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Photo Of A Baby Chicken With Four Legs In New Zealand

Four Legged Baby Chicken PhotoHere is an article from New Zealand about a baby chick which had four legs. Apparently it recently died because of digestive issues and they are now keeping it in a freezer before having it stuffed. So the question is have you ever seen a four legged chicken before? And how many of todays animals are the way they are because of a mutation which happened a long time ago. If you think about it they should get the DNA from this baby chick and see if they can clone it without the side effects. That would give you two extra legs per chicken for food consumption. Combine this with the featherless chickens and you'd have a winner.

Head over and read the full article about the four legged baby chick for yourself.


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Video Shot In Thailand While Fishing For Crocodiles In The Local River

Croc Fishing VideoApparently a favorite tourist pastime in Thailand is croc baiting (or at least it is for the guys in this video). They appear to be on some kind of raised hotel bridge area above water. One of the guy has a bamboo fishing pole with a piece of chicken tied to the end of it. There are various crocodiles swimming around below them snapping at the piece of chicken or whatever it is. The crocs make some wild grabs for the meat but keep missing. Finally they put the meat really close to the nose of one of the huge crocs and he grabs it in less than a second before the fisherman guy can react.

Watch the croc fishing video below or view it over on their website.


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In A Viral Marketing Twist Miccy D Encourages You To Have Sex With Their Fast Food

I`d Hit It Ad PhotoApparently McDonald's ran an advertisement on some website that encourages you to have sex with a double Cheeseburger. Apparently this happened back in January but I'm only catching on now because I'm a slow learner. The original blog post has about 120 comments on it so you should head over there for useful commentary on having sex with your fast food. Nice viral marketing Miccy D. Choice quotes include:

  • "Dont have sex with hamburgers! I screwed a big mac a few weeks ago and Now I’m pregnant with chicken nuggets!"
  • "Brings whole new meaning to the phrase “I’m Lovin’ it.” "
  • "McDonalds intentionally uses the phrase to create word of mouth and buzz about the new promotion (and the misuse)"

Head on over and check the full blog and 120 comments out for yourself.


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Put On Ye Ol Farmers Hat And Head Out To The Chicken House For Some Eggs

Scrambled Eggs Flash GameIn the free flash game Scrambled Eggs you have an egg basket and you must catch eggs that are shooting out of a hen house with it. If you miss the eggs they go splat all over the place. If you miss three eggs you lose. The graphics are cartoony and cool. Fun little game. The real question is how many hens do they have stuffed in that hen house to allow them to shoot an egg out of the pipes every few seconds? How many hens does it take to change a lightbulb?

Put on your farmers hat and go collect some eggs!


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Video That Will Leave You Speechless

Scary Chicken Song VideoWow. Just wow. I am at a loss for words to describe the contents of this video. Apparently it is two people wearing masks singing about the choices of protein at an Asian food restaurant. First they sing about chicken, then pork, then tofu, and finally fortune cookies. You'll have to watch the video for yourself to fully experience the assault on your eardrums of them singing.

Don't say we didn't warn you about the singing.


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