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Live Cooking Show Cook Fire Catchs Set On Fire While The Audience Laughs

Cooking Fire VideoThe ladies in this TV cooking show got cooking a little hotter than they could handle in this video. It looks like there are restaurant style napkins tucked around the base of a raised barbeque. You can't really see how the fire starts but the napkins start burning pretty good (possibly just from the heat of the barbeque). The one lady starts slapping at the burning napkins with her apron while the audience laughs and the second lady calls for some water to put the fire out. They finally put the fire out but there are pieces of ash floating all over the set and the one lady just puts her head in her hands.

Head on over and watch the cook fire video for yourself or view it below.


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Guy Catchs The Crotch Of His Pants On Fire While Cooking Outdoors

Guy Catchs His Pants On Fire VideoThere we have our superhero cooking on a portable grill in his sweatshirt and sweatpants. But a funny thing happens -- he turns around and the crotch of his sweatpants are on fire! He madly tries to put out the fire by beating on it and finally runs to the table and grabs a pitcher of water. Dousing himself with the water he finally gets the fire out hopefully before he lost anything important. The thing I wanted to know about this video was, is this the same guy from a week or so ago that grabbed onto the electric fence? The video quality and the guy in both videos look pretty similar. And of coarse both guys (or is it the same guy?) do similarly stupid things. Look ma, No hands!

Watch this guy catch himself on fire while cooking on a grill.


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Funny Ameriquest Super Bowl Don't Judge Skinning The Cat Commercial

Ameriquest Super Bowl Don't Judge Too Quickly CommercialOne of the other Ameriquest ads during the Super Bowl this year was also very funny. It shows a guy either coming home or letting himself into his girlfriend's apparentment with a bag of groceries and some flowers. He greets the cat and the proceeds to start preparing dinner and setting the table. He is cooking marinara sauce in one big pan and has already had to get the cat off the counter once. The cat jumps up onto the counter again and tips over the pan with the marinara sauce onto the floor. The guy has been chopping something so he has a big knife in his hand when he turns around and picks the cat up by it's neck. The cat has already gotten marinara sauce all over it and the sauce is also all over the floor. At this point the guy's girlfriend walks in to see him holding the cat with the marinara all over and the butcher knife. Oops.

Watch the Ameriquest "Don't Judge Too Quickly" Cat Commercial Video.


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