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Video Of A Chair Bot From Japan Walking Around

The guys in this video built a giant chair robot. The robot sits bent knee and the human sits in the chair. The robot stands up and the human moves it around with a joystick. It's too bad that the chair doesn't actually sit on the floor (they need a step stool to sit in it).



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Guy Rides A Mechlike Chair Device That Climbs Stairs For The Win

Here is a video of a stair climbing mech suit which appears to be built out of car shocks. The video shows the mech like chair unit climbing down stairs and then walking across the floor. There are two guys standing to either side to catch the guy riding it if it falls over.



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Interesting Accordion Chair Coach Video For The Win

In this video a guy demonstrates an accordion chair coach. It seems like a bunch of pieces of cardboard or similar material in the shape of a chair which is attached togather like an accordion. It seems pretty light.



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Philips Booth Demonstrates Light Up Fabric At A Tradeshow In This Video

Lumalive VideoHere's a video from what looks like some kind of tradeshow at the Philips booth where they demonstrate light emitting fabric called lumalive. They have people wearing t-shirts with moving light animations on them, chairs with moving light images in the backs of them, and a couch with the back filled with light moving icons. The video is pretty light on technical details however. As far as I can tell the tshirts look pretty bulky (somewhat like a bulletproof vest). The back of the chair though looks pretty good and the woman even presses in on the light area to show that it isn't just a flat light emitting surface. I'm guess it's either embedded LEDs, electroluminescence, or a flexable LCD.

Check out the video of the light up t-shirts below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Skeleton Puppet Dances On A Sidewalk For Money And The Win

Skeleton Puppet Dance VideoThis video features a street performer with a skeleton puppet. The guy holds the puppet strings and dances the skeleton puppet around for the crowd. I think the skeleton is dancing around to Elvis music in the background (it seemed that way from the comments section on the video). The guy also has a bag people are throwing money into. Near the end the skeleton sits down in his own little throne chair. The people that just stand there with a ign probably make more than this guy per day though.

Check out the full video of the dancing skeleton below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Female Japanes Android Unveiled In Japan For The Win

Japanese Android VideoSo here is a video of a demonstration in Japan showing a human like 'android'. The android stays sitting in the chair the whole time so I'll wager they still need to work on that whole walking thing. The actual face looks pretty real but I noticed they covered up the hands with gloves because they probably made it look fake. The android moves around but you can tell the motions are driven by servos as they are hardly smooth to say the least. The commentary in the video is all in Japanese so good luck with that. Maybe they need to pair up with the company working on that robotic pack mule for the US Army.

Watch the full video of this Japanese android for your self below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Robot Chair Disassembles And Assembles Itself Again In This Video

Robo Chair VideoSo you may have seen the self replication robot cube video and this video is a somewhat more practical application of a similar idea. In this video it starts out with a chair sitting in the middle and then the chair falls apart onto the floor. Next up the chair starts to re-assemble itself automatically (as in it's a robot chair). The seat of the chair puts out some wheels and then moves around re-attaching the legs and back of the chair to itself. Finally, the chair stands up back into it's regular chair shape all by it's self. I couldn't come up with a real world application where you would need a robot chair to assemble itself because the materials involved are so much greater than say a molder plastic chair. It's rather Jetsonesque though.

Watch the video of the self assembling robot chair below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Giant Panda Eats Cake Wears Crown For A Good Time On Birthday

Panda Birthday Crown PhotoIt's not every day that you see a giant panda sitting in a chair, wearing a crown, and eating a piece of cake with a fork now is it? The panda's name is Bass according to this news article and the giant panda who lives in China is celebrating her 25th birthday. I suppose this isn't any different than European dancing bears from the Middle Ages. The average weight for a female panda looks like it's between 155 and 220 so Bass is a chubber weighing in at 304 pounds. Fact is stranger than fiction for the win.

Click over to view the full sized photo of the giant panda wearing a crown.


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Ninja Kicks Some Guy In The Back And Then Fin (Haha) Him Off With A Katana

Ninja Attack Video

So the video features three friends at college. One of the friends keeps a pulling jokes on the other two friends like tripping them, pulling the chair out before they sit down, and driving off while saying he'd give them a ride. The other two friends decide to get him back and stick a Kick Me sign to his back. The "Kick Me" sign is also written in Chinese or Japanese. So the guy is walking down the street with the kick me sign when he passes a meditating ninja. I'd say the ninja was being so secretiving that the guy didn't even see him and the only way we saw him was by high speed camera. Anyway the ninja sees the kick me sign and follows the guy. The ninja takes a flying leep and knocks the guy down with a ninja kick. To finish him off the ninja woops out his katana and stabs him in the back. Now here is where we find out it isn't a real ninja. The ninja stabs the katana in the dirt to pick up the katana sheath. **BBBBBBBZZZZZZZ**. A real ninja would never defile the blade like that. You won't get the "Fin" joke in the title until you see the video so what are you waiting for?

Watch the ninja take this guy out with a kick and a katana for a good time below or click the link and view it on their site.


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Hippie Vs Ninja Battle To The Death With Keyboards For A Good Time

Keyboard Fight VideoBask in the stupidness of this video. You know you want to. Anyway, this video (which is extremely stupid) starts out in black and white in some kind of round council chamber. There is a hippie in a headscarf banging on a keyboard and mouse in one of the chairs (there is no monitor). He is pretending to play a video game I suppose. At this point some ninja guy holding a keyboard shows up and the hippie guy fights the ninja. They are both under the delusion that their keyboards are swords. The fight moves on to both of them pretending to use different controllers in "hand magic" attacks. Did I tell you it was stupid already? At some point does something become so stupid that it cross back over into being funny?

Waste time at work by watching this stupid ninja keyboard battle video.


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