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Spoof Commercial About Kidstoned Chewable Valum For A Good Time

Kidstoned Spoof VideoHere is a pretty funny spoof video on what I assume would be a Flintstone's Chewable vitamines crossed with a pharmaceutical ad. The spoof product is kids' chewable valium called Kidstoned. It shows three kids running around being crazy and a house wife explaining how she uses Kidstoned chewable valum to knock them out for a few hours so she can have some piece and quiet from their raving lunacy. She goes on to say that just about all you have to do is check their breathing once in awhile or just poke them with a stick to make sure they didn't overdose. From the makers of nitrous oxide balloon animals. Sweet.

Watch the Kidstoned chewable valum commercial below for a good time or view it on their website.


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A Police Car Lost Control And Ended Up On Top Of Another Car In The Rain

Police Accident PhotoHere we have a ca accident with a police car sitting on top of another car and a boat parked in a driveway. According to the caption of the photo the police car lost control while responding to a call in the rain. The car crossed a lawn in Closter, NJ and ended up on top of the car. The drive had to launch that police car pretty good because it almost made it all the way over the car that it is sitting on top of. I'm amazed that the car on the bottom doesn't have broken back passenger windows.

Check out the full size photo of this strange car accident.


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Crane In This Video Arcs With Electricity And Burns Up When Crossed With Power Lines

Crane Gets Electrocuted VideoThe video here is pretty long and mostly consists of a burning truck. Apparently the truck deployed it's crane boom and the wire of the crane hit crossed two power lines. I don't see any people near the truck but there are a few people running around in the background and by the road. Throughout the video there is electricity arcing down the stablizers that the crane has deployed. The front of the truck where the engine is located is on fire. Towards the end of the video the wheels are smoking and the front ones are also one fire.

If you never knew why it was a bad thing to cross power lines this might set you straight.


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