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Dragonfly Like Remote Controlled Robot Demo Reel

This demo reel video shows a "dragonfly" like remote controlled robot. It is about the size of say a pigeon and looks like it is made out of styrofoam. It flaps it's wings but it also has two very small propellers on either side. Apparently it is a buyable product and not just a prototype.



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Three Ninjas Battle Magons Myth Story In This Video For The Win

Three Ninjas Story VideoUnless you live in a cave you've probably seen an "Ask A Ninja" episode before. In this episode some guy asks the ninja about the number three. The ninja responds with a full on ninja story about ancient times and how there was a group of three ninjas that formed Voltron to fight off half man half dragon creatures for the win. Ultimately they formed into a stream of black or some such and have been continually speeding up since ancient times in their quest to battle all of the other numbers for the spot as the top number. The number three occuring throughout history is because of these three ninjas.

Check out the video of the three ancient ninjas below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rocketboom Mashup Video Of A Ninja Question And Answer Session

Rocketboom Ask A Ninja Mashup VideoLast month, Rocketboom did an episode of a mashup between the "Ask A Ninja" guy's videos and the Rocketboom host Amanda. Amanda, dressed as a ninja, asks various questions and then they use clips from the "Ask A Ninja" guy's answers to give the ninja answer to the question. The questions include "Did you hear about the cure for AIDS?", "What is your opinion of Steve Jobs?", and "How do you describe America's foreign policy?" amoung others. The ninja suit Amanda is wearing is also pretty funny because it isn't "true black" and looks more like a Dune still suit than anything else. Where is the episode where Amanda fights the dragon for "true black" dye and becomes a REAL ninja?

Check out the full video of the "Ask A Ninja" Rocketboom mashup for yourself below or click over to the host site or even better check out the current episode of Rocketboom.


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Ninja Explains About True Black And Answers Questions About Ninja Mart

Ninja Mart Question VideoHere is another funny "Ask A Ninja" video from the same guy who brought you the "Santa Clause Is A Ninja" video. In this video the question is something like "Where do you buy your ninja gear? Is there a Ninja Mart?". The ninja guy explains that ninja suits are the only true black material in the world as all other black dyes are really just dark dark red or green. The true black comes from the heart of a dragon according to the ninja giving the interview. Additionally, all ninjas make their own gear because otherwise they wouldn't be able to trust it. If another ninja made their gear it might be poisoned or some such. One thing he does note is that the ninjas don't make their own wings (for some reason there is a 4000 year contract with someone who makes the wings). It goes on and on like this for some time.

Check out the full video about the Ninja Mart and where ninjas get their black below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mutated One Eyed Cyclops Kitten Born in Oregon

One Eyed Cyclops KittenWell these mutated photos are flying fast and furious now aren't they? From two headed snakes to today's one eyed cyclops kitten. According to the caption of the article this kitten was born with one eye and no nose. It only lived about a day and the owner named it Cy. If you ever wondered where they came up with all the Greek monster myths like the hydra and the cyclops this is probably one good example of where they came from. And you though dragons were fake too huh? Wait until you meet a 12 foot long komodo dragon lizard.

Head over and check out the photo of this one eyed cyclops kitten.


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Corvette Verses Viper In This Drag Battle And The Corvette Crashs

Dragster Crash VideoThere is a Dodge Viper and a Corvette revving up at the starting line of a drag strip. Both cars have pretty big air scoops on them as well. They take off from the line and about 50 feet down the track the Corvette loses it. The Viper keeps on going but something breaks or causes the Corvette to close control. The Corvette slams into the wall and explodes over it in a giant cloud of dust and flying metal. The rescue crews get to the wrecked car pretty quickly and it doesn't explode in a giant fireball. As far as I can tell the driver is still alive (some of the rescue guys seem to talk to him).

Check out the full video of this Corvette crashing in a big way on the dragster track below or click over and view it on the original site.


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Ninja Commercial Featuring Two Ninjas Who Stab Each Other In The Back Literally

Funny Ninja Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial for an asset management company (wtf?). They filmed it like it was a Chinese movie like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It starts out with a couple ninjas sneaking along the outside of some palace wall. The first ninja jumps over the wall and lands on his feet scanning the area. The next ninja jumps over the wall and lands on the first ninja causing a bunch of noise. This leads the ninjas to being discovered. They run out into the courtyard and stand back to back facing an encircling group of house guards. One of the ninja's woops out a shuriken but forgets he is standing back to back with another ninja. He jacks his hand back to throw the shuriken and stabs his buddy in the back of the head with the shuriken (ouch!). The commercial ends with the guy trying to tug the shuriken out while saying "Sorry" over and over.

Check out the funny commercial with the backstabbing ninjas for yourself below or click over to view it on their site.


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Guy Has The Entire Back Of His Head Tattooed With An Asian Dragon

Crazy Tattoo PhotoThis photo is the back of someones head at a tattoo convention. It looks like a asian themed dragon head and this photo is currently one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo. The only problem I see with tattoos is that personally I would grow board with one after a few seconds. Now if tattoo's were made up of some kind of fiber optic matric where you could change the image on the fly that might be something that is worth while. This isn't one of those though and this guy has a asian themed dragon perminently tattooed on the back of his head. Whatever floats your boat right?

View the full image of the insect like tattoo fakeout on the back of this guy's skull.


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Guys Some Up Another Guy With An Exploding Cigar To Get Him To Quit Smoking

Exploding Cigar VideoApparently the guys in this video put some gunpowder on the end of a cigar. Then they gave the cigar to this guy (it is probably one of their dad's or something). The guy goes to light it up and takes a drag on it. At this point it basically explodes in his face with a big cloud of white smoke. Since the guy is sitting in a chair there really isn't any way to get away from the explosion though he does move back to the side. The guy with the video camera does some weird stuff. He swings it around when the guy lights it and captures the explosion and then brings the camera back to a pond and zooms in on a frog as if nothing happened. If I were to guess I would probably say they want this guy to quick smoking.

Watch this guy get more fire from his cigar than he bargained for.


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Ferrari Lasts All Of About Five Seconds On The Drag Track Before Crashing

Ferrari Destroyed VideoOur hero in this video takes a $250,000 Ferrari out to the drag race track. He isn't racing against anyway and is only doing a timed run. They hit the starter and he is off and running. The back end fishtails a little bit and when he tries to correct he turns to far to the left. Now he is headed straight for the wall and either doesn't steer at all or there is no traction because he just keeps on going. The best part is the announcer guy who says OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH as he watchs the  Ferrari slam into the wall. Nice going hero. The video cuts to the tow truck hauling the Ferrari away with the driver inside waving.

Watch this idiot blow $250,000 in a few second flat.


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