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Furby Lights Up And Burns To A Crisp In A Microwave

Here is a bizarre video of what happens to a Furby toy when it is microwaved. The head of the Furby burns brightly and then catchs on fire before burning down into a pile of ash. For a good time.



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Kite Surfer Catchs 38 Seconds Of Air Before Crashing On The Beach

In this video a guy gets carried up on a updraft while kite surfing. He's in the air for about thirty eight seconds or some before coming back down. He moves in over land up to about two hundred feet or so before coming back down and crashing into the dirt.



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Bullet Shoots Through A Lit Light Bulb At 5000 FPS

Here's a slow motion video of a bullet shooting through a lit light bulb at 5000 frames per second. The bullet catchs the lit filament which stretchs out until it finally breaks.



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Pickup Truck In A Trace Flips Over And Flies Around Like A Giant Wing

Flying Truck VideoIn this car accident video they are in the middle of a pickup truck race when one of the outside trucks nudges the middle truck which nudges the inside truck. The inside truck loses it and goes sliding off towards the inside of the track. The wind catchs the truck and it flies up like a giant wing and comes down on the top of the cab. It bounces the top of the cab off the track throwing sparks everywhere before the truck rights itself again and continues skidding along the pavement. It's pretty amazing how that original tap from the middle truck through the inside truck so off that it completely flipped over like that.

Watch the full video of the flying pickup truck below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Red Rally Car Catchs Some Serious Air Before Being Owned By Gravity

Rally Car Accident VideoUp for today we have a Christmas themed video (well not really) of a red rally car that comes into view over a hill and slides out of control. Red cars are Christmasy right? Anyway, it slips off the far side of the road and the back wheels of the car slam into a dirt berm. Needless to say this causes the whole car to fly up in the air and flip end over end before crashing back down and rolling over one last time. The video ends there and there is no additional information regarding if anyone was injured in the car accident or not. Still it can give you a pretty good idea of what happens in a car accident and just how fast it happens.

Watch this red rally car eat some serious dirt below in this flying car wreck video or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of An F1 Mercedes That Catchs Some Major Air Before A Crash

Flying Mercedes VideoAnd here I was convinced that cars couldn't fly where this video appears to prove me wrong. Now we've posted a similar video to this one before but this is not the same video. In the previous video the F1 car caught air, flew up, and came crashing down in the middle of the track. Not so with this new video of a F1 Mercedes which has a similar car accident. In this video the car catchs and updraft of air under it and proceeds to make multiple flips in mid air while moving off into the trees to the side of the track. When it crashs down in the middle of the trees there is a giant plume of earth that shoots up. Nice Mercedes.

Check out the full view of the flying Mercedes F1 over at their website or view it below.


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Live Cooking Show Cook Fire Catchs Set On Fire While The Audience Laughs

Cooking Fire VideoThe ladies in this TV cooking show got cooking a little hotter than they could handle in this video. It looks like there are restaurant style napkins tucked around the base of a raised barbeque. You can't really see how the fire starts but the napkins start burning pretty good (possibly just from the heat of the barbeque). The one lady starts slapping at the burning napkins with her apron while the audience laughs and the second lady calls for some water to put the fire out. They finally put the fire out but there are pieces of ash floating all over the set and the one lady just puts her head in her hands.

Head on over and watch the cook fire video for yourself or view it below.


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Group Of Heroes Sit Around Trying To Drink A Flaming Shot And Catch On Fire

Flaming Drink VideoThe winners in this video are sitting around drinking copious amounts of alcohol for a good time. They get the brilliant idea to light a shot on fire and then one of them is to drink it. Well the guy drinks something out of a red cup and then tries to drink the flaming shot. Except that everything goes wrong at this point because the guy who is drinking it catchs his lip on fire and starts screaming. He throws the flaming shot on the table or somehow it tips over off. In any event suddenly the table is on fire and the burning alcohol pours onto another guy sitting near by. Now his pants are on fire and he is dancing around screaming like crazy. Wooooo. You guys rock.

Watch these morons play with fire and get burned.


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Guy Tries To Spin His Guitar Around His Neck And Ends Up Trashing It

Guitar Spin VideoThe clown in this video decides to play it cool and spin his guitar around his neck for a good time. Everything is going great and his first spin the guitar makes it all the way around and he catchs it. Yay. Well the next swing the strap holding the guitar on somehow unclips and when he swings the guitar it flies off over his shoulder and clatters on the floor. Probably broke the neck of the guitar based on how it landed. So just how cool are you now with a broken guitar bro?

Watch this guy destroy his guitar by mistake.


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RedNeckPride Brings You Exploding Molotov Cocktails In This Video To Show How Stupid They Are

Molotov Cocktail VideoAnd here we have some more Darwin Award Finalists in this exploding molotov cocktail video. The winners in this video light up a molotov cocktail out in the back woods, throw it up in the air, and hit it with a wooden baseball back. There is a giant explosion and the bat catchs on fire. They also show the video in reverse which is cool looking. Next up they light up one or two more and take turns throwing the molotov cocktails up in the air and shooting them with shotguns. Again they show these in reverse and it is pretty cool looking to watch the sparkling glass move up to the explosion. Don't try this at home. Remember the video of the guy who did we've posted previously?

Watch these heros blow up molotov cocktails for a good time.


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