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The Batmobile And Barbie Meet In A Cacophony of Glittery Neon Disney

Japanese VansIf you ever wanted to cross the Batmobile with glitter, a pink flamingo, neon lights, and Disney this might just be the ticket for you. This site has a bunch of photos of extremely customized Japanese vans. This thumbnail here is only one example of how crazy they get customizing over in Japan. Click over and see the other insain van photos.



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Short Clip Of Fireworks Over Disneyland Castle

Fireworks Over Disneyland VideoHere's a short clip of fireworks over Disneyland which is about fourty seconds long or so. The castle itself is also lit up and they time the lighting on the castle itself to fit with the fireworks. When the fireworks are all white they turn off all the castle lights and you get a black castle silhouette against the fireworks. Presumably this is just a regular fireworks show and not a 4th of July show (and not from 2006 either). There are quite a few people in the crowd in front of the person taking the video too. Wonder what their recording restrictions are at these events.

Watch the full video clip below from the Disneyland firework show or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Cat Nursing Five Puppies And A Photo Of A Dog Nursing Tiger Cubs

Cat Feeds Puppys VideoHere we have a video clip from Animal Planet showing a cat nursing maybe five or six puppies. Apparently the mother of the puppies wasn't interested in caring for them so this cat took over. It seems pretty strange that this cat would just walk up one day and carry the puppies off to her hiding hole to nurse them. This video goes along pretty well with the photo up on Yahoo of a dog nursing two tiger cubs. I'll wager it won't get long now before Disney gets in on the action.

Check out the video of the cat nursing five or six puppies and then view the image of the dog nursing tiger cubs.


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The Chronicles of Narnia Featurette

The Chronicles of Narnia Featurette

Over at the Apple Quicktime trailer site I noticed they had a WETA Featurette about�The Chronicles of Narnia movie. WETA is the same effects group that did most of the props and effects for the Lord of The Rings movies. The featurette is full of minatours, cyclopses, harpies, fauns, orges, centaurs, and many more creatures from the Narnia series of books by C.S. Lewis. The armor and swords looks a lot like the exact same stuff they used for Lord of the Rings. The official site for the movie is over at

Check out the minatours in the�WETA Featurette.


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