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Depth Of Field 3D Browsing Interface Faked With Javascript In This Video

Here's an interesting 'website browser' built in Javascript which fakes a 3D browser environment. It displays screen shots of sites in a floating cube which you can navigate in 3D through. You can click on a site to full screen it and make it interactive. I think he is just using Javascript to fake the 3D and not SVG.



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Exhibit Illusion Room Shows People Turning Into Giants In This Video

Illusion Room VideoIn this video the two guys are at some illusion exhibit in New Zealand. Apparently this room in the exhibit is built to be an optical illusion where when a person walks from one end of the room to the other it looks like the person is turning into a giant. This is the same depth of field effect they use in movies to depict giant size characters. I only notice a little bit of the right side of the room being "lower" in the camera view. It's possible that the right side is the same height as the left side but the floor sure looks slanted. Anyway, the right side is much farther back (or so it seems) that the left side of the room. As the person walks from right to left I assume they get closer to the camera (and I assume the floor to ceiling height is also less).

Watch the full video of the giant in the room illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Blast All The Sharks And Help Your Typing Skills With This Word Shark Game

Word Shark Flash GameWord Shark is a free flash game that helps you learn typing. You are a diver diving from a dive boat and sharks attempt to each you. You must type the word on each shark to make it go away and continue. You get points for accuracy and depth. The graphics and sound are professional and fun. Try this one if you want to speed up your typing skills. If you miss typing and the sharks get all the wave to your diver you get some "Jaws" style music and then you get eaten by the shark.

Play Word Shark and ante up on your typing skills.


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Speedboat Going At High Speed Almost Ripped In Half When It Rams A Pole

Speedboat Split Almost In Half PhotoThe photo we have here is of an expensive speedboat which rammed into what looks like a harbor depth pole. The front of the boat looks like it was nearly split in half with the pole at least six feet into the front of the boat. I'm sure the pole is sunk into the bottom pretty far otherwise it would have budged. The boat must have been going pretty fast as well you ram it on there like that. At the back of the photo you can see the water almost over the back of the boat. I can't tell if the boat is stuck on the pole and therefore isn't sinking or what. There isn't any information with the photo.

Check out the speedboat which was almost split in half on this pole.


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Destroy Submarines With Depth Charges In The Silent Water Game

Silent Water Flash GameInteresting little battleship type flash game. You are a destroyer on the surface and you must drop depth charges onto submarines under you. The submarines shoot torpedos at you which you also must dodge. The view is from the side and the graphics work out well. It is amazing how simple the graphics are but they still give you the feel of arcady ship to submarine combat. I think I played this one for quite a awhile and it just gets more difficult as you go along.

Get your depth charges on in Silent Water.

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