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Live TV Mushroom Cloud Weathercam Video Injection Prank

Here's a funny video of an automated weathercam which was displayed on live Czech TV that was hacked to display a mushroom cloud. The footage looks pretty realistic with the camera whiting out for good period before showing the cloud. There wasn't any shockwave though which kind of gave it away as being a prank. War of the Worlds is that you?



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Video From 1953 Of A Nuclear Test Explosion Like The One From Hiroshima

1953 Nuclear Test VideoOne of the top viewed videos over on Google is this video of a nuclear bomb test from 1953. The yield of the bomb was about the same as the one used over Hiroshima, Japan. It appears to be an underground test as I don't see a shockwave at all or if there is one it doesn't pass over the camera (like the one which sweeps over the ships in the South Pacific test videos if you've seen them). The mushroom cloud just keeps rising and rising off this thing.  You can probably use Google Maps to see the crator from this test.

Watch the full video of a nuclear test from 1953 below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Corvette Verses Viper In This Drag Battle And The Corvette Crashs

Dragster Crash VideoThere is a Dodge Viper and a Corvette revving up at the starting line of a drag strip. Both cars have pretty big air scoops on them as well. They take off from the line and about 50 feet down the track the Corvette loses it. The Viper keeps on going but something breaks or causes the Corvette to close control. The Corvette slams into the wall and explodes over it in a giant cloud of dust and flying metal. The rescue crews get to the wrecked car pretty quickly and it doesn't explode in a giant fireball. As far as I can tell the driver is still alive (some of the rescue guys seem to talk to him).

Check out the full video of this Corvette crashing in a big way on the dragster track below or click over and view it on the original site.


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Burning Chemical Truck Explodes In A Giant Fireball That Engulfs The Freeway

Giant Explosion VideoIn this video which looks like it happened in Asia somewhere there is a chemical truck on fire on a freeway. There are a bunch of fire crews all around trying to keep the truck cool but the fire is rapidly spiraling out of control. Around half way through the video the truck loses it and explodes in a HUGE fireball that engulfs the surrounding firetrucks and guys. You really have to watch the video to get an idea of how big of an explosion it really is. The fire cloud stretchs up over the video camers recording the fire. Near the end of the video it says four people suffered burns but no one was hurt in the giant blast.

Check out the video of the truck exploding in a giant fireball.


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House Gets Blown To Kingdom Come With C4 In A Training Exercise In Iraq

Big Explosion VideoIn this video, which takes place in Iraq, some troops have packed a house with C4 in a training exercise. You wait for a good 30 seconds or more before the explosion actually goes off. I'm not sure what that dust cloud is in the background behind the house either. But when the C4 goes off it totally levels the house and blows dirt and pieces of house everywhere. There is so much dust you can't see a thing. The screenshot there is the exact moment of the explosion before all the dust obscures it. Bet the Chinese never thought it would come to this when they developed gun powder eh?

Watch some soldiers take out a house in training.


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Small Hatchback Goes From Drivable To Flaming Car To Burned Out Hulk

Car Fire VideoSo these people are driving along in their hatchback when the car starts to smoke. They pull over and open the hood to find some flicker of flames up near the dashboard. The smoke just gets worse and worse. They get out a fire extinguisher but as far as I can tell they never actually get it to work. Probably couldn't get the pin out or the plastic lock broken. The flames are realling coming out of the dashboard now. Fastfoward a little bit and the car gets slowly engulfed by fire. The firetrucks finally show up and put the fire out in a giant cloud of smoke and steam. The car is a total loss.

Watch this car turn into a blazing inferno.


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Get Your Game On And Convert All Of The Clouds To Suns In Sunny Day

Sunny Day Flash GameInteresting little flash puzzle game. The goal of the game is to turn all of the cloud squares to sun squares. You do this by jumping the squares until all of the squares are sun squares. You can jump a square with a cloud or with a sun. The graphics are basic but fun. Actually this game is a lot like the game Go where you have to change all of the other player's color to yours. It is just set up like Minesweeper instead.

Get your Sunny Day on for a good time.


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Guys Some Up Another Guy With An Exploding Cigar To Get Him To Quit Smoking

Exploding Cigar VideoApparently the guys in this video put some gunpowder on the end of a cigar. Then they gave the cigar to this guy (it is probably one of their dad's or something). The guy goes to light it up and takes a drag on it. At this point it basically explodes in his face with a big cloud of white smoke. Since the guy is sitting in a chair there really isn't any way to get away from the explosion though he does move back to the side. The guy with the video camera does some weird stuff. He swings it around when the guy lights it and captures the explosion and then brings the camera back to a pond and zooms in on a frog as if nothing happened. If I were to guess I would probably say they want this guy to quick smoking.

Watch this guy get more fire from his cigar than he bargained for.


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Pareidolia Photo Of The Virgin Mary Appearing In Salt Crystals Under A Bridge

Virgin Mary PhotoThe most emailed photo on Yahoo right now is a photo of what people are calling the Virgin Mary under a bridge in Chicago. According to the caption for the photo police say it was probably caused by road salt which dripped from the roadway above onto the wall. If you've ever driven under an underpass you've probably seen seepage stains on the cement walls under the underpass as well. Apparently the ability to see "faces" and such in clouds (and in salt crystals on walls) is called Pareidolia and you can find out more about it here.

See the full size photo of what looks like the Virgin Mary to some.


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Couple Of Guys Set Off A Big Mushroom Explosion Out In A Dry River Or Lake Bed

Mushroom Explosion VideoCouple of guys (by the sound of it) look to be out in a dry river bed or on the beach or something. The sound in this clip is not safe for work. They have a fuse on some explosive material set off in the distance and they are waiting for it to go off. When it blows up it make a pretty good mushroom cloud and big boom. The funniest thing about the video is the guy with the camera though. He's yelling and carrying on after it blows up and then they run towards it and see little fires burning all over the place in the sand.

Watch these guys blow up a bunch of sand and hear them yell in this video.


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