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Shaky Cam Video Of The Worlds Tallest Horse

Here's a video taken from what seems like a cell phone came of the world's tallest living horse. Apparently he eats 18 pounds of grain, 40 pounds of hay, and drinks 20 gallons of water a day. He's 6 feet and 7.5 inchs tall which I assume is at the shoulder and weighs around 2400 pounds.



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Video Of A Six Legged Tractor Developed By A John Deere Subsidiary

Insect Tractor VideoHere is a video of a "prototype" tractor that was (is?) being developed by a defunct John Deere subsidiary. It looks a lot like some kind of insect with six legs or a lot like that mondo spider video we posted the other day. According to some of the comments with the video they were developing it for use in low impact logging but it really moves very slow. I can't see it being practical moving that slow (though that mondo spider moved pretty fast). There are three different videos of this from different angles and at different locations so check out the "related" section on the host site for the other two.

Watch the insect tractor video below and click over to view it on the host site.


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Step Back In Time With The Fallout Shelter Handbook

Fallout Shelter Handbook PhotosSome guy found an old Fallout Shelter handbook at an Arts Festival and has scanned a few of the pages and put them up on the web. The cover of the handbook shows your normal 50's family living underground in their normal clothes. Some of the advertisements that go with it include a geiger counter, an air pump system, an age chemical toilet, and a portable toilet stand. The movie, The Day After, portrays it somewhat differently after an attack which doesn't look at all like the cover of the Fallout shelter handbook.

Check out the full page scan of the fallout shelter handbook plus other pages inside it after the jump.


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Automated Robotic Sentry Turret With 5.5mm Machine Gun Video

Robot Turret VideoApparently this video contains a demo of an automated robot turret that has a 5.5 mm machine gun built into it. The turret costs around $200,000 and was designed to be deployed at the DMZ in South Korea according to some of the other info listed with the video. It comes with a day and a night camera in addition to people tracking and recognition software (which you'll see in the video). One thing I noticed about the tracking "square" that the software places around people was that it seemed to lag behind the person so I wonder if the gun leads in front of them. It also appears to give the people a chance to surrender before it fires on them. Welcome to the future?

Check out the full video of the automatic machinegun robot turret below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman Is Split In Half And Still Alive On A Park Bench In This Illusion Video

Woman Cut In Half Illusion VideoThe illusionist in this video seperates a woman in half in broad daylight in front of an audience. First up he uses some misdirection by picking a bystanding and then dismissing her for being too short. Next up he brings a really tall woman up to the front and has her lay on a park bench. He has one person pull her arms and one person pull her legs. He puts his hands on her middle and pounds it (which I assume releases the clasp between the midget and the amputee). Next he has the two people pull and the woman splits in half. The top half of her crawls away and the bottom half sits up. I assume the midget probably can see out of the skirt (and therefore walk around).

Watch the video of the split woman below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Prisoner In Pakistan Had An Entire Lightbulb Stuck In His Bum

Lightbulb Stuck Up The Bum PhotoI've watched this story build for a couple days and finally decided to post it. Apparently a guy in Pakistan who is in prison for four years woke up one day (he claims) with a lightbulb stuck in his bum. He told the doctors he has no idea how it go there (if it was the guards or another prisoner). The photo here is an x-ray of the guy with the lightbulb stuck in his bum. The guy is in prison for selling or attempting to sell alcohol in Pakistan (which is against Islamic law). According to the article I read on the story they successfully extracted the lightbulb without it breaking. If it had broken the guy would have been in a world of hurt.

Check out the full sized photo of the x-ray of the guy with the lightbulb stuck in his bum.


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Demonstration Video Of A 3D Desktop Filled With Physics Enabled Documents

Virtual 3D Document Piles VideoIn this video they demonstrate a desktop interface system where the desktop is a 3d space and 'documents' (or windows) are physics effected objects that can be thrown around, stacked, organized, unorganized, folded, crumpled up, and/or enlarged. The majority of it is them working with small 'square' documents which only show the type of the file (the icon like a PDF). However, near the end of the video they start working with browser windows and images which look and 'feel' like a real stack of physical photos. The interface seems to be completely mouse based with lots of 'circle the 3d document objects' to select them and then perform a function. Probably the best one is the effect of crumpling a document or window up, throwing it in a corner, and watching it bounce around. It seems like it would be a more natural way of organizing (or at least ) accessing windows because instead of a flat surface you have a stack of off center windows where you can see a small amount of the content in each. Combine this with the top down touch screen table display for a couple days ago. Now apply the same functionality to video games or each individual website in a web browser for the win.

Watch the full video of the 3d desktop object demonstration below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Skeleton Puppet Dances On A Sidewalk For Money And The Win

Skeleton Puppet Dance VideoThis video features a street performer with a skeleton puppet. The guy holds the puppet strings and dances the skeleton puppet around for the crowd. I think the skeleton is dancing around to Elvis music in the background (it seemed that way from the comments section on the video). The guy also has a bag people are throwing money into. Near the end the skeleton sits down in his own little throne chair. The people that just stand there with a ign probably make more than this guy per day though.

Check out the full video of the dancing skeleton below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Interview With The Phillip K Dick Android For A Good Time

Phillip K Dick Android Interview VideoHere is a video interview from a tech show in Chicago featuring the Phillip K. Dick android. The voice recognition doesn't seem to be very good on it as when people asks it questions via the microphone it comes out with really off the wall answers. It does have a video camera in the eyes which tags faces though which makes the 'android' move it's head in a somewhat real looking manner. The guy in the video calls it an interactive sculpture. I'd say they would have been better off if they were running something like Eliza as the question answer engine. It seems somewhat more interactive than the android from the Japanese video a couple days ago.

Watch the full video of the 'interview' with the android below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Photo Of Guy In Mexico Who Weighs Around 1200 Pounds

1200 Pound Guy PhotoA day or so ago I read an article about this guy in Mexico who they estimate weighs something like 1200 pounds. Apparently they don't have a scale that can weight him so that is really just an estimate based on how big around he his. They think he is probably the largest living human at the moment. The world record seems to be at around 1400 pounds from a guy who died awhile ago. According to the article this 1200 pound guy has contected a doctor in Italy and at some point in the near future he will be traveling there on a special plane to have the stomach reducing surgery. If this guy can't even stand up on his own how does he use the restroom and how much food does he had to eat to stay the size he is?

Head over and check out the full sized photo of this guy that weighs around 1200 pounds.


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