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Get Your Game On And Convert All Of The Clouds To Suns In Sunny Day

Sunny Day Flash GameInteresting little flash puzzle game. The goal of the game is to turn all of the cloud squares to sun squares. You do this by jumping the squares until all of the squares are sun squares. You can jump a square with a cloud or with a sun. The graphics are basic but fun. Actually this game is a lot like the game Go where you have to change all of the other player's color to yours. It is just set up like Minesweeper instead.

Get your Sunny Day on for a good time.


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Pareidolia Photo Of The Virgin Mary Appearing In Salt Crystals Under A Bridge

Virgin Mary PhotoThe most emailed photo on Yahoo right now is a photo of what people are calling the Virgin Mary under a bridge in Chicago. According to the caption for the photo police say it was probably caused by road salt which dripped from the roadway above onto the wall. If you've ever driven under an underpass you've probably seen seepage stains on the cement walls under the underpass as well. Apparently the ability to see "faces" and such in clouds (and in salt crystals on walls) is called Pareidolia and you can find out more about it here.

See the full size photo of what looks like the Virgin Mary to some.


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Commercial Where Meteors Strike Earth But They Are Really Drops Of Tabasco

Tabasco Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny video put on by Tabasco. It starts off with a bunch of fireballs hitting various cities and world landmarks. It is a play on meteors hitting Earth. Anyway after a few different meteor strike shots it switchs to a guy on a stone chair in a white robe putting Tabasco sauce on his pizza. Except that he isn't looking at what he is doing and the Tabasco is missing the pizza and falling through the clouds that make up the floor and heading towards Earth. Which is to say meteors are Tabasco sauce God is putting on his pizza.

Alrighty then. Watch the Tabasco commercial for views of meteor destruction.


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Tornado Chases Watch And Flee As A Tornado Forms Right In Front Of Them

Tornado Forms Right In Front Of The Car VideoThe video of this tornado appears to have been recorded by a group of tornado chasers. They are in their car behind what looks like a police car sitting on a dirt road. As the tornade starts to form they start backing up away from the tornado down the road. The tornado starts from nothing and then grows into a giant funnel up into the sky. The tornado doesn't connect with the clouds above in the video but it looks like it is going to. They also pan up and back above their truck and there is a slim finger of a tornado spiral above them as well. The police car doesn't back up away from the tornado.

Check out the full video of the tornado forming right in front of the people's car for yourself.


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