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Cool Computer IO Paint Brush Device Lets You Paint With Video

IO Paint Brush VideoHere's a video of a prototype computer input output device which is designed like a paint brush. It has a built in video camera into the head of the brush which allows it to pick up "video textures" or still colors and textures. For example, they show the paint brush recording someone blinking their eye and then painting the eye blink texture on a computer screen canvas. It's hard to tell if the screen canvas is touch sensitive or not (I think it is) as it shows someone smudging one of the images with their finger. However, it's possible that the paint brush device just records itself drawing. It picks up all kinds of textures like this fur print off this hand bag and works exactly like a paint brush after that. Watch the video for a better visual explanation.

Check out the IO paint brush video for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Compose Beats Using Lasers And A Bowl Of Water In This Video

Toriton Plus VideoThis video features what is basically a bowl of water which when the water surface is disturbed produces sound on a computer. Somehow this guy has five lasers setup to monitor the surface of the water and generate sound from movement of the surface. The purpose isn't to record the sound of the water but to make the water into a musical instrument control panel or some such. In the example the guy splashs and drips the water which causes different sounds to be played on a computer. For the win?

Watch the water music composer video or whatever it is below or click over and view it on the host site.


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People Sketch Up Some Furniture And Then Print It Out With A Rapid Prototyper

Furniture Sketch VideoIn this video the two people are holding motion capture pens and using them to 'sketch' in the air. The Nintendo Wii controller could perform a similar task theoretically. They sketch up some furniture and then load the sketchs into a rapid protype printer and print up the furniture. The video itself is somewhat of a fakeout because the video has computer generated graphics where the people sketched but they themselves can't see what they are sketching in real time. It might help if they had a semitransparent display they could look through and actually see what they are sketching instead of only seeing it in their mind's eye. I'd think you'd have better like making furniture with one of those 3D lathe softwares and then rapid prototyping the object instead.

Check out the full video of these people sketching up some furniture for a good time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of The Game Runner Video Game Treadmill Control Device

Gamerunner VideoHere is a video of a treadmill which plugs into your computer and records the treadmill movement as forward movement in video games. This one is called Gamerunner and you run on the treadmill and then use a bike handle type device which is mounted on the front of the treadmill to move and fire. I have a similar product called a SimCycle which doesn't work very good for various reasons. The problems with the SimCycle were that it wasn't a real tension flywheel, your knees were always hitting the desk, and you would be winded but you couldn't stop (specifically in racing games) because if you did you'd lose the game. I'd say the Gamerunner is probably a better product then the SimCycle because you're standing up instead of sitting and you can hang on to the bike controller. Still the problem of getting winded though.

There is a review of the Gamerunner here and you can watch the video of the Gamerunner in action below or view it on the host site.


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Commercial Where A Guy Moves His Girlfriends Hand Around Like A Computer Mouse

Funny Workaholic VideoHere is a funny asian commercial (see subtitles) where a guy and his girlfriend are sitting in a restaurant. The girl is saying that she knows he works a lot and doesn't have much time for 'us'. The guy is sitting there zombified and cuts her off by grasping her hand like he would hold a computer mouse. He starts moving her hand around and trying to click it like it was a computer mouse. He even turns her hand over to 'fix' the non-existant mouse ball. The girl's expression is classic.

Check out the full video of this funny workaholic commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Build A Do It Yourself LCD Wall Projector In This Video For Around $100

DIY Projector VideoIn this video they show you how to make a wall projector out of an old LCD and one of those overhead projectors. The video shows the guy taking an LCD monitor apart and removing the LCD itself from the case. He then places the LCD on top of the overhead projector projection area and tapes it down on the sides. Additionally he adds one small computer fan to the side to keep it cool (though I'm not sure how much good that tiny fan is doing). The end result is what looks like about a 100 inch screen projection on the wall. The whole setup can probably be completed in under $100.

Check out the DIY wall projector on the cheap in this video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Cool Looking Flexible LED Display In Action

Bendable LED Display VideoIn this video they demo a flat array of LEDs (called a flexgrid) which works like a low resolution display. Each LED in the matrix has a plastic or glass box around it and can be individually switched on and off. The whole display can be bent into a tube shape and controlled via computer (I assume). In the video the guy bends it around in the dark as it flashs various patterns over it's surface. It would probably work pretty good as one of those scrolling word signs too. The original post about this bendable LED display mentioned it's possible use in clothing. How about LED display doormats?

Watch the full video of the flexible LED display below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Robotic Rubiks Cube Solver For The Win

Robot Rubik Solver VideoThis video features what appears to be a college student robot project. The difference here is that instead of a robot that walks around this robot takes a rubik cube and solves it. As far as I can tell they have one camera on each side of the cube so that the computer robot can analyze the state of the cube and then run a solve on it. While it is solving the cube there are also flashs of light so I'm not sure if they are camera flashs or LEDs. In any event it looks like the robot rubik cube solver solves the rubik cube in around 36 seconds. I assume that it works like computer run chess applications by running as many solving tests as possible until it gets a hit path that solves the cube.

Check out the full video of the robot solving the rubik cube below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Bill Gates Admits To Infringing Copyrights By Viewing Videos On YouTube

Bill Gates Infringes Copyrights On YouTubeIn a recent Wall Street Journal interview Bill Gates admits to infringing copyrights by viewing 'unauthorized' content on YouTube. The WSJ interviewer drops into RIAA/MPAA propaganda speak and asks Bill if the content was stolen. Bill replies that, no, technically it is copyright infringement. But wait, that's not all, the hypocracy gets even richer. The 'blogger' on ComputerWorld which quotes (technically copyright infringement if you ignore fair use) from the 'paid content' WSJ article complains that the internet is to blame for all of the 'rampant cheating, theft, and stealing'. The comments on his blog take him to task for being such a hypocrite. Here's a hint: If the richest man in the world can fall afoul of overreaching copyright laws they probably need to be scaled back.

Click over and check out the hypocracy of the ComputerWorld 'blogger' and the quote from the WSJ interview with Bill Gates.


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Japanese Meteor Hits Earth Computer Simulation Video For The Win

Meteor Strikes Earth VideoHere is a Japanese computer animation simulation video of a meteor striking Earth and what it would look like and cause planetwide. The commentary is in Japanese so good luck with that. One thing I did notice is that they used a spherical meteor whereas other such 'Earth being hit by an asteroid' video the asteroid is never round. In the video the meteor strikes and causes a large amount of material to be ejected up into the atmosphere. Some of the things in the video seem a bit suspect like the fact that there isn't much (if any) burn up by the atmosphere on the meteor. The only explanation I came up for this was that the meteor was so big (much larger than 300 miles wide) that the atmosphere wouldn't effect it much. Second it seemed like the whole ejection area hundreds of miles above where the meteor hit was filled up with lava which didn't seem plausable. Is it just a bad particle effect or? Lastly, the buildings left standing (like the Greek pillars) seemed like they should have been blown away and were only left for effect in the video.

Watch the full computer animated Earth meteor strike simulation video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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