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Darth Vader Helmet Made Into Hot Air Balloon In This Photo

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon PhotoHere's a custom project where a guy made a hot air balloon shaped like Darth Vader's head. The article about it is somewhat light on details but it does say they sent a 3D object file to the hot air balloon manufacturers and then made custom modifications once they received the final balloon.



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Guy Dresses Up Like Darth Vader And Plays The Violin In Victoria BC

Darth Violin VideoHere is a bizarre video featuring a guy who dresses up like Darth Vader and plays a violin in a city downtown. Some of the comments of the video claim it was filmed in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada. The guy sings along with his violin busking though it's pretty difficult to make out what he's saying. At least he is somewhat original moreso than some of the buskers in other entries (like the guy from San Francisco). The video might be better if the guy actually knew how to play the violin.

Check out the video of Darth playing the violin below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Darth Tater And Spud Trooper Have A New Friend In Artoo Potatoo

Star Wars Potato HeadsLast year Hasbro released Darth Tater, Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head. Later on last year they also released "Spud Trooper" another Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head. This year they are coming out with Artoo Potatoo which is R2-D2 as a Mr. Potato Head. I haven't quite figured out what the Spud Trooper guy is holding in his right hand there. It looks like a potato masher (maybe that's some kind of potate joke where instead of having a blaster rifle ala Star Wars it's a potato masher). So at some point are they going to come out with a Mrs. Leia Potato, Mr. Potato Chewbacca, Jabba the Potato, and Solo Potato?

View the full sized photo of the Mr. Potato Head Star Wars toys.


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Lord Of The Rings Four Spoof Trailer Where Frodo Teams Up With Link

Lord Of The Rings Four Spoof TrailerThis is some classic stuff right here. In this video which is a fake trailer for a Lord Of The Rings IV movie Frodo and Link (from Zelda) team up. Frodo heads off to the west (which apparently is where Link lives) and teams up with Link to fight evil. They end up fighting a group of pirates (see screencapture), a couple of ninjas, and finally Darth Maul all while running through the woods. Overall I'd say it turned out pretty well as the guy that plays Frodo really looks like him but they could use some post production work on it. The video is washed out for some reason, they weren't able to do a blue screen on the Darth Maul lightsaber so he ends up just wielding a stick, and there aren't any added sound effects (just the narrator and music).

View the full spoof trailer with pirates, ninjas, jedi, Frodo, and Link all togather for a good time below or click over to view it on the main site.


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George Lucas Strikes Back With The Christmas Version Of Darth Vader All In Red

Christmas Darth Vader PhotoIf you are looking for what NOT to buy your local Star Wars nerd for Christmas this has probably got to be at the top of your list. I'd like to know what marketing genius or focus group came up with the idea of a red Darth Vader for Christmas and though it would sell a billion copies. What exactly do you do with a red Darth Vader + yuletide wreath + Christmas light's decorated Star Destroyer background? You can't exactly throw the red Darth Vader down with your other Star Wars nerd toys and get it on can you? What's the play? Darth Vader slipped in some red paint and is REALLY MAD NOW? I think you're way over the top now George. Which part of the continuity of Star Wars does a red Darth Vader fall into? What's next? Darth Vader in a Santa suit? I guess maybe you could stick it on the top of your Christmas tree if you were a real Star Wars nerd.

Check out the full size photo of the red Darth Vader action figure for yourself over at Rebelscum.


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Jedi DJ Scratchs A Star Wars Song Remix On A Turntable Video

Jedi DJ VideoIn this video we have a guy wearing a Star Wars Darth Vader suit scratching on a record turn table. The song he is re-mixing is the Star Wars Imperial March. I haven't figured out if this a parody or a tribute to Star Wars yet but I'm leaning towards tribute. I'm not sure that I actually care for the re-mix of Imperial March but the video is kind of funny to say the least. You have Darth Vader scratching on a turn table instead of wielding a lightsaber and force choking people to death. Darth, I didn't know you cared.

Check out the full length video of Vader scratching on a turntable below or click on over and view it at their website.


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LucasArts Commercial For Revenge Of The Sith At The Dinner Table

Sith Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial from LucasArts for their Revenge of the Sith franchise milking machine video game. It is a fake home movie at the dinner table with the family. There is the blonde mom, the annoying brother, the bespeckled dad, the loopy uncle, and the little sister. The loopy uncle is talking trash to the little sister about his claw hand. He bust out the cup and pretends he is Darth Vader. The little sister gets fed up and whoops out a lightsaber, promptly cutting his hand off before sitting down again like nothing happened.

Waste time at work watching this stupid but amusing LucasArts commercial.

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Darth Vader Gets Rejected By A Marketing Exec At Orange In This Commercial

Darth Vader Pitch VideoHere we have a commercial for what I think is a cell phone company (Orange?). Anyway Darth Vader is attempting to pitch a new movie for himself to a group of "marketing" people sitting on a panel. Suffice to say they don't buy it even when Darth Vader busts out with the Jedi mind tricks. What is missing from the commercial is where Vader pulls out his light saber and cuts this clows down to size for talking back to him. Who ever heard of calling a cell phone company "Orange" anyway. Idiots.

Check out the stupid commercial which whore's out Darth Vader for yourself.


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New Dark Side M&Ms From Masterfoods Featuring Darth Vader That Melts In Your Mouth

Star Wars M&Ms PhotoSo Masterfoods USA decided they didn't want Darth Tater to get all the action and came out with Star Wars M&Ms. The slogan is that these are dark chocolate M&Ms and the pitch being "Go to the Dark Side". The package features M&Ms dressed up as storm (or clone?) troopers and Boba (or Jango?) Fett. They didn't dress Darth Vader up as an M&M though according to the photo of the M&M wrapper. I guess a squat round Darth Vader just wouldn't be the same.

Check out the full size photo of the new Dark Side M&Ms package.


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Darth Tater And Darth Vader Swap Stories And Business Cards At The Toy Fair

Darth Tater PhotoOne of the most emailed photos right now is of Darth Vader and Darth Tater at the International Toy Fair. A couple months ago Hasbro announced Darth Tater and released photos of the toy which quickly became one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo. In this photo it shows Darth Tater holding a Darth Vader "action figure" and Darth Vader holding a "Darth Tater" toy (also known as Darth Tator). I just checked the date and this photo as actually from back in February so I'm not sure what spured it to hit the top emailed photos now.

Check out the full photo of Darth Tater and Darth Vader togather for yourself.


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