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Snoopy Rides His Dog House Into Space And Blows Up The Death Star

Snoopy Star Wars VideoHere is a Star Wars fan film featuring Snoopy and his little yellow bird friend. Snoopy plays Luke Skywalker and leads the attack on the Death Star while riding his dog house. The little yellow bird plays R2-D2 and fixes the dog house when it gets hit. Everything else is pretty much the same as the original Star Wars except it is cell shaded. Near the end of the video Snoopy is saved by his bowl of dog food (WTF?) instead of the Falcon. Kind of a bizarre video overall much like the Peanuts cartoons. Use the force Snoopy use the force.

Check out the Snoopy Star Wars video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Black And White Cartoons Become Alive And Jump Out Of The Page In This Art

Cartoons That Look Alive ImagesThis site features a number of images of cartoon drawings that are reaching out or interacting with the artists hands in the drawing. The first cartoon has a butcher grabbing the artist's wrist right through the page. The second cartoon has a Japanese ninja woman slicing the artist's pencil into pieces. These are followed by the artist keeping a gorilla at bay with his pen and holding a rabid dog away from him by the collar. The real question is did the artist take photos of his own hands or draw them? If he took photos did he take the photos before or after he drew the cartoons? I'm going to go with the artist took photos of his hand positions beforehand and then drew the cartoons to match.

Check out all of the full size images of the cartoons jumping out of the page.


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Cartoonist Draws A Wiiiiiiiii Cartoon At 8X Speed For A Good Time

Wii Cartoon VideoSo apparently this cartoonist guy is doing a video diary where he video tapes himself drawing cartoons and puts a voice over to it explaining the cartoon. The guy starts out by drawing each panel in the cartoon on a regular 8 1/2x11 piece of paper in pencil and ink marker. Then he scans each panel in and colors the sections in what I assume is photoshop. One interesteding thing I noticed the software doing was that it seemed to lock the color into the section where he first started filling the color into so he rarely has to go back and fix colors outside the lines. I don't know if it is actually do that but it sure seemed like it. He makes it look easy when it isn't.

View the full video of this guy drawing a set of four cartoon panels on 8X speed below or click over and watch it on the host site.


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Two Clowns In Suits Race Razor Scooters Through The Office Until They Crash

Scooter Race VideoThis video right here is awesome. There are these two clowns in suits racing around in an office building on razor scooters. They come around the corner at the far end of the hall and there are elevators on the left side. They race down the hall like the morons they are and a lady pushing a supplies cart exits the elevator. She pushs the car out into the hall right in front of the two racing suit clowns. Of coarse they both crash into the cart sending it and everything on it flying all over the place. Even the camera man is hit with flying office supplies. Talk about a Back to the Future moment eh?

Watch these two clowns in suits totally screw up for a good time.


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Climb Into The Nearest Shopping Cart And Ram Into Your Friend For A Good Time

Shopping Cart Fun VideoOur heroes in this video decide that bumper cars are boring. Instead they are going to play bumper cars with shopping cars. And not really bumpers cars but ramming wars instead. Two clowns climb into two shopping carts and then have their buddies run the shopping carts really fast towards each other until they crash. When the two shopping carts meet both guys lurch foreward until they crack heads togather. Then the shopping cart guy on the right falls out of his cart. The video ends there so we don't get to see this guy eat it in the dirt.

Don't play shopping cart wars at home for a good time.


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Can You Handle The 16 Colors In This Awexome Rolling Bounce Wheel Game

Awexome Flash GameSimple side scroller where you are a tire rolling down the street and you have to jump over various objects to finish the level. When you jump you can also pick up powerups like cash etc. Cartoony graphics and music. Frankly, I'm not sure the graphics could suck any worse unless I drew them myself. You will have to watch out for the mono color hills in the background so they don't jump out and get you. This game takes retro graphics a little to far -- I don't care if it was made in 1987.

Get your rolling on with this bouncing wheel game.


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Watch This Amazing Tire Fall Off A Race Car And Keep Rolling And Rolling

Loose Tire VideoThe race car in this video loses a tire and has to pull off of the track onto the side. However, the tire that he just lost keeps going and going. It rolls down the edge of the track and a bunch of other cars come by and go around a curve. The loose tire keeps on rolling and crosses the track right behind the other cars in the turn. It hits the other side of the track and rolls up to a white tire barrier where it does a bounce. Here it lands on top of the barrier where it comes to rest. Amazing.

Watch this crazy tire fulfill it's destiny.


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Army Tank Comes Along And Flattens A Pink Euro Car In Two Seconds Flat

Tank Destroys Car Video

I'm not sure what exactly they are testing or trying to remonstrate in this video but it is still pretty cool. There is a small pink Euro car out in a field that is just sitting there. Along comes a tank going maybe fifty to sixty miles an hour and it just runs over the car like it was made of tissue paper. The car is literally not there after the tank goes by. It looks like a cartoon car where it is completely flat against the ground. This reminds of the episode of Mr. Bean where the tank runs over Mr. Bean's car because he parked it in the wrong spot.

Watch the tank flatten this car like a pancake.


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Here Is A Weird Combination Of Shuffle Board And Bug Hunting In Mancala Bugs

Mancala Bugs Flash GameMancala Bugs is a free flash game that reminds me of backgammon. It is a puzzle game and the goal of it is to move as many bugs into your jar as fast a possible in alternating turns. When there are no more bugs on a side the game is over. Each bug in a bug moves forward one space and your bugs can be moved to the other players side. There is a computer player or you can play in multiplayer mode. The graphics are cartoony but professional. Frankly though this game was pretty confusing but if you like puzzle games maybe you can give it a shot.

Get all the bugs in the jar for a good time. Or not.


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Put On Ye Ol Farmers Hat And Head Out To The Chicken House For Some Eggs

Scrambled Eggs Flash GameIn the free flash game Scrambled Eggs you have an egg basket and you must catch eggs that are shooting out of a hen house with it. If you miss the eggs they go splat all over the place. If you miss three eggs you lose. The graphics are cartoony and cool. Fun little game. The real question is how many hens do they have stuffed in that hen house to allow them to shoot an egg out of the pipes every few seconds? How many hens does it take to change a lightbulb?

Put on your farmers hat and go collect some eggs!


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