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Short Clip Of Fireworks Over Disneyland Castle

Fireworks Over Disneyland VideoHere's a short clip of fireworks over Disneyland which is about fourty seconds long or so. The castle itself is also lit up and they time the lighting on the castle itself to fit with the fireworks. When the fireworks are all white they turn off all the castle lights and you get a black castle silhouette against the fireworks. Presumably this is just a regular fireworks show and not a 4th of July show (and not from 2006 either). There are quite a few people in the crowd in front of the person taking the video too. Wonder what their recording restrictions are at these events.

Watch the full video clip below from the Disneyland firework show or click over and view it on the host site.


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Skeleton Puppet Dances On A Sidewalk For Money And The Win

Skeleton Puppet Dance VideoThis video features a street performer with a skeleton puppet. The guy holds the puppet strings and dances the skeleton puppet around for the crowd. I think the skeleton is dancing around to Elvis music in the background (it seemed that way from the comments section on the video). The guy also has a bag people are throwing money into. Near the end the skeleton sits down in his own little throne chair. The people that just stand there with a ign probably make more than this guy per day though.

Check out the full video of the dancing skeleton below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Lego Stop Motion Rave Bass Attack Video For The Win

Lego Rave Attack VideoHere is a video done using legos and stop motion to mimic a rave club scene. Some lego cars pull up to the blue cube club and the lego guys go inside. Next a crowd of lego people show up an go inside as well. The video fades to the inside of the club and has all the lego guys brake dancing and tripping out to techno music. The stop motion is timed to the beat of the music so it works pretty well overall. Additionally, every stop motion beat the lighting is also changed which gives a strobe effect like you'd see in a rave club. Now they need legos with LEDs built into them.

Watch the full video of the stop motion lego rave below or click over and view it on the host site.


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From Russia With Ice Sculptures And Chain Saws For the Win

Ice Sculpture VideoI have no idea if this video is from Russia or not but it sounds good. Anyway this video is pretty slow except for the two or three seconds where the ice sculpture turns into so many ice cubes. A guy with a chain saw walks around cutting the supports out from under the ice sculpture until he cuts the last one and it comes crashing down. Another guy follows him and throws the cut supports out of the way though I am not sure why. It isn't vandalism as there seems to be a crowd (re: camera flashs) watching the guy bring it down. I assume they were either done with the ice sculpture or they wanted to make room for a new one.

Check out the full video of this ice sculpture turning into ice cubes below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Bull Jumps Into Stands And Rampages Through Crowd In This Video

Bull Attack VideoThe BBC is running a story and video about a bull in Mexico City which jumped into the spectator stands of the bull ring and ran amuck. It's pretty amazing how high the bull was able to jump as the wall is probably at least six feet high but the bull just sails over it. The funny thing in the video is all the people in the stands that basically stand there and watch the bull running around crazy in the seats right in front of them and even taking photos of the bull. The one couple in white just stands there and only moves when the bull turns towards them. Apparently, only one of the people was injured. A matador killed the bull in the stands shortly thereafter. The funny thing about the news commentator is he comments something to the effect of "No one knows why the bull went crazy like that!". Yeah, I wonder why the bull tried to escape when you're trying TO KILL IT.

Head on over and view the full video of the bull rampaging through the stands.


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Japanese Magician Pulls Real Hamburgers Out Of A 2D Sign And Eats Them

Japanese Magician Trick VideoSo the Japanese magician guy in this video has me stumped. He's a street magician and he's outside a fast food restaurant (maybe a Micky D's). There is a crowd of people watching and there is a sign on the wall with pictures of hamburgers. He reachs up and pulls a real hamburger out of the sign. The place where the hamburger was in the sign is now a whitespace and he holds a real hamburger in this hand. He takes a bite out of it and then places it back into the sign. The hamburger in the sign now has a bite out of it. Next it does it again to another burger farther down in the sign. He talks a bite out of this one as well and then walks off. For the life of me I can't see the burger in this hand when he moves it up to the sign. Is it a video trick or does this guy rock?

Watch the full video of the Japanese hamburger magician guy below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rocketman Flies Up Over A Crowd Wearing A Backpack Rocket For A Good Time

Rocket Guy VideoHere is a video of Dan Schlund at a fairgrounds in Melbourne (I assume Australia). He has a rocket pack strapped to his back and they do a count down until he lifts off. I'm not sure if this is the same guy who has been doing the rocketpack deal since it was featured in James Bond or not. Anyway they count down to one and the guy lifts off and then flies up over and around above the crowd. He's up pretty high and then comes circling back down to where he took off from. The video doesn't show him landing and I'm not sure why they had the sparks going before he lifted off. He should have had some kind of LED lighting system on him.

Check out the full video of the rocketman below or click on over and view it at their site.


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Guy Tries To Do Tricks With A Pogo Stick But Ends Up Bent Over A Chair

Pogo Stick Mistake VideoOuch. The guy in this video is bouncing on a pogostick in front of a crowd. There is a chair sitting in front of him and he tries to bounce up and into the chair. The problem is he lands half on the chair and half off the chair. The pogostick slips off the chair and falls to the ground. The guy falls fowards and ends of getting the back of the chair in the gut and doing a hand stand while stuck bent over the chair. Nice one hero.

Watch this guy get pwned by a pogo stick.


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Flaming Fire Ring Stunt Goes Wrong And A Reporter Gets Half Run Over

Flame Stunt VideoIn this video which appears to have been filmed in Romania there is a guy standing on top of a car. The car drives towards two burning rings of fire and the guy has to jump through the burning rings and land back on the car. Everything works great in the first stunt but the send time they give it a go it doesn't quite go as planned. Somehow the side of the car bursts into flames or they spray it with fire and the car swerves into the crowd. At the receiving end of the burning car is a news reporter and his cameraman. The news reporter gets half run over by the burning car. Ouch.

Watch these crazy fire stunts for a good time.


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Video Of A Skater Flying Off A Half Pipe And Landing In The Middle Of A Crowd

Flying Skater VideoSo all these people are at a skate board competition with a big half pipe in the center. The guy in the red shirt is currently riding the half pipe except that he makes a mistake. I don't know if he is using roller blades or a skateboard. Anyway he flies off the left side of the half pipe off into the crowd. He lands hip first onto a guard rail (OUCH) before slamming into the crowd and seating. Near the end of the video he gets up and is fine but he is lucky that he didn't break his hip. Any questions on why you wear a helmet?

Watch this guy get taken to the cleaners by a guard rail.


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