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Brand New Crazy Huge 14000 Square Feet British Mansion Tour Video

Crazy English Mansion VideoIn this video a mansion house called Updown Court is featured. The mansion was built in England and according to the video took five years to complete. The grounds include 58 acres of parks, gardens, and woodland. The inside living space of the house is around 14,000 square feet with a good portion of the house completely covered in a rare marble. There are multiple swimming pool sized pools inside the house and a large hearted pool outside. Additionally it features it's own bowling alley and what looks like house stables (not to mention the staff and guest houses). This place really reminds me of Hearst Castle, the Vanderbilt mansion, Lyndhurst, and the Rockefeller in architecture, design, and uselessness.

Watch the full video of the tour of this British mansion house below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ninja Commercial Featuring Two Ninjas Who Stab Each Other In The Back Literally

Funny Ninja Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial for an asset management company (wtf?). They filmed it like it was a Chinese movie like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It starts out with a couple ninjas sneaking along the outside of some palace wall. The first ninja jumps over the wall and lands on his feet scanning the area. The next ninja jumps over the wall and lands on the first ninja causing a bunch of noise. This leads the ninjas to being discovered. They run out into the courtyard and stand back to back facing an encircling group of house guards. One of the ninja's woops out a shuriken but forgets he is standing back to back with another ninja. He jacks his hand back to throw the shuriken and stabs his buddy in the back of the head with the shuriken (ouch!). The commercial ends with the guy trying to tug the shuriken out while saying "Sorry" over and over.

Check out the funny commercial with the backstabbing ninjas for yourself below or click over to view it on their site.


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Photo Of Margo Dydek The 7 Foot Tall Woman On The Basketball Court

Tall Girl PhotoWhoaaaaaa Nelly... er Margo. Yahoo's most emailed photo right now is this photo of Margo Dydek from Poland who is a basketball player for the Connecticut Suns. Apparently she is seven feet two inchs tall and if you click on over to view the full photo you'll see just how amazing that is. In the full size photo there is another player trying to guard this woman on the basketball court but she only comes up to Margo's waist. Oops. Try for a bigger guard next time guys? Seriously, most doors are what, around 6 feet tall? That means she has to bend down to walk through almost every door in New York (where this photo was taken). That would suck.

Check out the full size photo of Margo on the court for yourself.


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Buffalo Get Crazy In Maryland And Run Around On A Tennis Court

Buffalo Playing Tennis PhotoThe latest most emailed photo on Yahoo is of a couple of buffalo that were roaming around Pikesville, Maryland. They ran around on a major freeway for a bit before the police were able to corner them in a tennis court. In the photo itself it looks like someone put out some water for them in an inflatable pool. The buffalo are currently running from the police in the photo by jumping over the net of the tennis court. They did finally herd them into a trailer and take them back to their farm.

Check out the full photo of the bison jumping over the tennis court net.


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When Marriage Proposals Go Wrong

Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong VideoThe woman in the video is on a basketball court in some kind of contest. She has a blindfold on and she has to walk around on the court while the crowd tells her hot or cold until she finds the stuffed "bank" character. When she finds thed stuffed "bank" she wins. Or does she? The stuffed "bank" takes his costume off and it is her boyfriend. He gets the microphone and holds a ring out to her and then asks her to marry him in front of hundreds of people. She says NO! D0H! The look on his face is pretty classic. He can't comprehend that she says no. At this point she runs off and tries to exit the area. For whatever reason one of the security guards blocks her way and the video clip ends there.

Did you ever think, "What if she says no?".


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