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Guy Makes Art In The Top Of His Coffee Cup With Cream And Chocolate

Coffee Art VideoSo if you have nothing better to do with yourself you can sit around and make art in your coffee. The guy in this video takes about a half a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or whatever it is and fills the rest of the cup with cream. Next he takes either a small screwdriver or a paintbrush and creates little designs in the top of the coffee. Some of them get pretty complex and at one point he adds in chocolate syrup to have another color to mix in with the coffee and cream. He makes everything from bunny faces to butterflies to star patterns and whatever else he can come up with.

Check out the full video below of the coffee art for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Beer Cannon Destroys Household Objects In Slow Motion For The Win

Beer Cannon VideoHere is a slow motion video of various household objects being fired at high speed at various other household objects and shown here in slow motion. Some of the things they fire out of the cannon are beer cans, mustard jars,�sausage, whipped cream containers, and paintballs. They use a little white cup inside the cannon barrel to blow out whatever it is that they are shooting out of the cannon (you see the white cup in most of the shots). When they shoot the paintballs it works like a shotgun and peppers the target. They blast a TV, a radio, melons, flower�pots, flower arrangements, bottles of wine,�and all kinds of�other stuff�with beer cans.

Watch the video of the beer cannon below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Wedding Dress Made Of Cream Puffs Took 2 Months To Make In The Ukraine

Cream Puff Wedding Dress PhotoAccording the caption for this photo a chef spent two months making a wedding dress for his bride out of cream puffs. They live in some city in the Ukraine and the completed dress weighs twenty pounds. It is made up of 1500 cream puffs plus whatever else she is wearing. I can't tell if the flowers, crown, and neckless are also made of something edible and it doesn't say either. I assume the white portions on the cream puff dress are either powdered sugar or flour. I'd also assume that the cream puffs probably aren't filled as that would have spoiled them I think (or made them soggy).

Check out the full sized photo of this wedding dress made out of cream puffs for yourself.


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Guy Eats A Bunch Of Food And The Video Is Viewed In Reverse

Backwards Eating VideoHere is a music video (and music really has nothing to do with the video at all) where they recorded this guy eating a bunch of different foods. They then took the video and reversed it so instead of eating the food he is basically pulling all the food out of his mouth and putting it on the plates around him. The music track was then layed over it (so feel free to mute it if you want). He eats (or spits out depending on how you look at it) all kinds of stuff like hotdogs, celery, hard boiled eggs, chips, anchovies, (drinks) water, an ice cream cone, a banana, and a slice of watermelon among other things.

Watch the full video of this guy eating food in reverse for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Brawny Gets Crazy And Does A Commercial With Cake, Puppy, And Man

Brawny Commercial VideoUsually commercials use women to appeal to men with sex appeal. In this commercial they use a guy to appeal to women with his sex appeal. Except they are selling Brawny paper towels. They demonstrate how it can clear up whip cream (wow!). At the end of the commercial they have cake, guy, and cute puppy. I guess the real question is did this commercial work? Nice happy birthday cake bud except this commercial isn't for birthday cake.

Check out the male sex appeal commercial.


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