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Pirate Convention Spoof Video Featuring Many Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jokes

Spoof Pirate Convention VideoHere's a skit which is a spoof on a Pirate Convention (ala AnimeCon, BlizzCon, etc). They meet up on some hotel convention center though it isn't originally the hotel that they wanted. The whole video is based on saying "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" as much as possible which I'll admit is pretty funny. The hotel they originally wanted was the "Ritz Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlton". They bring in an actor who they have no idea what he does (they only picked him for all the Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's in his name) and bounce questions off him that have Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr answers. They slip in the joke about a new movie coming out that is rated Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The Pirate Con ends in a drunken pirate riot.

Check out the full video of the pirate convention spoof below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Two Headed Mutant Snake At A Snake Convention

Two Headed Snake VideoAnd the video we have for your today is of this two headed snake. As far as I can tell the snake doesn't move at all during the entire video so it's possible that the thing is dead. The tail doesn't move and neither head flicks it's tongue. It looks like they have this two headed snake at some kind of snake showing convention because there is another guy with a giant python around his neck in the background near the end of the video. Chalk this one up with the two headed turtle and the five legged frog.

Check out the video of the two headed snake for yourself.


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Guy Has The Entire Back Of His Head Tattooed With An Asian Dragon

Crazy Tattoo PhotoThis photo is the back of someones head at a tattoo convention. It looks like a asian themed dragon head and this photo is currently one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo. The only problem I see with tattoos is that personally I would grow board with one after a few seconds. Now if tattoo's were made up of some kind of fiber optic matric where you could change the image on the fly that might be something that is worth while. This isn't one of those though and this guy has a asian themed dragon perminently tattooed on the back of his head. Whatever floats your boat right?

View the full image of the insect like tattoo fakeout on the back of this guy's skull.


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Strange Interview Video Where Actress Lets The Interviewer Grope Her In Public

Grope VideoWait, which country is it again where they let you grope women on the street as if they were cows? In this video an "interviewer" walks up to this "actress" and gropes her while taking the interview. She doesn't seem to mind all that much. Which leads to the question for this blog. Come up with a good caption for this video. I'll start it off with:

  • "Free Breast Exams At Cancer Expo"
  • "Plastic Surgeon Convention"
  • "Are these really real?"
  • "Are these new? You didn't have them last time I saw you."
  • "I swear I've seen these before. Are you a porn star?"
  • "How are these Mark II Silicone Implants working out for you?"
  • "See they don't leak!"

What crazy captions can you come up with for this off the wall video? Don't be lewd.


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Top 25 Funniest Political Quotes in 2004

Funny Arnold has a list they made up of what they think are the top 25 funniest political quotes from 2004. I think they are for the most part pretty funny but some of them fall flat and some aren't in the right order. A few quotes from the article are as follows.

#25: "Well, there was no sex for 14 days." —California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, on getting the cold shoulder from his wife after backing President George W. Bush at the Republican Convention

"If Barbara gets her hands on John Kerry, he might get another Purple Heart." —Former President Bush, on the political attacks on his son

"Did the training wheels fall off?" —Sen. John Kerry, after being told by reporters that President Bush took a tumble during a bike ride

 Click over to to see the rest of the funny quotes.


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