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Guy Rides A Mechlike Chair Device That Climbs Stairs For The Win

Here is a video of a stair climbing mech suit which appears to be built out of car shocks. The video shows the mech like chair unit climbing down stairs and then walking across the floor. There are two guys standing to either side to catch the guy riding it if it falls over.



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Real Hamster Side Scroller Video Game Video For The Win

Real Hamster Video GameHere's a video where a hamster runs through what looks like a cardboard cutout of a side scroller video game. It seems like for most of the video the 'level' is up and down but for some of it they turn the 'level' on it's side to make the hamster go where they want it to. In any event the effect is of a hamster running around in a side scroller video game collecting food treats. They add monsters and moving platforms by using wires with paper cutouts glued to them. At a couple points in the video the hamster things about climbing out of the 'level' completely.

Check out the video of the hamster playing the video game below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Mesh Sphere Virtual Reality Environment Called A VirtuSphere

VirtuSphere VideoInterestbing video of an attempt at a 360 degree virtual reality system. The person puts on a head set display and holds some kind of joystick (or game gun) and then climbs inside a metal mesh sphere. The sphere is sitting on what are probably some kind of roller balls which allow the sphere to roll in any direction. The person walks 'in place' around inside the sphere and their walking is translated into the 3D virtual game environment. Apparently it detects if you duck down or run and translates that into the game as well. I think it would probably be pretty strange to walk inside this thing because the floor would always be around the edges of your walking area.

Check out the full video of two different people testing out the VirtuSpheres below or click over and view it on the host site.


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When Russian Ninja Rappers Attack In This Video

Russian Ninja VideoThis video is in the same theme as the ninja stunt demos that you may have seen before. The guy runs around bouncing off buildings, climbing walls, jumping gaps, doing flips, kicks, sliding down ladders, etc, etc. At one point the guy is traveling through a yard and a German Sheppard chases him though an abandonded car. However, the cameraman is also standing there so they may have known the dog. The whole thing is set to Russian rap music as the guy in the video travels through broken down and tore up post-Soviet Union buildings. There seems to also be a plot to the movie but you'd need to know Russian in order to figure it out.

Watch the Russian ninja guy at work below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Robot Roach Climbs Straight Up A Vertical Surface With No Hands

RoboRoach VideoThe robots are flying fast and furious lately with another robot for today which looks like a roach and can climb vertical surfaces. They show the robot climbing up a treetrunk, climbing up a brick wall, climbing up a wood wall, and climbing up a plastic wall or some such. Apparently this is another DARPA funded project (military) and I can think of all kinds of things you could do with it. For example, it could be used for mounting turrets or antenna on cliffs, climbing cliffs, bugging trees with cameras and speakers, and any number of other things where you need to climb a vertical face. Have the mule robot from yesterday siddle up to the cliff and launch these climbers. Six legged robot roach ninjas for the win!

Watch the full video of the ninja robot roach running up the wall for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Bask In This Ninja Produced Ninja Rap Video For The Win

Strange Ninja VideoType "ninja" into just about any search engine field and you will be flooded with all kinds of strange results. Up for today we discovered this strange video of a ninja guy wearing what appears to be a bike racing "ninja" suit. It must have been the only clothes they had which were black (but they didn't have any black shoes apparently). The video is titled "Ninja Rap" or some such and looks like a highschool video project. The ninja in the video runs around attacking trees and people, climbing walls, and "rapping". Yeah it's a weird one alright. Only on the internet.

Ninja rap video of a strange block running around playing ninja.


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Rocket Strapped Onto A Bike In This Video Goes 140 Miles An Hour

Rocket BikeThe commentary in this video is all in French but they first show a rocket engine and a fuel tank strapped to the back of a bike. The seat has been modified and is on top of the fuel tank. It appears to be some kind of liquid rocket fuel. Anyway, a guy in a helmet and a motorcycle suit climbs onto the bike and fires the rocket off. He shoots off down the speedway trailing some thick black smoke until the rocket fuel runs out. They cut away (so we don't get to see how he managed to stop it) and show that the bike was clocked in at 140 miles an hour. That is some hefty speed for a bike.

Check out the full video of the rocket bike below or click on over and view it on their site.


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Jet Fighter At An Airshow Plows Into A Runway In A Giant Fireball

Plane Crash VideoOh that's gotta hurt. This jet fighter takes off from the runway during an airshow and starts it's climb up into the air. At some point during the climb it loses power and turns over. I would guess that the pilot pulled the nose back so as to be flying upright again and then attempts to bring it down for a landing or at least an ejection. He gets down pretty close to the ground and then ejects. Right after that the plane plows into the runway and makes a pretty good fireball as it goes along. The flame just last very long though and at the end there is only lots of smoke.

Watch this plane turn into a pretty big roman candle.


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Climb Into The Nearest Shopping Cart And Ram Into Your Friend For A Good Time

Shopping Cart Fun VideoOur heroes in this video decide that bumper cars are boring. Instead they are going to play bumper cars with shopping cars. And not really bumpers cars but ramming wars instead. Two clowns climb into two shopping carts and then have their buddies run the shopping carts really fast towards each other until they crash. When the two shopping carts meet both guys lurch foreward until they crack heads togather. Then the shopping cart guy on the right falls out of his cart. The video ends there so we don't get to see this guy eat it in the dirt.

Don't play shopping cart wars at home for a good time.


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Stupid Guy Tries To Photocopy His Butt Except That The Glass In The Copier Breaks

Copier VideoNow you've probably see the other copier videos on this website where people get on top of copiers and accidently set the copier off. Well the guy in this video decides to do this on purpose. The only problem happens when he sits on the copier and the glass brakes. He had the foresight to pull his pants down before sitting on the copier so now he is stuck in the copier with his pants down and glass stabbing him. The video cuts off before we can see how he gets out of the copier. Does he call for help or is able to climb out without suffering to many gashs?

Watch this guy make an ASS of himself (literally).


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