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Snoopy Rides His Dog House Into Space And Blows Up The Death Star

Snoopy Star Wars VideoHere is a Star Wars fan film featuring Snoopy and his little yellow bird friend. Snoopy plays Luke Skywalker and leads the attack on the Death Star while riding his dog house. The little yellow bird plays R2-D2 and fixes the dog house when it gets hit. Everything else is pretty much the same as the original Star Wars except it is cell shaded. Near the end of the video Snoopy is saved by his bowl of dog food (WTF?) instead of the Falcon. Kind of a bizarre video overall much like the Peanuts cartoons. Use the force Snoopy use the force.

Check out the Snoopy Star Wars video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Blast From The Past Author Predicts The Next 50 Years From 1881 To 1931

1931 Predictions Book From 1881Here is a book that I saw over on Google Books which was published in 1881. It is a futurist prediction of the time between 1881 and 1931. The author makes quite a few good preditions but also is a bit over optimistic is some of his other predictions. For example, some of his predictions which did not come to pass were that by 1931 racism would cease to exist, France and Germany would have peacefully resolved their differences over the Rhineland, and the failure of man to be able to fly. Some of the things which he predicted which did happen were the Panama Canal (he names three places where a canal would probably be built), the death of the telegraph and rise of the telephone, prohibition, the fall of Russia to communism around 1900 (though he predicted it would be peaceful), fax machines, and a bunch of other predictions. It's quite a few pages and I think I got to around 40 pages or so.

Head over and check out the book with predictions from 1881 for yourself.


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Mashup Video Where The Star Trek Enterprise Fights The Death Star

Star Wars vs. Star Trek VideoThis video is a mashup between multiple Star Trek episodes and the three original Star Wars movies. It's about 7 minutes long and pretty well done. The Star Trek Enterprise is warping along when it comes upon the Death Star. The Enterprise tries diplomacy and the Empire from Star Wars attacks straight away. It has Tie fighters attacking the Enterprise and the Enterprise bringing down a Super Star Destroyer. Finally the Enterprise has to run away when the Death Star fires on them. The video mashup itself is pretty well scripted with the dialog all matching and making sense in the 7 minute plot.

Watch the full video of the Enterprise fighting the Empire and the Death Star below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Surfer Ninjas Brave Giant Waves At Teahupoo Tahiti In This Video

Surfing Teahupoo Waves VideoThis big wave surfing video was shot at Teahupoo, Tahiti and it features some pretty big waves very close to shore. The video starts out with some pretty big waves with no one surfing them. Watch the water suck up and under the very first wave they show -- it's pretty amazing. The waves seem to be coming right down a corridor and not effecting the camera boat which seems to be stationed right next to where they break. Additionally, the break has a spray effect where the water shoots down the wave tunnel in a huge whiteout spray. The guys have to be towed into the wave on jet skis as well and if you know anything about surfing that means BIG waves. They show a number of guys catching waves, a wipeout, and some whiteouts before panning towards shore where you can see how close to the islands they are. So the real question is, are surfers really ninjas (note the black suits and death defying feats)?

Check out the full video of these huge wave breaks at Teahupoo, Tahiti for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ahhhhnold Demonstrates His Prowess As A Jedi Ninja Ravinator

Ahnold Jedi Ninja VideoHere is a video clip from what looks like one of the Conan movies (or at least an out take or practise session). Arnold is practicing sword play without a sword. Someone came in and digitially added glow sticks or as I like to think of them Jedi Ninja Daggers Of Death. The digital edit really isn't a very good job as the glow sticks are outside the back of his hands most of the time. For the most part the video seems to repeat the same sword moves two or three times but it is still pretty funny. Who knew that Ahhhnold was a ninja?

Watch the full video of Ahnold as Conan as a Jedi Ninja Ravinator below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Jedi DJ Scratchs A Star Wars Song Remix On A Turntable Video

Jedi DJ VideoIn this video we have a guy wearing a Star Wars Darth Vader suit scratching on a record turn table. The song he is re-mixing is the Star Wars Imperial March. I haven't figured out if this a parody or a tribute to Star Wars yet but I'm leaning towards tribute. I'm not sure that I actually care for the re-mix of Imperial March but the video is kind of funny to say the least. You have Darth Vader scratching on a turn table instead of wielding a lightsaber and force choking people to death. Darth, I didn't know you cared.

Check out the full length video of Vader scratching on a turntable below or click on over and view it at their website.


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Hippie Vs Ninja Battle To The Death With Keyboards For A Good Time

Keyboard Fight VideoBask in the stupidness of this video. You know you want to. Anyway, this video (which is extremely stupid) starts out in black and white in some kind of round council chamber. There is a hippie in a headscarf banging on a keyboard and mouse in one of the chairs (there is no monitor). He is pretending to play a video game I suppose. At this point some ninja guy holding a keyboard shows up and the hippie guy fights the ninja. They are both under the delusion that their keyboards are swords. The fight moves on to both of them pretending to use different controllers in "hand magic" attacks. Did I tell you it was stupid already? At some point does something become so stupid that it cross back over into being funny?

Waste time at work by watching this stupid ninja keyboard battle video.


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Two Thieves Try To Break Into A Store And Almost Get Stoned To Death

Thief VideoThat crazy safety glass will get you every time. The poor bastards in this video are trying to break into a store. We have one guy standing on lookout while another guy goes to get some rocks. He comes back and throws a rock at the window. BAM! It bounces off and hits his buddy right in the back of the head. The buddy is out cold on the ground but the rock thrower doesn't notice. BAM! The second rock bounces back and hits the rock thrower guy right in the face. He goes down cold too. Crime pays...with rocks in the face.

Watch these two thiefs take it in the head litterally.


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Watch Out For The Guys With Shotguns, Pistols, And Bats In Madness Interactive

Madness Interactive Flash GameMadness Interactive is a strange free flash game. It is is a stick figure death rampage side scroller shooter beat'em up. You run along a side view and beat on stick figure bad guys. One of the tricky things about it though is that you actually have to swing your fists at the enemy which is accomplished by swirling the mouse around and around. The enemies have weapons like bats and guns which you can also pick up after you wack them. The only problem with that is that they usually blow you away before you have a chance to get close with your fists. The guns are somewhat limited as they also run out of ammo at the worst times. Overall the graphics are pretty bad and the gameplay isn't better than old side scroller arcade games. But if you like stick figure death games give this one a shot.

It's stick fiure madness death ahhhhhhh!


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Ever Wanted To Hang Glide Without The Danger Of Falling 5000 Feet To Your Death?

Canyon Glider Flash GameCanyon Glider is a free flash game that you view from the side like an old arcade shooter. You play as a hang glider and you must take off and fly out over the desert through hoops to get points. Make sure you read the instructions though as in order to take off you must press the left and right arrows over and over to build up speed and take off. The graphics are professional and polished. The only problem for me it seems was that I was unable to get any are and therefore crashed repeatedly after takeoff. Your mileage may vary but I couldn't for the life of me make the thing fly.

Practice your hang gliding in this Canyon Glider game.


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