gulfport

Storm Surge VideoThere is an interview view up from a TV station that was of a couple of storm chasers and the video that they took while they were in a hotel in Gulfport when the hurricane hit. It's pretty amazing footage of the storm surge. When the video starts out there is maybe a foot of water (if that) and it surges in until there is maybe three feet of water and breaks through the windows into the lobby of the hotel they are in. They're filming the parking garage and the front of a van is falling off because of the water. Then they catch a car being floated backwards into the lobby of their hotel. I'm not quite sure why the brake lights of the car are on.

Head on over and check out the full length video of the storm surge or view it below.


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Photo Of Captured US Soldier Apparently A Hoax Photo Of A Toy Named Cody

Captured Soldier Toy Hoax PhotoThis news blurb is spreading pretty fast all over the internet. I noticed this photo moving up the "Most Emailed" photos list and an hour or so later I noticed more news articles coming out about it. Over at DrudgeReport report they picked it up as well with an additional photo of the toy's face.

Apparently the story goes that someone posted a picture of what they claimed to be a "captured" U.S. soldier to a militant website. However, the US military is reporting that�none of their units have reported any mission�soldiers. At some point one�a spokesman�from Dragon Modals USA noticed that the soldier in the photo looked a lot like their "Cody" toy. Only about 4,000 of the toys were made in 2003 for the US military and sold in it's Kuwait bases. When you look at the photo and at a photo of the "Cody" toy they really look a lot alike. DrudgeReport has a closeup of the toy face.

You can read the article about the Cody toy on Yahoo�and check out the two different pictures that Yahoo has of the apparent toy hoax. View the captured soldier "hoax" photo next to the Cody toy�and view a larger close up version of the apparent captured soldier toy photo hoax.


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