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Low Cost Almost Consumer Level 3D Color Scanner For Sale

3D ScannerHere's an almost consumer level product which is a 3D laser scanner. It costs around $2500 and you can put any smallish object on front of the scanner to be scanned in. It scans the object and scans a full color texture for the object. Apparently it can also control the turn table to scan the multiple angles of the object automatically. Pair this up with a 3D printer and you have your own almost consumer priced fabrication lab that fits on top of a desk.



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Swiss Guy Flies Over 120 Miles An Hour With His Jet Wing In This Video

Jetman VideoHere's a Swiss guy named Yves Rossy who has developed a personal wing which he uses to fly around after jumping out of airplanes (see video one). Apparently sky surfing just wasn't cutting it so he built this. His latest version has four mini jet engines on it which allow him to go over 120 miles an hour (see video two). Apparently the wing has cost something like 150k British pounds to put togather. As you can see in the screen capture the wings fold up for when he is inside the plane and then open up when he jumps out. His end goal is to be able to take off and land which the jet wing as well instead of launching off a second plane already in the sky.

Check out the videos below of the Jetman or click over and view them on the host site.


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Automated Robotic Sentry Turret With 5.5mm Machine Gun Video

Robot Turret VideoApparently this video contains a demo of an automated robot turret that has a 5.5 mm machine gun built into it. The turret costs around $200,000 and was designed to be deployed at the DMZ in South Korea according to some of the other info listed with the video. It comes with a day and a night camera in addition to people tracking and recognition software (which you'll see in the video). One thing I noticed about the tracking "square" that the software places around people was that it seemed to lag behind the person so I wonder if the gun leads in front of them. It also appears to give the people a chance to surrender before it fires on them. Welcome to the future?

Check out the full video of the automatic machinegun robot turret below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Square Watermelons Raw Horse Meat And Sparrow On A Stick In Japan

Square Watermelon PhotoI saw a photo of a square watermelon over on another blog but there was no additional information to go with it. Looking for more information I came across a site in Japan which talks about square watermelons (and other foods). Apparently they grow square watermelons in a glass box and in Japan they cost something like 10,000 yen a pop at the time the webpage was written. It says they are a luxury item that would be given as a corporate gift. Other foods listed on the page are horse meat (with photo), grilled sparrow on a stick, living fish, and blowfish. So do other melons like cantelope grow square in a box or is the rind not tough enough? Would oranges grow square?

Check out the larger photo of the square watermelon and a photo of some horse meat.


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Video Of A Somewhat Real Moving And Looking Robot Pet Dinosaur Toy

Robot Dinosaur VideoThis video features a robot dinosaur (long necked dinosaur) which was shown at Demo 2006. Apparently it will cost something around $200 and come out in late Q3 or some such. Anyway, in the video they talk about how the robot pet, named the Pleo, has a computer operating system in it which runs an AI setup to mimic a real pet or animal. The video shows the robot dinosaur moving around and grabbing onto the guy's finger. It looks alright but I hope they sell a bunch of these so that they can get to a 2.0 version. The legs looked too stiff and as far as I could tell it wasn't making any sound. It needs to be screamin' for mommy to make it more realistic (or I've seen to many dinosaur movies). The fake skin that have on it also looks pretty good but like I said if they get to do a 2.0 version of it maybe they can use that synthetic human like skin on it which has been developed for human like robots.

Head over to CNet and view the full video about the robot dinosaur for yourself.


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Look Ma I Can Wear Grandma Around In My Diamond Ring Forever

Ashes Diamond RingSo apparently there is a company that will take the ashes from someone who died and make diamonds out of them. This photo is one such diamond where relatives of the person who died paid the company to take the person's ashes and make a diamond out of it. Apparently the created diamond could sell at retail anywhere from $2700 to $20000. I think I've seen this story about the LifeGem company before and if I'm not mistaken it costs more money to make the diamond then it sells for so don't think about making some quick cash off Grandma's ashes any time soon.

Check out the full size photo of grandma as a diamond ring for yourself.


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Chihuahua Dressed Up In A Spiderman Suit Runs In Amercia's Fastest Chihuahua Race

Spider Dog PhotoSo over on Yahoo right now the most emailed photo is this photo of a chihuahua in a spiderman costume. Apparently the dog's name is "Guinness" and it is one of 256 chihuahua's that are entered into a chihuahua race to find out what is the fastest chihuahua in America. Seriously, WTF. Have you ever seen a chihuahua race? It consists of half of the dogs running in the opposite direction while the other have run to their owner who is waving some toy or dog treat at the finish line. I have might doubts that the dog that actually wins this is the fastest chihuahua in America.

Check out the full size photo of the chihuahua in the Spiderman suit.


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Batman Gets Really Happy In This Video And Then He Gets Really Sad

Batman VideoWhat we have here appears to be some kind of weird mating ritual video. There is a guy in a batman costum sitting on top of a particle board cabinet. There is a woman in the bed only wearing lingerie and she gesters at the batman costum wearing guy. The batman costum guy is moving around for some reason and at this point the video gets interesting. The roof of the particle board cabinet breaks and the batman guy drops down inside the cabinet. I bet he wasn't expecting that to happen quite like that.

Watch batman try to fly and fail for a good time.


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Long Video Trailer For Darkon Which Is Football With Sticks AKA LARP

Darkon VideoIf you don't know what LARP is, it stands for Live Action Role Playing. Or a bunch of people dressing up in costumes, running around in the woods, and hitting each other with padded swords, sticks, clubs, and arrows. Not much different than other American "sports" if you think about it. For example, let's compare football to LARP. What is football? People dressing up in costumes and running around on a green field tackling each other. So LARP is basically football with sticks. Anyway enough blah blah.

Watch the trailer of football with sticks AKA LARP (or in this instance they call it Darkon).


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Guy Snaps The Front Axle Of His New H2 Hummer On Some Rocks

H2 Hummer Axle Breaks VideoI don't think this guy got the memo about the H2 Hummer. It's a civilian vehicle now even though it costs a hundred thousand or so. Which means you really aren't suppost to take it off road (aka FAKE OUT) in my opinion. You didn't think you were actually buying an off road vehicle when you bought one right? Anyway in this video the H2 hummer slowly comes up the rocky hill until it gets to the bigger rocks. It rolls over the big rock and then starts spinning it's wheels. We here a CRUNCH like a clutch not going into gear and then both wheels are both turned inwards. That can't be good. Probably broke the front axle. Back to the dealership rock steady. And and good luck getting a tow truck.

Watch this smart guy break the front axle of his H2 Hummer on some rocks.


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