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3d Animated Myopic Life Drudgery Montage Music Video

Weird Animation VideoHere is what appears to be a music video except that is done completely with 3D animation with a flat color palette. It starts out with a world view and then zooms in on the UK. It keeps zooming in more and focuses on a specific house with a woman inside. It animates various life tasks and feels somewhat like one of those really large ecosystem sketch books. The woman gets up, east breakfast, goes to work, goes to lunch, goes back to work, and comes home again. A montage of the McDonalds culture if you will. At the end it zooms out and zooms in on Japan.

Watch the weird animated life video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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When The Sims Gets Boring Take It Into Real Life With The Cubes Playset

Buy The CubesI thought it would be impossible to beat the blog about the Star Wars Guy camping out. I was wrong. Enter, "The Cubes", a board game(?) or play set for adults where you can simulate corporate drudgery in cubicles. The characters look a lot like Lego characters except they have square heads instead of round. There are four main characters, Bob, Joe, Ted, and Ann. Plus if those aren't enough for you there is an expansion set of figures you can mix and match. There doesn't seem to be any rules which makes me think this is some kind of mimic of "The Sims" video game in the same theme as the movie "Office Space".

If you deeply and truely desire to have The Cubes for your very own you can buy them online at or you can find out more information about them from the horses mouth at

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