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Live Sound Wave Visualization Using Fire For A Good Time

The guy in this video demonstrates a Rubens Tube. He has a speaker at one end of a piece of PVC pipe that contains holes. He runs propane into the tube and lights it up like a camp stove. The pipes sound through the speaker and the sound waves compress the air in the tube giving the sound wave visualization in the flames.



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Video Demo Of The Havok Physics Engine Using Various Materials

This demo video from some video game show demonstrates the Havok physics engine with a bunch of different materials. They throw objects through various materials (wood, glass, jelly, metal) and they break up, dent, or bounce back like they would in the real world (no pre-animation).



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Custom Home Defence Automated BB Gun Web Cam Video

Here is a video of a custom automated home defence USB BB gun web cam system. The guy in the video built the system and wrote the automation software. He demonstrates firing the BB gun inside his house and through the window.



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Guy Demonstrates A Coin Illusion For A Good Time

Guy demonstrates a coin trick using a glass table to show the movement of the coins. He flicks each coin under a towl while pretending to pick it up and then drops a palmed coin out of his hand into the glass.



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Interesting Accordion Chair Coach Video For The Win

In this video a guy demonstrates an accordion chair coach. It seems like a bunch of pieces of cardboard or similar material in the shape of a chair which is attached togather like an accordion. It seems pretty light.



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Philips Booth Demonstrates Light Up Fabric At A Tradeshow In This Video

Lumalive VideoHere's a video from what looks like some kind of tradeshow at the Philips booth where they demonstrate light emitting fabric called lumalive. They have people wearing t-shirts with moving light animations on them, chairs with moving light images in the backs of them, and a couch with the back filled with light moving icons. The video is pretty light on technical details however. As far as I can tell the tshirts look pretty bulky (somewhat like a bulletproof vest). The back of the chair though looks pretty good and the woman even presses in on the light area to show that it isn't just a flat light emitting surface. I'm guess it's either embedded LEDs, electroluminescence, or a flexable LCD.

Check out the video of the light up t-shirts below or click over and view it on the host site.


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14 Year Old In Nepal Is Only 20 Inchs Tall And Could Be Smallest Man In World

Small Guy In Nepal PhotoSo this is one of the many photos of the 14 year old from Nepal who is only 20 inchs tall. Apparently he has to wait until he is 18 before he can be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for the smallest man in the world record. His name is Khagendra Thapa Magar and this photo has him standing next to his brother who is younger than he is. There are multiple other photos of this guy over on Yahoo as well. Again this just demonstrates that most myths are based on fact such as Tom Thumb who probably did exist and was similar to this guy.

Head over to Yahoo and view the full sized photo of this minature guy plus other photos of him.


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Table Top Touch Screen Display Interface Test For Warcraft III And Google Earth

Table Top Display Test VideoThis video features the table top (projection from above) display combined with a touch and voice recognition interface for Warcraft III and Google Earth. First they show Google Earth and the guy uses his hands to pan around, zoom in, select regions, and measure distances. He also combines in some voice commands which compliment the interactivity provided by the touch display. Next up he demonstrates using the screen to play Warcraft III. He selects a group of units by placing an arm on each side of the units and he also uses voice commands such as 'build farm' which pops up a farm to be built by the next available worker and then touchs the screen to show where it should be built. At the very end they show a quick clip of two people controling the same Warcraft III interface.

Click over and view the full video of the table top projection display interface for yourself.


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Ahhhhnold Demonstrates His Prowess As A Jedi Ninja Ravinator

Ahnold Jedi Ninja VideoHere is a video clip from what looks like one of the Conan movies (or at least an out take or practise session). Arnold is practicing sword play without a sword. Someone came in and digitially added glow sticks or as I like to think of them Jedi Ninja Daggers Of Death. The digital edit really isn't a very good job as the glow sticks are outside the back of his hands most of the time. For the most part the video seems to repeat the same sword moves two or three times but it is still pretty funny. Who knew that Ahhhnold was a ninja?

Watch the full video of Ahnold as Conan as a Jedi Ninja Ravinator below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Masked Man Demonstrates Aerosol Flamethrower For A Good Time Without Dying

Homemade Flamethrower VideoAnd here we have yet another home made flame thrower video out of a lighter and some kind of aerosol can. In this video the kid is wearing a lone ranger mask to hide his identity while blasting the flame thrower at the camera. One of the comments on this video says something to the effect that the kid shouldn't hold the lighter in the flame the whole time and burn his thumb off. Bottom line is don't do this at home unless you want to end up as hamburger all over your walls. The flame thrower does NOT blow up in this video though which is kind of a let down. Only Darwin Award winners need apply for the homemade flamethrower award.

Check out the full video of the homemade flamethrower below or click over and view it on the host site.


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