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Cement Mixer Tips Over And Slides Off The Road In This Car Accident Photo

Mixer Accident PhotoApparently the cement mixer in this car accident photo lost control and tipped over in North Carolina. The caption doesn't say if the mixer itself was full or empty however. I'm going to say that the mixer barrel is probably empty because there is no cement leaking out of it at the back. Which means the driver was probably careless and was driving like the mixer was full (heavier than it really was). It's hard to even tell how exactly the truck tipped over. I would think it would be to heavy (even empty) to flip over so it probably tipped over to the left and then slid off to the right.

Check out the photo of the cement mixer for yourself.


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Slamming Your New Motorcycle To The Cement For A Good Time On Video

New Motorcycle Crash VideoThis poor schmuck. He buys a new motorcycle and therefor feeling all bad ass only to wreck it 5 seconds out of the blocks. The clip is pretty short but the guy gets on the cycle and then rides it about 30 feet when the back wheel slips and he loses control. It looks like it is one of those interlocking cement brick streets and he when he tries to correct the back wheel slip it just all goes wrong. The bike flips out one side and then falls to it's side throwing him way from it (lucky). That will put a crimp in your day with your buddy catching it all on film.

Watch this guy make a bad boo boo and fall off his new motorcycle.


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Pareidolia Photo Of The Virgin Mary Appearing In Salt Crystals Under A Bridge

Virgin Mary PhotoThe most emailed photo on Yahoo right now is a photo of what people are calling the Virgin Mary under a bridge in Chicago. According to the caption for the photo police say it was probably caused by road salt which dripped from the roadway above onto the wall. If you've ever driven under an underpass you've probably seen seepage stains on the cement walls under the underpass as well. Apparently the ability to see "faces" and such in clouds (and in salt crystals on walls) is called Pareidolia and you can find out more about it here.

See the full size photo of what looks like the Virgin Mary to some.


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Car Accident Involving A Brand New Dodge Viper And A Drainage Ditch In Las Vegas

Dodge Viper Car Accident PhotoThe brand new Dodge Viper in this car accident was driven to aggresively according to the caption for the photo. The accident happened in Las Vegas and if you haven't been there the freeways (and roads for that matter) are flanked by red desert rocks and cement drainage ditchs. It looks like from the photo that the Dodge Viper driver lost control and drove off over the rocks and into the drainage ditch. It looks like the back window of the car is laying on the left of the photo but I'm not sure how the back of the car could have been ripped off like that unless the car flipped or some such when it hit the drainage ditch.

Check out the full resolution photo of the wrecked Dodge Viper in Vegas for yourself.


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Underground Nuclear Weapons Test Turns Lake Into Shower And Moves Dirt Like Water

Underground Nuclear Bomb Test VideoThis video is of an underground nuclear weapons test. One of the amazing things in it is the trailers or containers that have hydraulic shocks on them. They are set on cement pilings like you would expect but then a giant hydraulic shock runs all the way up to the top of the building. When the explosion goes off it shows the trailers riding up and down as if they were on water but because of the hydraulic shocks they seem to ride it out fine. The other amazing thing in the video is the vapor or smoke or cloud or whatever that forms very near the ground. It appears that the cloud is actually from a lake with all the water in the lake just shooting up into the air. It doesn't say which country the nuclear weapons test was conducted by but it looks like old footage. Pretty crazy video.

Watch the underground nuclear weapons test video for yourself.


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