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Seven Legged Lamb Born In New Zealand

Seven Legged Lamb PhotoHere is a pretty crazy photo of a lamb that was born in New Zealand. It was ranked as one of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo. Apparently the lamb was born with seven legs as you can see in the photo. It doesn't look like the lamb is even able to stand up as it has some many legs. There isn't any other information on the caption for the photo other than it's a one a in a few million occurance that a lamb is born like this. Are there any nuclear reactors in New Zealand? If so, this lamb�might have been living down stream from one if you ask me.



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The Batmobile And Barbie Meet In A Cacophony of Glittery Neon Disney

Japanese VansIf you ever wanted to cross the Batmobile with glitter, a pink flamingo, neon lights, and Disney this might just be the ticket for you. This site has a bunch of photos of extremely customized Japanese vans. This thumbnail here is only one example of how crazy they get customizing over in Japan. Click over and see the other insain van photos.



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Crazy Martial Arts Weapon Battle From A 70s Tournament

Two guys battle it out using martial arts weapons in the video of this tournament. One guy has what I assume is a Bo (basically a quarterstaff) and the other guy has a three piece staff. The video quality is horrible.



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Crazy Looking Lifelike Starfish Robot Walking Demo Video

Here is a pretty bizarre demonstration of a starfish shaped robot that generates it's own walking algorythm. Apparently the robot gets a sense of itself and then uses that to 'walk'. Near the end of the video they damage the robot and it is still able to walk around based on the new modal it generates. Or something.



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Video Of A Two Legged Robot That Balances And Walks By Itself

Here's a crazy video of a�two legged robot that balances and walks upright on it's own. The information with the video also says the robot learns the more it balances. They also show a second robot trying to push it over and it corrects it's balance.



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Super Crazy Ninja Cup Stacking Kid For The Win In This Video

Insain Fast Hands VideoThe kid in this video is possibly a secret disguised ninja as she captures the "cup stacking" world record in 7.43 seconds. Who knew there was a cup stacking record anyway. In any event, first she stacks up a large stack in the middle and two small stacks. After breaking those down she stacks two large stacks and breaks them down again. Finally she stacks one extra�large stack in the middle. These are plastic drinking cups like you would buy in the store. Super crazy secret ninja or little kid? You decide.

Check out the short video of the kid with the super fast ninja hands for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Time Lapse Video Where The Flowergod Creates An Arrangement In A Pumpkin

The Flowergod VideoHere is a time lapse video of a guy who calls himself The Flowergod. In this video he takes a pumpkin and makes a flower arrangement in the pumpkin. The trick is that the video is sped up 6 times so he makes it super fast. There are at least seven or eight other videos that he has done with various other flower arrangements. It's crazy to watch the flower arrangement go from nothing to a full on professional arrangement in under a minute. Apparently he also�has a full on site with normal speed instructional version of the videos here.

Watch the video below of the Flowergod create an arrangement at superfast speed or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman Battles Giant Robot Copy Machine For A Good Time In This Video

Double A Paper Commercial VideoHere is a commercial for Double A paper which makes paper for copy machines. In this commercial there is a woman who apparently uses sub quality paper which causes a jam in her copy machine. She starts going crazy and attacking the copy machine but then something unexpected happens. The copy machine transforms into a giant robot who grabs the papers she is holding and starts hitting her with them before ripping them up. And this makes me want to buy Double A paper how again? Wait it doesn't.

Watch the Double A paper commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Weird 3D Coke Commercial Where There Is A Future World Inside A Coke Machine

Weird 3D Coke VideoHere's a weird Coke commercial video where a guy walks up and puts his quarter in a Coke machine (since when were Coke's a quarter anytime in the last few decades). The coin rolls into the machine and then into a crazy world in a canyon which reminds me of the future in the movie 'The Time Machine'. These flying slugs carry a coke bottle into�a clockwork device where it gets filled and capped. After which it is sent to a freezer world where it gets cold and finally it exits the coke machine chased by a marching band of weird clockwork people. Apparently that is how coke machines work after you've had one to many cokes if you know what I mean.

Check out the video of the weird Coke commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Waste Time At Work With This Creative Line Rider Addictive Flash Drawing Toy

Line Rider Flash Toy VideoLine Rider is not a game but a toy according to the author. Basically you take a pencil and draw curves and lines on a white background. You can then press play and it launchs a guy on a sled into your line drawing. The sled slides down the lines. If you make them too steep the guy crashs. If you make them too flat he just comes to a hault. If you make them just right you can get a crazy rollercoaster going on. In the video below the Line Rider guy slides around on the lines for 1 minute and 44 seconds. He ends up in a line drawing of a helicopter. There was another video where the guy is moving so fast that be blasts through the lines themselves.

Watch the video of the crazy long line rider below or on the host site, or click over and view more videos of line riders, or play Line Rider right now!


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